How to Find & Share Your Amazon Profile Link? 2022 Guide

How to obtain your amazon profile link? Obtain your Amazon Profile link by logging into your Amazon account, and clicking ‘Your Account’’.

Click it again from the drop-down menu, it opens “Account Page”, click Personal Profile image, and it opens the profile page showing the profile link on the browser’s address bar.

What is the Amazon Profile link?

Amazon has a Profile Page for users for the purpose of 

  1. Sharing information about you

      2. Showing your reviews 

      3. Your recommendation and preferences on different goods and services. 

How to get your Amazon Profile link?

Follow these simple 5 steps to get your Amazon Profile link.

1. Open the webpage. Login to your account. Locate “Sign-In” at the top right corner of the webpage.

2. Click “Your Account’’. It opens the drop-down menu, here click “Your Account’’ again.

3. It will open the ‘’Your Account’’ page. Here, click the image/icon of your Personal Profile. 

In case, you have not uploaded any pictures, then click the icon showing a person in a circle.

 4. It opens for you the Profile page. Now, you can locate your Amazon Profile link (URL) in the browser address bar above. 

How to copy paste Amazon URL?

From your browser’s address bar, copy the URL (either by clicking right and selecting copy from the drop down menu. Or copy using keyboard command (Command/Ctrl C). Copy complete profile link,  means copy link from address bar which must start from along with the continued ID.

5. After copying the link, paste (either by clicking right and selecting paste from the drop-down menu or paste using the keyboard command (Command/Ctrl P) on the application page, where you want to paste the link.

How to share a link in the iPhone Amazon app?

Want to share a product link with your friend for a mutual discussion on it? Then follow the 5 steps given below.

1. First open the Amazon app.

2. Select the product you want to share.

3. By scrolling down you will find a ‘share’ button.  

Note that the Share button for older versions of the Amazon app appears in a horizontal grey shape.  The share button for the new Amazon version appears as an icon in the product picture. 

4. You will be asked to select a method for sharing the link. Select a method for yourself.

5. Finally you just have to enter the information of the recipient to whom you are sharing a link. Further note that this information includes his name, email address, and phone number.  

Now, just click “Send” and your recipient will receive your product link.

Important points to remember

  • The steps given above can only be used if you use iPhone 6 Plus with an iOS 9.2.
  • You can use these steps for sharing links only by using the Amazon shopping app.
  • This procedure cannot be used if you are using different Amazon apps including the Amazon video app or Kindle. 
  • To follow these steps, you cannot use the Amazon website through the Safari browser.

Is it safe to share an Amazon profile link?

As your profile contains your information, particularly your reviews related to some sensitive products which can be seen by anyone and later may potentially cause you embarrassment.

Type of sensitive products

These sensitive products may include certain types of products related to personal care for example jewelry self-help products for personal protection etc.

Option of editing privacy

Furthermore, you have the option of editing your privacy on Amazon. So, by editing your privacy you can choose not to show your reviews on your Amazon public profile. 


How To Edit Your Profile on Amazon? 

 Follow these steps.

  1. Open your Profile 
  2. Click “Edit your Profile” 
  3. Now from here, you can choose to select which information you want to share with the public.
  4. Then click “Save” 

Steps to check if your reviews are still visible after EDITING! 

You may check after editing your profile if your reviews are still visible to the public by following these steps.

  • Open “Your Account” 
  • Click “Your Recommendations”
  • Click your profile. Now you can see what the public can view on your profile and what you can privately view on your profile.
  • Select “Private information”. Click on the “Edit Profile”.
  • Edit your “Privacy Settings”
  • Unclick at the “Hide all activity” or “Hide Sensitive Activity” or both
  • Click on the “Save” option.


REMEMBER: Only share the link of the page that you have edited for public view.


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Does the Amazon Profile page show your account information to others?

Anyone can see your Amazon Profile Page but cannot view personal information about the account as it is set on default. Also, it only shows your username to others. 

Sharing your profile link is simple. Before sharing your link, you must hide all those things you do not want to appear on your public profile.

How can I get my seller URL?

Follow the procedure given below to get your seller URL.

  1. Open Amazon Seller Central. Sign into your account.
  2. Click “Settings”. It is located at the top right of the page.
  3. Click “Store Settings”.
  4. Here you will find “View my Storefront”
  5. Right-click and select “Copy Link Location”
  6. Now simply paste (ctrl + v) the link in the address bar of your browser. 

Can you share your Amazon profile link through mobile?

Sadly, No. As there is no way for you to share an Amazon Profile link on the mobile app. But, you can check what others can see on your public profile. Also, you can see the public view on your mobile app which brings us to our next section.

View your Amazon Profile as Public on the Mobile App

Follow these steps below to view your Amazon profile as public on the app.

  1. Open your Amazon app. Log into your account
  2. Click on the three horizontal lines from the top left corner of the screen
  3. Click on the “Your Account“ option
  4. Scroll down and in the “Personalization” section click on theProfile”
  5. From the top of the screen click on “See what others see”.
  6. Now you’re viewing your public profile. Next, to exit you need to click on “Go to your private view”.

What other information one can view on a public profile?

Other than the 3 points given above in the ‘’Amazon Profile link’’, these 2 things can also be viewed by others.

  1. Items you browse

     2. Recommended items for you

Amazon profile link Canada

It should be noted that Amazon has websites for different countries. So, if you open someone’s profile link who is from Canada then it will open your link into the Amazon website for Canada. So, the URL for an Amazon Canada website link is 

Amazon profile links to the UK

Subsequently, the same goes for Amazon UK as discussed above. Thus, an Amazon UK website link is 

How to Find / Obtain Your Amazon Profile Link?
How to Find / Obtain Your Amazon Profile Link?

In short! To share seller URLs then you need to go to Amazon Seller Central. After this, you can see what information can be viewed by others on your public profile. Also, sharing link by using the Amazon app through mobile is not available.

How do I share my Amazon Prime profile?

Amazon Prime users also have their profiles which can be shared with others. Also, Amazon Prime works by providing a subscription service to users on payment of $12.99 a month or $119 per year.  As a result, it provides various benefits to its shoppers. 

Sharing your Amazon profile = Sharing Benefits with others

Actually by sharing your profile with others in the Amazon household consequently you share your Amazon Prime benefits with them.

Furthermore, “Amazon Household” is for linking and sharing Amazon Prime benefits with your family and friends.

To whom you can share amazon profile links?

Also, here you can link 2 adults, 4 teens, and 4 children’s profiles. 

Steps to share Your Amazon Prime profile Link

Before sharing your profile link, you need to know that invitee and you must be from the same country and region. So, it means for creating an Amazon household, you both need to share a common marketplace.

Follow these steps to share.

  1. Go to Your Amazon Prime Membership
  2. Find and click “Share your Prime Benefits”
  3. Click “Manage your Household”
  4. Provide the name and email of the invitee. Click “Continue”

Note that you and the invitee must agree to share wallets for receiving Amazon Prime benefits. For security reasons, you will receive a notification in case the invitee moves your debit or credit card in his wallet. 

Read the terms and if you agree then click “Agree and send invite”

So now you have shared your Amazon Prime benefits with others. Also, the Invitee may take 14 days to accept the invitation.

How to stop sharing Amazon Prime benefits?

To stop sharing benefits, first of all you just need to open Amazon Household. After that, you need to open ’Manage your Household’’. Furthermore, now click “Remove” and you are done!


If you share an Amazon Prime link with others so it will share with them the benefits of your Amazon Prime account.


Finally, here are a few questions related to the Amazon Profile link. So let’s see these and get their answers.

1. Can you search for someone’s Amazon wish list?

Yes, you can search but only if they are available for public view. If it is not available for public view, then ask that person directly to share their Wish List with you.

Follow these steps to search for it.

  1. Open Amazon and log into your account
  2. Click “Find a Wish List
  3. Provide that person’s name and email whose wishlist you are finding.
  4. Click on the “Search”
  5. When you find that person’s wishlist, then you may save it by clicking “Remember”

2. Can I have two Amazon accounts with different emails?

No, you cannot merge it with any other account which contains different contact information. It is because Amazon permanently uses only one email and phone number for an Amazon account. 

3. Can you hide Amazon orders from family?

Yes, you can hide Amazon orders from family by archiving your orders. 

 Steps for Achieving order.

  1. Open “Your orders”
  2. Find the order or item for achieving.
  3. Click “Archive order”.

4. How many people can use an Amazon Prime account?

One amazon prime account can be shared by more than 2 adults.

Bottom Line

  1. It is easy to share your Amazon profile link by going into your account menu.

     2. You cannot share a link by using the Amazon app. 

     3. Before sharing your Amazon profile link with anyone, be sure to hide all those things on your public profile which you do not want others to see.

     4. Amazon makes sure to provide great customer protection by offering many privacy options which are best in case of sharing your profile link.


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  1. Go to to see your Amazon profile link (I have linked to it so you can open the profile page in a new tab). Click Your Account from the drop-down menu. The link “Your Amazon profile” is located on the Account page. The URL now has your Amazon profile link at the top. What is the Amazon Mobile URL and how can I find it? If you have a mobile app, type its URL in the input textbox in the format shown in the help text, which is:, where ASIN is the Amazon App store’s unique ID.

    As a student, how do I update my login password?

    In your profile settings, you might be able to change your password. Your password is managed by your institution if you don’t have access to alter it. If you need to change your password, contact your institution. There are no password reset intervals if you can change your password, so you can change it as infrequently or as frequently as you wish. Strong passwords, on the other hand, can be maintained by often changing them. Here are a few suggestions for strong passwords:

    1: Use at least eight characters (the more, the better), but anything more than 15 characters will be tough to recall for most people.

    2: Use a mix of upper and lower case letters, numbers, punctuation, spaces, and symbols at random. Use a word that you didn’t makeup.


    Instagram has a global user base of over one billion people. We’ve put together this extensive, step-by-step tutorial to make selling on Instagram as simple as possible. As you begin the process of selling on Instagram, our goal is to address any questions you may have, so sit back and read on.

  2. Nobody anticipated online buying to become a “thing” a few decades ago. It’s a popular trend nowadays. Nobody is concerned about security with services like Amazon. There are measures in place to protect people from fraud of any kind. Even the most seasoned Amazon shoppers don’t know everything there is to know about the platform. Several nooks and crannies on Amazon can help you improve your overall experience. Here are a few examples. You can’t just go to your Amazon profile and copy the link and paste it into a “Website:” area on any webpage.

    How to locate the URL of your Amazon account so that you can share it with others?

    Under the Account & Lists option on the website, you may discover your Amazon account URL in your account settings. This page contains personal information, purchasing preferences, reviews, and other details.
    You can choose between a private view and how other users see your profile page when you open it. For further information, go to the Insider Tech Reference Library.


    You get your profile page after creating an Amazon account, which you may personalize with information about yourself, your purchasing habits, and more. It’s also where consumers may see your website’s ratings and suggestions. Do you want to tell your friends about this page? Simply go to your Amazon account settings and look for your Amazon account URL.

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