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  1. There are followings steps are as follows to see your address on the Amazon Wish list:

    Step 1:

    Select the list you want to share from Your Lists.
    Step 2:

    Click the Send the list to others option on the right.
    Step 3:

    Choose “View Only” from the drop-down menu.

    Step 4:

    If you wish to share the list with others, select Copy Link from the drop-down menu.

    After all, how can you get someone a gift from their Amazon wish list? Then select Add to Cart after picking a gift. As usual, use the checkout feature. To personalize the gift and delete pricing information from the receipt, go to Gifting Options.

    When you buy something from Amazon or one of our Amazon Merchants, you can send it as a gift. When you mark an item as a gift, you can: Include a packing slip so the receiver knows who gave it to them. Before you purchase anything, Amazon will let you know. The recipient, however, will not be told if you want it to remain a secret. The good news is that Amazon will let you know whether the item is still available.

    How to Order Supplies for Your Classroom Using an Amazon Wish List?

    We spend a lot of money on school materials as instructors. Our paychecks cover everything from classroom décor to books, notebooks, and pencils for our pupils. Creating an Amazon Wish List is a great method to save money while still getting resources for your school. Start by following these 5 simple steps. Do you keep a list of things you want to buy on Amazon? It’s a fantastic way to purchase school materials without spending your hard-earned cash. If you purchase after clicking on my links, I will be rewarded. Only things that I use and enjoy are recommended.


    You may tap into a vast group of online shoppers who want to take the bother out of gift-giving with an Amazon wish list. In our post, we explain how Amazon wish lists function.

    When the holiday season approaches, people begin searching the internet for unique gift ideas. We all enjoy surprises and despise receiving undesired gifts. When people receive unwanted gifts, they are extremely unhappy, and this may ruin the entire Christmas season, especially for children. Amazon devised a clever solution to this problem. Amazon came up with the notion of allowing customers to construct a wish list directly from their Amazon account in 1999. This service allows you to create a list of things that Amazon customers would want to receive as a gift and then send it to them.

  2. Will my name and address be visible if someone purchases something from my Amazon wish list? Only the name, city, and state connected with your address are shown to gift donors. The street address is obscured.

    Is it possible for others to see your address on Amazon?

    Do you want to know if your address is shown on Amazon Wishlist? We will go through everything in detail in this essay.

    Is it possible for others to see your address on Amazon’s wish list? Is it possible for others to see your address on Amazon’s wish list? In a nutshell, the answer is no. The only information that appears when someone purchases something from your Wish List is your name and city. As a result, you can rest assured that your address will be kept private.


    You can also hide your wish lists from your profile if you want to keep them public. Hover over Account & Lists on Amazon.com and select Your Account to access your profile. Under Ordering and purchasing preferences, select Profile. By clicking this link, you can go directly to your profile.

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