QDOBA BREAKFAST HOURS, Menu Prices and Locations 2021

Qdoba breakfast hours are from 6:30 A.M. to 10:30 A.M. from Monday to Friday. Meanwhile, during the weekend, it serves breakfast from 6:30 A.M. until noon. For breakfast, Qdoba serves Mexican-inspired dishes. The people who love Mexican food can have all the things they love for lunch in the morning.

DAYS                                    OPENING HOURS                         CLOSING HOURS

Monday to Friday                         6:30 A.M                                             10:30 A.M

Saturday & Sunday                      6:30 A.M                                              Noon 

QDOBA BREAKFAST HOURS, Menu Prices and Locations 2021


What are Qdoba breakfast hours? Qdoba breakfast hours vary from location to location. It has a big number of locations in several cities across the United States and Canada. Not all of its branches follow the same timing. 

That is why it is important to check your nearest location for the most accurate timing. Most of the branches of Qdoba serve breakfast at the same time, from 6:30 A.M. to 10:30 A.M. during weekdays (Monday to Friday), while during the weekend it serves breakfast from 6:30 A.M. until noon

If you want to try Qdoba’s boxed lunches, hot bars as a lunch or dinner option then its opening time is 6:30 a.m. and it closes at 10 p.m.

To prepare for your next visit, you should reach out to your closest location. This way it will be easy for you to find out the best time to get what you want when you need it.


Qdoba Mexican Eats is a chain of fast-casual restaurants – which does not offer full table service. The chain originated from Zuma Fresh Mexican Grill in 1995. Anthony Miller and partner Robert Hauser founded the chain at Grant Street and Sixth Avenue in Denver, which is still in operation.

Headquartered in San Diego, California, United States. After spending 15 years as an entirely owned subsidiary of Jack in the Box, the corporation was sold to a consortium of funds led by Apollo Global Management in March 2018.

Qdoba is offering 751 locations in the United States (740) and Canada (11). The first location in Canada was opened on December 3, 2012, in Brandon, Manitoba.

Qdoba also opened some restaurants in non-traditional locations, like on college campuses and it participates in college meal plans.


QDOBA BREAKFAST MENU: Their selections are mouth-watering. They love to experiment and be creative with the flavoring. They serve:

  1.       Breakfast combo worth $4.99.
  2.       $3.99 for a small grilled chicken breakfast burrito and $5.89 for a regular one.
  3.       Small Spicy Mexican Chorizo (Sausage) Breakfast Burrito for $3.99 and a regular one for $5.99.
  4.       Small steak breakfast burrito for $3.99 and a regular one for 5.49.
  5.       Small egg and potato breakfast burrito for $3.79 and a regular one for $5.49.
  6.       Chicken Breakfast Quesadilla for $6.39.
  7.       Mexican Chorizo Breakfast Quesadilla for $6.49.
  8.       Egg & Cheese Breakfast Quesadilla for $5.89.
  9.       Bulk iced tea for $6.99.
  10.       Bulk lemonade for $6.99.
  11.       $1.50 per bottle for bottled water.
  12.       The prices for bulk coffee, orange juice, and milk are not yet announced.

There is a list of extras, which you can add to your breakfast. It will cost you up to $1.50 per serving. It includes:

  1.       Shredded cheese
  2.       Grilled steak
  3.       Mexican chorizo
  4.       Three-cheese queso
  5.       Pico de Gallo
  6.       Salsa Verde
  7.       Sour cream
  8.       Marinated grilled chicken
  9.       Hand-smashed guacamole
  10.       Fiery habanero salsa
  11.       Egg and potato
  12.       Salsa Roja
  13.       Bacon



It is the most complete breakfast item on the menu. Qdoba’s breakfast combo offers hot scrambled eggs, the meat of fans’ choice, and peppers and onions.


Eggs, cheese and grilled chicken topped with sour cream and salsa wrapped in a tortilla will surely make fans love this little burrito packed with flavor.


Spicy food lovers and fans who are daring enough to have it in the morning will surely appreciate the fiery taste of this breakfast burrito with an extra kick of seasoned potatoes.


Fans can encounter the taste of Mexico with spicy chorizo loaded in their quesadillas. It can be dipped in salsa, sour cream, or both!


Qdoba is well known for making tasteful burritos, competing with Moe’s and Taco Bells. These are served with tortilla, queso, salsa, scrambled eggs, fajita veggies, potatoes, and some other proteins.

Qdoba’s breakfast burritos are actually very delicious. There is a variety of burritos for breakfast at Qdoba restaurant.


Grilled chicken breakfast burrito contains 1035 calories. To burn this huge amount of calories requires 2.6 hours of cycling or 1.7 hours of running. It is made of a simple mix of grilled chicken, Pico de Gallo, cheese, beans, and rice. Grilled chicken burrito is served with adobo marinade, which includes oregano, paprika, vinegar, and garlic. The nutritional information of this burrito is:

  1.       Total fat – 54 g (47 %)
  2.       Saturated Fat – 26 g
  3.       Trans Fat – 1 g
  4.       Cholesterol – 580 mg
  5.       Sodium – 2210 mg
  6.       Potassium – 740 mg
  7.       Total Carbohydrates – 71 g (27 %)
  8.       Dietary Fiber – 10 g
  9.       Sugars – 8 g
  10.       Proteins – 66 g (26 %)
  11.       Vitamin A – 41 %
  12.       Vitamin C – 49 %
  13.       Iron – 64 %
  14.       Calcium 74 %


breakfast burrito includes 915 calories. It is made of cooked, crumbled chorizo sausage, queso, cheese, potatoes, Pico de Gallo, and onion. Nutritional facts of chorizo breakfast burrito are:

  1.       Total fat – 47 g (47 %)
  2.       Saturated Fat – 22 g
  3.       Trans Fat – 1 g
  4.       Cholesterol – 130 mg
  5.       Sodium – 2480 mg
  6.       Potassium – 590 mg
  7.       Total Carbohydrates – 75 g (33 %)
  8.       Dietary Fiber – 10 g
  9.       Sugars – 5 g
  10.       Proteins – 46 g (20 %)
  11.       Vitamin A – 48 %
  12.       Vitamin C – 7 %
  13.       Iron – 71 %
  14.       Calcium 77 %


Qdoba steak breakfast burrito is packed with meat, rice, cheese, salsa, rice, and guacamole. It possesses 600 calories. 1.6 hours of cycling or 1.1 hours of running is required to burn these calories. Other nutritional facts of steak breakfast burrito are:

  1.       Total fat – 20 g
  2.       Saturated Fat – 9 g
  3.       Trans Fat – 0.5 g
  4.       Cholesterol – 65 mg
  5.       Sodium – 1580 mg
  6.       Potassium – 640 mg
  7.       Total Carbohydrates – 72 g
  8.       Dietary Fiber – 11 g
  9.       Sugars – 4 g
  10.       Proteins – 32 g


Qdoba egg and potato breakfast burrito is another amazing burrito present in the breakfast menu of Qdoba restaurant. Fresh scrambled eggs and potatoes are a great combination. This burrito includes 390 calories. Other nutritional information is:

  1.       Serving size – 9 oz.
  2.       Total fat – 14 g (32 %)
  3.       Saturated Fat – 3 g
  4.       Trans Fat – 0 g
  5.       Cholesterol – 190 mg
  6.       Sodium – 1110 mg
  7.       Potassium – 260 mg
  8.       Total Carbohydrates – 54 g (55 %)
  9.       Dietary Fiber – 6 g
  10.       Sugars – 4 g
  11.       Proteins – 13 g (13 %)
  12.       Vitamin A – 8 %
  13.       Vitamin C – 10 %
  14.       Iron – 20 %
  15.       Calcium 15 %


Qdoba restaurant is serving its customers in the United States and Canada. The restaurant has been serving for 26 years. As of 2021, Qdoba has 751 locations in the United States and Canada. 740 locations are present in the United States, while 11 are located in Canada.


Among 50 states of the United States, Qdoba is serving food in 45 of them. Wisconsin – in the upper Midwestern United States – has 54, the highest number of Qdoba restaurants, while states like Maine and South Carolina serve only a single restaurant. Few other states having Qdoba restaurants are:

  1.       Alaska (4)
  2.       California (6)
  3.       Delaware (4)
  4.       Florida (11)
  5.       Iowa (5)
  6.       Maryland (20)
  7.       Georgia (11)
  8.       Nebraska (12)
  9.       New Jersey (23)
  10.       New York (11)
  11.       Virginia (25)
  12.       Texas (18)
  13.       Indiana (41)
  14.       Washington (25)
  15.       North Dakota (8)
  16.       Montana (5)
  17.       Pennsylvania (25)
  18.       Missouri (35)

And, some others…


There are 11 locations in Canada, five in Manitoba, and six in Ontario. In Manitoba, Qdoba is present in Brandon (1) and Winnipeg (4), while in Ontario, three outlets are located in London, one in Sault Ste Marie, Windsor, and Kitchener.


How to use the Qdoba restaurant locator? Follow this process to search the nearest location of Qdoba:

  1.       Go to the website of Qdoba.
  2.       Click “Find a Location” in the upper top corner of the page.
  3.       Enter city and state, or your zip code on the search box present on the right side of your screen.
  4.       Click on the magnifying glass to ease your search.
  5.       Check the nearest location from the list of displayed results.
  6.       Select a location near you to access information such as catering phone number, hours of operation, features, and more.


When does Qdoba stop serving breakfast? Qdoba stops serving breakfast at 10:00 A.M during business days (Monday to Friday), while the restaurant’s breakfast hours, during weekends (Saturday and Sunday), end at noon.

Hours of operation for Qdoba’s breakfast offerings are mostly the same at most of the locations but still, the breakfast hours may vary by some locations. 

Qdoba has more than 700 outlets in several countries across both the United States and Canada, so we advise you to check the nearest location through Qdoba restaurant locator, and look for their accurate timing. It offers a variety of delicious meals during these hours, from tasteful burritos to beverages. 

Qdoba also offers delivery and set-up service for breakfast, which costs $25 only.


What time does Qdoba serve lunch? Now we know that the breakfast hours of Qdoba end at 10:00 A.M, so it is obvious that the restaurant starts serving lunch after 10:00 A.M, around 10:30.  Qdoba’s hot bars or boxed lunches are available for the lunch and dinner hours of Qdoba.


Boxed lunches include burritos loaded with flavor (Adobo marinated grilled chicken, smoked brisket, plant-based Impossible, grilled steak, or fajita veggies) loaded with cilantro-lime rice, slow-simmered black beans, shredded cheese, and salsa, side of freshly made tortilla chips with choice of salsa.

Dessert (double chocolate brownie or chocolate chip cookie) for your sweet tooth craving is also present in boxed lunches.


Hot Bars available are build-your-own, so you can create anything from burrito bowls to nachos with craveable toppings. For Hot Bars, you have a big choice of flavors:

  •       PROTEIN

You can choose one of the following:

  1. a) Adobo Marinated Grilled Chicken
  2. b) Adobo Marinated Grilled Chicken and Smoked Brisket
  3. c) Adobo Marinated Grilled Chicken and Adobo Marinated Grilled Steak
  4. d) Adobo Marinated Grilled Chicken and Plant-Based Impossible
  •       BEANS

Choose in between:

  1. a) Pinto Beans
  2. b) Savory Black Beans
  •       RICE

Choice of:

  1. a) Seasoned Brown Rice
  2. b) Cilantro-Lime Rice
  •       SALSAS
  1. a) Pico de Gallo
  2. b) Salsa Verde
  3. c) Roasted Chile Corn
  4. d) Salsa Roja
  •       TOPPING
  1. a) Hand-Crafted Guacamole
  2. b) Shredded Cheese
  3. c) Lettuce
  4. d) Sour Cream


Complete your order with any of the tasteful add-ons (grilled fajita veggies, hand-crafted guacamole, 3-cheese queso, crispy corn shells, salsa, etc.), refreshing drinks (bulk fresh brewed iced tea, sodas, and bulk lemonade), and heavenly tasting desserts (double chocolate brownies and chocolate chip cookies).


How late is Qdoba open? Qdoba Mexican Style restaurant chain is open until 10:00 P.M. Some of the locations of Qdoba restaurants are open for the whole day – 24 hours – on weekends.

Check the restaurant locator to find a location near you and look at the information, like timing, catering before going to Qdoba at midnight.  


Here are some frequently asked questions about Qdoba breakfast hours that people usually ask. 

1. How can I get free Qdoba?

Sign up for Qdoba Rewards and earn points for every dollar you spent dine-in or online. You can redeem your points for free food rewards, which you can use during your next in-store or online order.

2. What is the healthiest meal to eat at Qdoba?

Tacos with flour soft tortilla, roasted chile corn, shredded beef, fajita veggies, salsa Roja, and lettuce contain 195 calories, is one of the healthiest meals to eat at Qdoba.

3. How many calories are in a bag of Qdoba chips?

A 4 oz. serving-size Qdoba tortilla chips include 560 calories, 41.6 % of which comes from fat, while 53.4 % calories come from the total carbohydrates.

4. How far in advance should I place my catering order at Qdoba?

It is better to place a 24 hours notice for all catering orders at Qdoba.

5. What do you get in a burrito bowl at Qdoba?

Qdoba burrito bowl is packed with grilled chicken, guacamole, salsa, beans, sour cream, pico de gallo, corn, lettuce, and cheese.

6. What is smoked brisket at Qdoba?

Qdoba smoked brisket is slowly smoked over woods for about four hours and can be enjoyed on any Qdoba’s menu item of your choice, including quesadillas, burritos, salads, nachos, and burrito bowls. This amazing meal was available for a limited time.  

7. How long does Qdoba take to deliver catering orders?

For small orders, takes at least 20 minutes once the delivery driver arrives, larger catering orders may take longer delivery time.


Qdoba breakfast hours start at 6:30 A.M and end at 10:00 A.M on weekdays, while during weekends Qdoba stops serving breakfast until noon. Qdoba offers a big variety of Mexican-style breakfasts including burritos, quesadillas, beverages, and extras.

The restaurant is well known for its heavenly delicious burritos, present in variety during breakfast. Qdoba is serving 751 locations in Canada and the United States.

The restaurant closes at 10:00 P.M at most locations, while some offer 24 hours service.






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  1. QDOBA is known for serving up fresh Tex-Mex cuisine. QDOBA serves breakfast, in case you didn’t know. QDOBA serves breakfast when and where you want it. From 6:30 a.m. to lunchtime, several QDOBA locations serve a delectable breakfast menu of breakfast burritos, bowls, and quesadillas.

    This past year, LMU Dining has had a lot of ups and downs, but one of the expected high spots has turned into a stumbling obstacle. It’s not only a problem from a planning standpoint; it’s also a microcosm of the problems with LMU Dining’s connection with students. Qdoba Mexican Eats is a franchise of Mexican eateries that specializes in burritos and tacos. While there have previously been popular Qdoba locations near the university, such as the Westfield Culver City site, last semester will bring the meal right to campus. This concept would also make use of vacant space leftover from Jamba Juice’s former tenant at the Malone Student Center. LMU Dining collaborated on a project in August.

    Qdoba Canada Has Agreed to Open Five New Locations:

    QDOBA is an outdoor restaurant. The first facility will debut in the fourth quarter of 2022.
    QDOBA Mexican Eats (QDOBA), the largest fast-casual Mexican franchise opportunity, said today that it has inked a multi-unit franchise development deal to bring five new stores to Ontario, including Ottawa, Cornwall, Cobourg, and Kingston. The first facility in this arrangement will open in the fourth quarter of 2022.

    Harsh Modi is in charge of the agreement, which includes bringing additional QDOBA facilities to Canada and overseeing daily operations. Mod formerly worked as a partner at a major retail pharmacy chain in a retail environment. His work has had a big impact.


    QDOBA Mexican Eats is the place to go if you’re looking for the best Mexican food in town. QDOBA Mexican Eats is a quick casual restaurant brand that serves Mexican-style cuisine across the United States and Canada. In May 2018, the company was sold to a consortium of funds led by Apollo Global Management after 15 years as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Jack in the Box. QDOBA Mexican Eats had approximately 700 locations in 47 states, the District of Columbia, and Canada at the time of its sale in 2018. The Quest Burrito, Mexican Gumbo, Grilled Chicken, Three Taco Combo, Kids Burrito Bowl, Tortilla Soup, and many other dishes are on the menu at QDOBA Mexican Eats.

  2. Breakfast at Qdoba restaurant will begin at 6:30 a.m. Monday through Friday. As a result, folks who get up early in the morning can also enjoy breakfast at the Qdoba restaurant. Also, because breakfast hours expire at 10:30 a.m., it’s best to arrive at the restaurant before 10 a.m. When it comes to weekends, the opening time remains the same, but the breakfast hours will run all day until noon.

    Qdoba packaged lunches, hot bars, lunch, and dinner will be served from 6:30 a.m. to 10 p.m. tonight. They move on to the next session after the breakfast session is finished. Prices, delivery, set-up information, and other details can be found on the Qdoba menu.

    Breakfast Hours at QDOBA:

    QDOBA Breakfast Hours: Wondering when QDOBA will quit serving breakfast? For foodies, QDOBA’s breakfast offers a wide variety of selections. If you are a morning person, the first thing you will want is a delicious and nutritious breakfast to start your day.


    QDOBA Mexican Eats, or simply QDOBA, is an American Mexican restaurant franchise. QDOBA delivers authentic Mexican cuisine such as burritos, tacos, and quesadillas at locations across Canada and the United States. If you wish to eat breakfast at QDOBA, you need to be aware of the QDOBA breakfast hours.
    Every Monday through Friday, from 6:30 a.m. to 10:30 a.m., QDOBA restaurants serve breakfast delicacies. The QDOBA breakfast hours are Sundays and Mondays from 8 a.m. to 11 a.m

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