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Do you have an amazing blog post idea? We love unique content and appreciate articles with in-depth research that add value to our website.

We are growing 200% every month. With Ahref and SEMrush, cross-check yourself. We are not only a website: We are a community NOW.

Readersfact.com focuses on startup stories, lifestyle content, technology, and business news.

We are looking for authors or writers to write for us so that we can publish original articles about how small and medium-sized businesses or startups got started, the latest technology news, celebrity news, Digital Marketing, Human Resources, and the most recent technological innovations.

We like to collaborate with individual authors as well as established businesses.

Readersfact.com 8 Dec 2022 to 8 Jan 2023 (last month’s stats) including screenshots of google analytics are presented below to give you a clear picture of last month’s organic traffic:

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If you are a writer or owner of a website interested in writing for us, please contact us.

Our Requirement to Publish your Tech and General Niche Content Here

  1. We accept a minimum of 500 words of content including the Title.
  2. A maximum of 2 backlinks will be provided to your website. Make sure you are adding links to a quality and secure website.
  3. You can add multiple links to sources like Forbes, Wikipedia, statistics, etc
  4. We receive a large number of emails daily, and due to limited resources it’s quite hard to follow up or reply multiple times to the same email.
  5. Write error-free, plagiarism-free, and well-structured posts.
  6. Make use of correct facts, grammar, and spelling.
  7. Give proper titles, H1, and H2 tags as required.
  8. We only allow articles that contain at least 500 words.

We Can Write For You

Likewise, if you prefer, we can write and post articles tailored to your business model and needs. We have an expert marketing team that conducts in-depth business analysis and content strategy.

You can give us topics or keywords to write about if you want. There is no such thing as random work. It’s less expensive than hiring in-house writers.

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How You Can Write Modern Technology Blogs For Us – Write For Us

We always appreciate contributors writing and sharing their knowledge.  We acknowledge bloggers and businesses who join us and contribute useful content.

You can write blogs for us about technology, finance, business, and future technology.

Write For Us on Business + “write for us”

Do you have an idea for a modern business blog? If you’re eager to share your content with millions of people, you’ve come to the right place. Write for us about businesses or startups.

We at Readersfact offer the option of having Business Technology writers write for us on current and trending topics.

Write For Us on Business Trends, Technology, Gadgets, Marketing Strategies, Social Media Strategies, Development and Programming Updates, Business Growth, Startup Ideas, and so on.

How to Post with us?

It is simple to guest post with us or write for us, but first, please read our guidelines mentioned above. It will help you choose the right topic and content idea. Reach out to us through our email [email protected]

What is Guest Posting or “write for us” all about and What are its benefits of it?

In Simple terms, guest posting involves creating content for another company’s website. Many websites invite and permit authors to participate in guest posting or sponsored posts.

They even have a page dedicated to a guest posting called “write for us.” Most of the time, guest bloggers or writers approach websites in the same niche or industry in order to be accepted as contributors.

High traffic boosts the domain authority of a website. Increased brand awareness and visibility, as well as assistance in establishing connections within the same industry.

It is important to note that guest blogging, “write for us,” or sponsored posts benefit not only the writer as well as the website hosting the guest content.

Why is Guest Posting Important for your Business?

“Write for us” or guest posting has long been one of the most popular SEO strategies used by businesses. It offers numerous advantages to any type of business.

It will assist you in providing a platform to showcase your expertise and valuable ideas/knowledge so that you can establish yourself as an authority figure in your market.

Assisting in the development of relationships with market leaders and the expansion of your audience.

It will also be a valuable platform for aspiring writers and new businesses to establish themselves in the market. Then what are you waiting for? Write For Us Today.

Benefits Of Write For Us on Modern +Technology

  • Get Your Domain’s Authority

Every website requires a high Domain Authority. By contributing an article to our site, you can increase your Domain Authority. As a result, the statistics for the blog improve.

  • Always Expect Increased Traffic

The majority of the content on our website ranks first. So, if your post-quality content has a high search volume, you can expect consistent traffic from it.

By writing an excellent guest post. You can increase the value of your website while also increasing web traffic.

  • Make new contacts.

Increased traffic implies more users to your site, which leads to an increase in leads and sales.

  • Domain Assessment

The Domain Rating of a website is also an important factor in determining its worth. As a result, keeping a high domain authority is essential.

Writing guest posts on authoritative blogs like ours can immediately boost your domain rating factor.

  • Your keyword rankings will improve.

We mention it at the end because it is the main reason why everybody posts content on other people’s websites.

Writing well-researched articles on relevant keywords for other blogs improves the blog’s search engine ranking.

What you should follow while ” write for us”?

  •  Unique and distinctive Content

People are always looking for new stories and new ideas. It aids in the promotion of reading and engagement. As a result, we’re always looking for unique and out-of-the-box content.

This is what distinguishes us from others. Bring your typing keyboard and write for us if you have an idea or story to share.

  • Make Use of Examples

Startup.info’s most successful startup stories provide valuable information to growing startups and small businesses.

Be brief, simple, generic, and, most importantly, engaging. Mistakes and advice can only be understood with examples, and readers can easily relate to themselves.

  • Sponsored content

Yes, we accept sponsored posts at reasonable rates from companies looking to increase their exposure while sponsoring quality content.

Please keep in mind that this is not an advertising fee for your company, but it does aid in the development of a strong brand identity among our readers.

For example, if a company wants to share its startup journey from beginning to end, how they grow, and what obstacles and challenges they face along the way.

We only accept Guest Posts in exchange for Paid Links or Sponsored Posts at competitive rates. For more information email us at [email protected]

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S. No Topics you can write: Google Search Terms Related to Modern Technologies write for us technology
1  Artificial Intelligence (AI) Articles“guest post” technology write for us
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20  5G networks Articles  “submit news” how to write a blog on technology
21  Networking Articles  “become a guest blogger tech blogs write for us
22 Website Articles  “guest blogger” technology blog write for us
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28 Links Articles “writers wanted” Articles “become a guest writer”
29 Creativity Content Software

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