1. Sharing your Amazon account with a spouse or family has its advantages, but it also has its drawbacks. One of the most significant is that other people will be able to observe your account’s orders. If you want to order a secret present or disguise your spending habits, this is a major problem. Don’t worry, there’s a technique to hide your Amazon purchases from your account so that your Christmas and birthday gifts aren’t destroyed.

    How to keep your Amazon orders hidden?

    Log in to your Amazon account, then select “Returns and Orders” from the upper right corner. You’ll find a list of everything you’ve ordered in the last three months here. You must scroll through this list to locate the item you wish to conceal. You may also use the search bar to look for the item. After that, select “View Order Details.” When the choice appears, click “Archive Order” twice.

    Everything else you ordered at the same time as the item will be archived as well. However, it is still theoretically available in archives. You’d have to look for it on Amazon’s Archived Orders page, which is less visible. If you’re still concerned, you can create an Amazon Household account.

    Alexa orders can be hidden if you know how?

    You can also tell your smart speaker not to tell Amazon what you’ve ordered. Navigate to “Settings” in the Alexa app on your phone. Then click “Amazon Shopping” under “Notifications.” Turn off the setting “Say or Show Item Titles.” Now Alexa can tell you when a package will be delivered, but it won’t mention what it is, so your Christmas or birthday celebrations won’t be spoilt.

    How do I hide my Amazon order history?

    There is no option to hide order history in the Amazon app.


    To hide an order, simply tap on it and then pick “Hide this order” from the drop-down menu. Although the order will be removed from the list of your recent orders, it will remain viewable in your purchase history.

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