Is IObit Safe?

Is IObit safe? IObit is a controversial software company and there is no doubt in it. Besides its controversy, all of its products are absolutely safe. All of the products developed or distributed by  IObit are perfect and none of them fall in the category of computer infecting application. However, the software is safe to use and work on as well. It is just like any clean-up and optimization software, but the effectiveness of program is still questionable. You can see annoying interruptions on your computer once you have installed IObit software. These interruptions may cause security warnings, update requests or update recommendations.


Is IObit Uninstaller safe?

Yup, it is totally safe and legitimate program. The program is good that you can rely upon to remove adware, malware and unwanted browser plug-ins. It works great as I have used it before and it helps you thoroughly  to remove other applications from your computer or PC. There is a fact that software requires third party that can behave as a Malware. There’s a irritating feature that it will install driver booster against your will and seems aggressive.

Is IObit Malware?

IObit offers a free Malware Fighter and virus scanning programs. But it lacks advanced bonus features and central antivirus features. The software does not include tech support which means it is far away from the modern world.

Some IObit Malware Pro Specs are;

On-Demand Malware Scan Yes
Behavior-Based Detection Yes
Phishing Protection Yes
Malicious URL Blocking Yes
Website Rating Yes

What is IObit?

IObit is a Chinese software company for Microsoft Window Users as it offers several security and system optimization solutions. The products are in multiple quantities but divided into four categories: PC Clean-up, System optimization, System Protection, and Driver Update. The range of products entirely covers the security and optimization aspects of computer maintenance and programming. The claims made by IObit about the usefulness of its products are very wide-ranging, like its range of products.

They highly claim boastful about their product effectiveness but such claims are rarely substantiated in actual performance and give no results. This misleading fact is too common in other software’s as well, but IObit has become infamous because of its annoying features. IObit adopted disruptive behavior with its users after they install the application on the computer.

What are Pros and Cons of IObit?


IObit software has a stylish user interface. The software also got safe box features that provide security in hiding and protecting hidden files. It also includes a feature of ransom ware protection. IObit software is beneficial as it prevents unauthorized use of webcam, which means completely secure.


One of the main cons of IObit software is the So-So score in Malware protection. The software is promoted by total fail detecting malicious and fraudulent sites. The software is not backed by any test results from independent labs. The feature of ransom protection seems good but does not works actually and is not so effective.


Is IObit harmful?

In the business of computer maintenance, optimization, and protection applications, IObit is a well-known name. However, there is a lot of complaints when you read about the reviews and experiences of people, users find a lot of information about the functionality and objectives of products. The credibility of programs created by the company is also doubted on the basis of doubtful reviews. There are many new users who tend to think, whether IObit is safe or not since there is much conflict about the information of IObit software. We’ll provide all the information regarding IObit so that you can make a wise decision if you are about to take a step at IOBIT.

Is IObit Advanced SystemCare good?

The optimization and functions performed by IObit advanced SystemCare are good as well as free. The scanning tool of system found many systems updates and modifications and trace weaknesses in testing computers. The advanced systems filter those trashes and clean out hundreds of junk files. The SystemCare recognizes old registry entries and filters them out of  program. So, in short, Advanced SystemCare is good and reliable.

Is IObit legal?

There is a copyrighted work of IObit and the software and accompanied documents are also copyrighted. After access to the software, you have to agree with the terms of such End User Agreement otherwise you will not able to download, install or use any IObit software. Agreement to the terms and criteria is the first step of the software because the proceeding is not allowed from any other option.

Is IObit Software Updater safe?

According to the press release, the new Software Updater has a large database. The new version made IObit grow 150%  according to the news. All the programs included in the database of the company must pass through IObit security test and they make sure the programs must be clean and safe because of the testing process.

Is IObit a Chinese company?

IObit is owned by a Chinese corporation. But the corporation and its trademark product IObit were purchased in the past by M dream Inworld Limited in 2013. The other product named as Bluespring is also under the control or new company. But the corporation of IObit is Chinese.

Who is the owner of IObit?

The headquarters of IObit is located in San Francisco in the State of California. The company was founded in 2004 and exactly located in USA 94107. The CEO of IObit company is Hugo Dong. IObit software develops and publishes system utilities and security management solutions and it currently got an app that works under the attention of the CEO of IObit.

Where is IObit based?

IObit is the most popular and well-known developer company of PC maintenance and utilities. IObit company is a prominent company of products like IObit Uninstaller, Advanced SystemCare, and Driver Booster.

Does malware fighter need IObit?

IObit Malware Fighter 7 is definitely an option as if you are looking for a free antivirus software. But there is a loss that sometimes antivirus software is not able to perform and that’s why it is not on the list of best antivirus software’s. Malware Fighter is significantly suppressed by better antivirus software options, one of them if Bitdefender.

What is IObit screen recorder?

There is a free and easy-to-use screen recorder without a water mark, IObit Screen Recorder. The screen recorder captures full screen visuals, specific windows. It also got a selection region recording to maintain the quality and record high quality visuals.

My Thoughts:

The reply to the question, is IObit safe? is almost, a yes. As most of the applications make false and cannot match to the expectations of user’s. So, applications rarely satisfy people, that’s why we recommend trying free trial of IObit products before purchasing them. If you want to any of the product or software, we advice you to compare your choice with some other available option in the category of software.


Is IObit safe?  The question contains a lot of controversy but all the products of its software are absolutely safe. No one fall in computer infecting category but there’s a issue about the performance and effectiveness of program. The most irritating feature is unwanted interruption once you installed the IObit software. Interruptions like security warnings and updates appear while working on the software. But on other side, IObit software got safe box feature for hiding documents and maintain privacy.

IObit Malware Fighter PRO

IObit Malware Fighter PRO is an award-winning antivirus that gives you three layers of online protection. Prevent your computer from being infected with malware and prevent hackers from tracking or gathering information

IObit Malware Fighter PRO Speications 

Hidden music
When you close your browser, you automatically delete your redirects to hide your online activities. Security of your online activities

Bitdefender device
Combine IObit device with Bitdefender device for accurate detection of virus, spyware and malware.

Lock your important data and prevent hackers from reading or modifying “blocked data”. Personal data N KAFT safety

Ransom protection
Protect your computer from ransomware that encrypts your files and needs to be used to decrypt them. Attack the RANSOMWARE lights

Security and camera
Protect yourself from camera hacking without permission by intruders. Close snipers online

Advanced system maintenance 14
Advanced SystemCare is a complete computer tool that can scan, repair and select many aspects of your system. The goal is to improve its performance not only by cleaning up unwanted files, malware, and invalid entries but also by improving your computer. ”

Advanced system maintenance 14 Specifications

Below are some of the main iobit advanced system maintenance 14 Specifications:

1 Artificial intelligence mode
Clean and speed up your computer according to the optimization and performance routine.

2. Firewall protection
The system firewall is working properly. Always protect your Windows system.

3. Browser Protection
Keep your most used programs up to date to eliminate some high-risk vulnerabilities and stay safe.

4. Real time Protection
Monitor the performance of your computer in real time and automatically free up more RAM and space.

5. Anti-tracking
Clear hidden digital fingerprints and tracking data for the privacy of all private actions.

6. Junk Files Clean

Easily find, locate and delete large files. GIGABYTE FAST STORAGE.

Advanced SystemCare Ultimate
“Advanced SystemCare Ultimate is a powerful antivirus and system optimization tool. In addition to protecting your computer from malware, viruses, and similar threats, you can improve your computer performance by using various registry and shortcut settings.” Delete unwanted files, scan drive locations for system vulnerabilities, and more. ”

Advanced SystemCare Ultimate Specifications

Below are some of the advanced system care
1 Browser protection
For a safer and more comfortable web experience, delete each section in the latest Microsoft Edge (Chromium).

2. Real-time protection
Real-time protection against viruses, spyware, ransomware, trojans, and other potential threats.

3. Privacy
Block all unauthorized and secret access. Clear all traces of online activity.

4. Anti-virus database
Provides up-to-date protection for Windows to scan, find and remove thousands of viruses with one click.

5. Start optimizing
Control the overuse of startup elements and simply stop them for faster system response.

6. Unwanted files were deleted
One click to scan and delete unwanted items in unwanted files to reduce disk space and risk of Windows crashes.


IObit Drive Booster

“Driver Booster, from IObit, promises a simpler solution with current driver technology that acts as a versatile command center. All your drivers are listed in the user interface. Application interface.” Updating drivers is very easy. Loading and installing drivers with this driver update is a good idea and usually takes a few minutes (or less). ”

Why do you need a driver amplifier to update your drivers?

Reduce device failure. If the printer, scanner, speaker, or any other hardware connected to your computer is not working properly. You should scan your computer with Driver Booster to see if the current drivers are defective, incomparable, or outdated.

1 Free PC game and growth optimizer

Game Ready Driver can be a secret weapon in the game. NVIDIA GeForce Game Ready WHQL or AMD Radeon Software Adrenaline Edition drivers are the most popular among computer gamers. Driver Booster can find and update ready-to-play drivers in real time. In addition, Game Boost enhances your computer’s internal performance for better gaming performance.

2. Improve system performance

If systemic cancer occurs frequently, follow some tips


 Frequently Asked Questions

Is IObit safe? a question with unclear results and answers because IObit is a controversial software. IObit software requires to agree to terms and policies and use the updated version. Most of people are not sure whether to purchase updated products or not. That’s why they ask several questions and some of them are;

Why IObit has a Bad Reputation?

A shady reputation of IObit has been developed over the past years. Authenticity of its product’s is doubted at extreme level. As told before, the company has involved in many controversies. For example; IObit was once accused for cheating user by the use of Driver Booster. Another company, Malware Bytes company also claimed on IObit for stealing their intellectual property rights. IObit used those rights in their Malware Fighter product.

What is IObit Unlocker?

It is a tool which is used for particular conditions as it release the files and folders from being occupied by programs. IObit Unlocker allows you to remove or modify the files and folders quickly. After switching to ”Force Mode”, IObit Unlocker terminate all related processes that lock the file or folder.

Is IObit Uninstaller free?

As far as I’ve tested, IObit Uninstaller is the best Windows Uninstaller Utility. It is a breeze to delete apps which happens through free utility. Stray files that are often left behind are also deleted when you use Windows to delete the software from a hard drive or SSD. IObit Uninstaller is completely free and reliable to use and gives quick service as well.

How do I cancel my IObit subscription?

The question asked here means that how to stop renewing an IObit subscription. If you need to manage your subscription, please login to your customer account. There is proper information about login steps. There are two option: one of manual renewal of subscription and the second is subscription should be stopped completely. Both options depend upon the management of your account.

Is IObit Malware Fighter better than Malwarebytes?

In comparing both software, IObit Malware Fighter is better than Malwarebytes because it has excellent real-time protection. IObit Malware Fighter can clean Trojan, ransomware, and trashes in just a single click. The software is completely free and is equipped with a fast scanner. On the other side, Malwarebytes is cross-platform. This is because it doesn’t offer any extra performance or anything outstanding in functionality to overpay for. So, we concluded that IObit Malware Fighter is more successful.


Is IObit Safe? As you know IObit is a controversial software, some people say it’s a totally successful platform. While other rarely find it satisfactory. The optimization and security maintaining software is totally dependent on the expectations of the user. While there are many false features and flaws in the working of application. There are so many interruptions like system update recommendation etc.  But as we said, many users are ok with those interruptions. Some purchased products give errors while working and customer got disturbed. SO, it’s all on your will and mind satisfaction. Just try free trials of IObit before making any purchases.

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1 thought on “Is IObit Safe?”

  1. In the world of computer maintenance, optimization, and security software, IObit is a household name. However, reading the experiences of IObit consumers reveals a wealth of information that casts doubt on the functionality and goals of the company’s products.

    Some reviews cast doubt on the company’s ability to deliver on its promises. Because there is so much contradictory information about this company, many new users wonder if IObit is safe. As a result, in this IObit review, we will examine all elements of IObit products so that you can make an informed decision about whether or not to utilize them.

    Why does IObit have such a bad rep?

    Over the years, IObit has built a murky image, leading some to mistrust the validity of its products. This firm has been embroiled in several problems. Kaspersky previously accused IObit of defrauding clients by utilizing Driver Booster. Malwarebytes, meanwhile, has accused this business of stealing its intellectual property and putting it in the IObit Malware Fighter program. These are only a few of the many charges brought against this firm.

    This isn’t to say that IObit’s goods aren’t expensive. When you install an IObit product, it often installs other fraudulent toolbars and programs, which severely degrade your computer experience by displaying unnecessary adverts to upgrade or buy new products.

    Is IObit a secure platform?

    IObit is undoubtedly a contentious software company, yet all of its products are completely safe. None of the IObit products that are developed or distributed fall into the category of computer infecting software. The efficiency of this company’s programs, on the other hand, is extremely debatable.

    You can expect irritating interruptions while operating your computer after installing IObit software. Security warnings, update suggestions, upgrade requests, and other types of interruptions can occur. Although none of the IObit software is dangerous, their conduct can be very unpleasant. Many people avoid using this software company’s goods because of these reasons.

    How can I uninstall IObit applications?

    Because IObit products are legal, you can delete them from your Windows machine using the same procedure you use to uninstall other programs. You can go to Windows Control Panel, open the application that displays a list of programs installed on your computer, and then choose your IObit software from the list and click the uninstall option.


    However, the majority of the apps make several bogus claims and rarely live up to their users’ expectations. As a result, we recommend giving IObit goods a free trial before purchasing them. If you wish to buy one of their products, it’s a good idea to compare it to other software solutions in that category.

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