What Does Naruto Mean In Japanese?

What does Naruto mean in Japanese? Naruto’s literal meaning is a whirlpool, swirl, or strait. In Japan, it is the name of a bridge and a city. Also, it is the name for a sliced steaming fish-paste cake for garnishing the soup. The name of a Japanese anime character and @ symbol.

What Does Naruto Mean in Japanese?

The literal meaning of the Japanese word Naruto is swirl, whirlpool, or strait. This word is used for many things. Most of those things somehow represent or look like a swirl or whirlpool. Let us see how many things are called Naruto in Japanese.

Different meanings of word Naruto in Japanese

Word Naruto in Japan refers to many things. Read below to know them.

  •  Name of cooking technique

It is name is a cooking technique in which foods are spirally sliced.

  •  Fish cake name as Naruto

The fishcake (or sausage) is named is Naruto. It is because it has a whirlpool-like pattern on it and has a cylindrical shape. Also, this fish cake roll name is kamaboko. Each slice of fish paste cake has a pink or red spiral design. And this design resembles the whirlpool of the Naritu strait which is located between Awaji Island and Shikoku in Japan.

  • City name

Naruto is the name of a city located in Japan. That city is located at the eastern end of the island of Shikoku. The tidal whirlpools that are present in the strait are notable for the city. Also, Naruto is the name of Tokushima Prefecture’s sea strait in Japan. 

  • Name of bridge

One of the bridges in Japan has the name Naruto.

  • Name of @ sign

Naruto is used as a slang term for the sign of @.

  • Japanese males name

It is also used as a name by Japanese males. 

  • Name of an Anime 

An anime character whose story centers around ramen. Therefore, the author gave the name to this comic character as Naruto. However, it was later used in a ninja comic. Also, the family name of Naruto is Uzumaki. Where Uzumaki means swirl and the affix of this word maki means roll.

Fun fact

Author of the story also loves kamaboko.


Change in meaning of Naruto in 3 types of Japanese characters

Further, if we write Naruto in kanji, hiragana, and katakana then it would have different meanings. Whereas, kanji, hiragana, and katakana are types of characters in the Japanese writing system

  • If we write Naruto in hiragana then it means fish cake.
  • Writing Naruto in kanji this term signifies “City of Naruto”.
  • When written in katakana then it is referring to the manga/anime.

Origin of Japanese Word Naruto

The word Naruto is thought to have originated from “Naru Seto,”. Note that Naru Seto is also the name of a town near Osaka. This place is famous for its numerous whirlpools. Further, it turned out to be one of the Stone Age’s oldest emblems. It was commonly used on ceramics, garments, and artwork. Also, historians believe it was supposed to fend off bad spirits.

What does Sasuke Mean in Japanese?

Sasuke now has the word “ninja” used as a synonym. Sasuke’s name in Japan is “help” or “to assist”. “Sarutobi Sasuke” is a ninja in a series of books. The publishing date of this book is between 1911-1923.

What does Kakashi Mean in Japanese?

Kakashi is a Japanese word that means scarecrow. It is the name of the main protagonist’s teacher in the Japanese anime “Naruto”. Hatake Kakashi was named after the Japanese anime Naruto.

Does Naruto mean fish cake?

Narutomaki (Japanese kamaboko) is a type of fish cake. It is a topping on ramen noodles.


What is Uzumaki?

Uzumaki is a fantastic Japanese manga. Its writer is Junji Ito. Uzumaki’s literal meaning is Spiral.

What does Naruto Uzumaki mean?

“Uzumaki” is the word for “coil or spiral”. It means three dimensions of position. These three dimensions of a position are like a spiral or a whirlpool. An accurate translation for a spiral should be “Rasen”.

What is Boruto in Japanese?

Boruto (ボルト) is a Japanese word that signifies “bolt” or “volt.” Boruto can also refer to the 2015 animated film Boruto: Naruto the Movie, which was produced by Pierrot. Boruto: Naruto Next Generations is a manga series.  

Its writers are Ukyo Kodachi and Masashi Kishimoto. This anime series is running since 2016. Mikio Ikemoto created its illustrations.

Who is Naruto’s brother?

The character of Itachi Uchiha (Japanese: Itachi Uchiha) is fictitious. This character appears in the manga and anime series “Naruto”. Masashi Kishimoto is the creator of the manga series.

Konohamaru Sarutobi is Naruto’s student and one of Konoha’s best Jonin. Like his master, he aspires to be a Hokage one day. Konohamaru possesses the necessary abilities to lead the village into the future.


Naruto is a Japanese word. Its literal meaning is swirl or whirlpool. That is why this word is in use to name multiple things which resemble whirlpool or swirl. Origin of this word is from the word “Naru Seto”. Historians also think that Naruto was an emblem throughout the Stone Age.

What does Naruto mean in Japanese?
What Does Naruto Mean In Japanese?


There are some questions people are curious to know what does Naruto mean in Japanese? Let us give a read to these questions and get their answers.

1. What is Naruto short for?

Naruto Uzumaki (Hepburn: Uzumaki Naruto) (ˈnɑːrətoʊ /) is an imaginary character from manga series and the eponymous anime series created by Masashi Kishimoto. He is the main character of the series, a young ninja from the legendary city of Konohagakure (Hidden Leaf Area).

2. What is Uzumaki English?

“Uzumaki” is the Japanese word for vortex. “Swirl-roll” is a literal English translation of Uzumaki. “Uzu” means swirl into English.

3. What is the Uzumaki symbol?

The spiral, located in Uzumaki, Japan, is a symbol of the Uzumaki family. The Uzumaki family is relative to Senju. They are recognized for having large amounts of chakra, adamantine chains, and advanced sealing Jutsu. Almost no one has ever seen this asset.

4. What is Naruto’s age?

When “Naruto” first aired he was only 12 years old. Although still a child, compared to an adult Naruto today. He currently appears on “Boruto” on a regular basis. “Boruto,” tells the story of Naruto about his early years.

5. Who married Boruto?

Boruto Uzumaki is set to marry Sarada Uchiha in the coming years. They don’t appear to have any profound romantic feelings right now, or ones that they are aware of. However, their friendship is strong enough for them to become each other’s love interest. 

6. Who killed Naruto?

In Naruto #640-677, the Fourth Shinobi War arc, Obito Uchiha effectively kills Naruto by isolating him from Kurama.

7. Is Ryuto Uzumaki stronger than Naruto?

Ryuto was a seal master on par with, if not greater than, some of the Uzumaki Seal Masters, with Kenjutsu superior to the Seven Swordsmen of the Mist, Genjutsu superior to most Uchiha, Taijutsu superior to Might Guy, Ninjutsu superior to Sasuke Uchiha, and Stealth superior to Naruto Uzumaki.

8. Sasuke is older than Naruto?

At the end of Naruto Shippuden, Sasuke was 17 years old. He is a few months Naruto’s senior and Sakura’s junior. This suggests that when Naruto and Hinata married, Sasuke was also 19 years old.

Bottom Line

  • The word Naruto refers to multiple things.
  • The change in the meaning of Naruto when written in different characters, shows a unique feature of Japanese writing.
  • Outside Japan, the Naruto word is most popular due to the famous anime character Naruto. 


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  1. Naruto’s meaning is ‘whirlpool or maelstrom.’ Naruto is a ‘nine-tailed powerful mythological giant fox’ or ‘fox spirit,’ according to Japanese tradition. Narutomaki is the name of a Japanese cake, and many people link the name with it. What does the Japanese word Sasuke mean?

    Sasuke has become a common synonym for “ninja” due to a large number of fans of both the character and the series. In Japanese, the name Sasuke means “helper” or “help.” Sarutobi Sasuke was a fictional ninja who appeared in a series of novels between 1911 and 1923. Does Naruto have any significance? Naruto is predominantly a Japanese male given name that means “maelstrom.” Naruto is a Japanese word that means “whirlpool.” Narutomaki, sometimes known as Naruto, is a Japanese animation series.

    In Japanese, what does Naruto mean?

    Naruto (only available in Japanese) debuted in the comic magazine Shone Jump in 1999 as a serial manga (cartoon). Since 2002, the comic series’ animated adaptation has been a staple of Japanese television. In August 2005, the second full-length Naruto film will be released in theatres. The Naruto whirlpools are claimed to have inspired the manga character’s name, therefore it’s also a commonplace name in Japan. A sushi roll covered in thin cucumber slices rather than rice is known as “Naruto style” at Ichiban. Naruto is a fun and delicious way to get some healthy greens into your diet.


    Naruto is a minced fish-based Kamaboko (fish cake). It has a pleasant flavor and is stretchy. It is popular among Japanese children. Naruto is available at most supermarkets for about 200 yen. We don’t eat Naruto alone because it can be eaten without any cooking.

    Ichiraku Ramen is available. In Hyogo Prefecture’s Awaji Island, there is a NARUTO & BORUTO collaboration theme park. In manga and anime, the Ramen store is referred to as Ichiraku.

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