Is it bad to eat a black banana?

Although overripe bananas don’t look very appetizing, the fruit gets mushy and the banana skin can turn black or brown, it’s very good for our health. An overripe banana is high in antioxidants, which says is beneficial for preventing or delaying cell damage in the body. Can a black banana make you sick? Frozen … Read more

Why am I getting charged for WhatsApp calls?

Apparently WhatsApp is responsible for international call charges. When you use the app to make calls, it uses an internet connection. But if the connection is really slow, the app will automatically switch to “call minutes”. Why am I being charged for WhatsApp calls? WhatsApp uses your phone’s cellular connection or Wi-Fi network to send … Read more

Is Tupperware guaranteed for life?

Limited Lifetime Warranty. Tupperware ® branded products are guaranteed by Tupperware against chipping, cracking, breaking or peeling under normal non-commercial use for the life of the product. … Warranty replacement items or parts are subject to shipping and handling charges and applicable taxes. How can I replace my broken Tupperware? To request a replacement part, … Read more

Why did Loki kill Frigga?

Loki knows he failed his mother and regrets that his ego got in the way. Her selfish nature towards Thor accidentally killed her and at this point he begins to contemplate redemption that Frigga would have wanted. Did Loki Kill Frigga? 10 Both his adoptive parents are dead However, Loki loved his mother Frigga, who … Read more

Is Goku permanently a God?

In the manga, Goku never returns to his Super Saiyan or base form. He remains a Super Saiyan God throughout the fight with no mention of absorbing this power. …However, Goku simply transforms into Super Saiyan Blue, making him stronger as a hit again and completely nullifying his TimeSkip. Is Goku a god now? As … Read more

What happens if my dog eats Monstera?

Symptoms of poisoning: severe burning in the mouth, throat, lips and tongue excessive drooling, choking and swelling of the throat, inability or difficulty in swallowing (dysphagia) Symptoms can last up to two weeks after ingestion. Will Monstera kill my dog? Philodendron (and Monstera) This genus of plants is mildly poisonous to humans and poisonous to … Read more

Who is the famous ventriloquist?

Original Charlie McCarthy ventriloquist dummy by Edgar Bergen. This Charlie McCarthy ventriloquist figure or dummy is the original, the first to be created and used by artist Edgar Bergen in his popular act. Who was the most famous ventriloquist? The most famous ventriloquist of the 20th century was Edgar Bergen. Bergen taught himself ventriloquism and … Read more