Does MetroPCS take American Express? Yes, MetroPCS takes American Express. The company also accepts other online payments like debit cards, MasterCard, and Visa credits. You can pay through American Express without signing in to My Account.

American Express


MetroPCS is now known as Metro by T-Mobile. It is an American prepaid wireless service provider. The company is owned by T-Mobile U.S. PCS is an industrial term, which stands for Personal Communications Service. 

Roger Linquist and Malcolm Lorang founded the MetroPCS brand, in 1994 as General Wireless, Inc. The company has been working for 27 years. It is headquartered in Richardson, Texas, in the United States. It operated the fifth largest mobile telecommunications network in the United States using code-division multiple access (CDMA). 

In 2013, the company’s services were merged under T-Mobile’s 4G HSPA+ and LTE network. By February 2005, MetroPCS had approximately 1.5 million subscribers. At that time, MetroPCS operated through 21 licenses in Tampa, San Francisco, Atlanta, Greater Miami, Sarasota, and Sacramento. In 2012, MetroPCS signed an agreement to merge with T-Mobile USA. In 2012, T-Mobile and MetroPCS became few of the earliest companies to offer unlimited data plans. 

On September 24, 2018, T-Mobile announced that it would re-launch the company as “Metro by T-Mobile”, and introduce two new all-unlimited plans offering bundled features, and also announced that the company aims to be the first prepaid mobile carrier to offer 5G in 2019.



Here are few facts you need to know about MetroPCS or Metro by T-Mobile:

  •       Around 1,700 employees are working in the company and it is ranked second among its top 10 competitors.
  •       MetroPCS, in 2013, used to cover 103 million people. Metro by T-Mobile covers more than 323 million people, 99% of the people in the USA.
  •       Metro by T-Mobile offers a wide variation in both iOS and Android smartphones for every price point, including the latest releases.
  •       MetroPCS used to work in just 15 cities. Metro by T-Mobile launches nationwide with over 10,000 branded retail locations – more than any other wireless brand.
  •       Customers of Metro by T-Mobile can save as much as 45% compared to AT&T and Verizon for a two-line plan. This means that a customer could save about $ 1,000 a year. Taxes are also included in all plans. Therefore, what you see is what you pay.
  •       Mero by T-Mobile is the only wireless provider to offer plans with Google One.
  •       The company offers mobile Broadband Internet Access Services for basic phones, smartphones, mobile hotspot devices, tablets, and other wireless devices over 2G, 3G, 4G, and 5G broadband networks.


The American Express Company, or Amex, is a multinational financial services corporation. The company was founded on March 18, 1850; 171 years ago, in Buffalo, New York. The Headquarters of American Express company is based at 200 Vesey street in the Financial District of Lower Manhattan in New York City. Stephen J. According to the 2017 report of Forbes, American Express was considered as the 23rd most valuable brand in the world and the highest within financial services, with a total worth of U.S $ 24.5 billion. In 2020, American Express ranked at number 9 on Fortune Magazine List of the Top 100 Companies to Work For 2020.


In 1958, American Express launched the first 250,000 charge cards. These first cards were made of paper, with the card member’s name and card number typed. Then in 1959, the company issued plastic cards. In 1966, Amex introduced the Gold Card and Platinum Card in 1984. In 2016, American Express network’s credit cards accounted for 22.9% of the total dollar volume of credit card transactions in the United States. 

By December 31, 2019, the company had 114.4 million cards, including 54.7 million cards in the United States, each with average annual spending of $19,972. American Express is the fourth largest general-purpose card network based on purchase volume and the fourth largest card network, based on the number of cards it has in circulation, in the world. American Express cards in the United States range in cost from no annual fee to $ 550 annual fee.


What companies accept American Express?  Not all stores accept Amex credit cards. You can use an American Express card while shopping. If you do not know which online stores accept American Express cards, then have a look at this list, which contains retailers that accept American Express cards:

  •       Apple
  •       H&M
  •       Bunnings
  •       Victoria’s Basement
  •       Coles
  •       King Living
  •       Highgrove Bathrooms
  •       David Jones
  •       Cotton On
  •       Kmart
  •       Bing Lee
  •       Chemist Warehouse
  •       Harris Farm
  •       Kogan
  •       Target
  •       Bay Leather Republic
  •       Vintage Cellars
  •       Canon
  •       Woolworths
  •       The Reject Shop
  •       Bang & Olufsen
  •       Westfield
  •       KitchenAid
  •       Bose
  •       The Pet Warehouse
  •       First Choice Liquor
  •       Del
  •       Microsoft
  •       Best and Less
  •       The Good Guys
  •       MAISON de SABRE
  •       Dan Murphy’s
  •       Zara
  •       Country Road
  •       The Iconic

And, many more…

SUMMARY: MetroPCS is a prepaid wireless service provider. American Express is a financial services corporation. American Express credit cards are used for shopping in many stores.


Does MetroPCS take American Express? When you talk about MetroPCS bills payment with credit cards, so yes, you can surely pay all your bills with American Express cards. MetroPCS also takes other cards like Visa, Discover, or MasterCard.

American Express or Express Pay payment method allows users to pay without even signing in to “My Account”. This method is free of charge. Users have to visit the company’s website and tap on the “Manage and Pay” option. Now, select the express mode and pay bills online. 

Users will get the chance to save the debit or the credit card information that is used in Express Pay and linked to the eWallet at the end. However, if you elect not to do that, then you will need to re-enter all the information the next time you use it.

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MetroPCS confirmation number for payment

MetroPCS has a good payment process time. If you are paying your bill online then it will take only a few minutes, but if you made payment at dropbox with a check or money order, then the process may take up to two days. Once you make payment, you will receive a confirmation text message. You must keep the confirmation number in the event you have questions about your payment. You can also track your order through their site. Your email or order ID and zip code are required to track the order.

MetroPCS customer service

MetroPCS customer service number is 1-888-8metro8 (863-8768). The company provides a customer service number through which you can ask any query regarding your account, your payments, orders, or anything else. you can also dial *611 from your Metro phone. Mostly they are available from 6:00 A.M. to 2:00 A.M. Some agents are available to help 24 hours a day, seven days a week, including holidays. You can also contact MetroPCS through the mail, they provide non-payment services. For any information, mail to:

T-Mobile Customer Relations

P.O. Box 37380

Albuquerque, NM 87176-7380

 Can You Pay a MetroPCS Bill Online With a Visa?

Yes, you can pay MetroPCS bills online with a Visa. To pay MetroPCS bills online, you can use the “MetroPCS Pay My Bill Online” feature. For this, go to their official website. Enter your MetroPCS phone number and account PIN number to log in to your account. You will get a 6-digit code; verify that code. When you get access to your account, you can pay a MetroPCS bill with VISA. Once you make a payment, you can’t undo it. If you wish, you may pay multiple months in advance.

Can I pay my Metro PCS bill with a prepaid card?

Yes, you can pay my MetroPCS bill with a prepaid card. Once you have added funds to your card, you can spend that money or withdraw it in ATMs. To buy something in-store, just swipe the card at the point of sale. If you are making an online payment, then type your card number and make a payment.

How can I pay a MetroPCS bill online using a debit card?

How to pay a MetroPCS bill online using a debit card? It is an easy process and can simply be done through your mobile phone. The process takes a couple of minutes. To pay a MetroPCS bill online using a debit card, follow these steps:

  •       Go to the official site of MetroPCS.
  •       Click on the option “Make a Payment”.
  •       They will ask for your phone number. You must have registered your cell phone number for online access.
  •       Once you register your phone number for online access, you will be able to log in to your MetroPCS account.
  •       Now, you will be able to view your MetroPCS bill. Pay your bill online with a debit card. Enter all the requirements.
  •       You will receive a receipt immediately and you are done. 


MetroPCS provides a large number of payment methods; customers must choose a payment option that best suits their schedule. These methods are:

1. VIA

The first method to pay MetroPCS bills is via the web. All that customer needs to do is simply visit their website. Once logged in, there are two kinds of accounts on this page, a guest account, and a My Account. Users can log in to the account of their own choice. 

Making payments as a guest has the benefit of paying no extra fees, but it is charged to MyAccount. However, the benefit of making payment through MyAccount includes AutoPay options, updating account holder’s information, and updating payment information. 

AutoPay is the easiest way to make payment on MetroPCS because it allows the automatic debits to be made each month easily to a credit or debit card.


MetroPCS users also have an option to pay their bills through phone services. Customers can pay bills over the phone through an automated system. Just dial *99, the benefit of this payment method is that bills are paid immediately without any delay or processing time required. They charge $2 for providing wireless services.

Customers can also call the customer service number they provided, which is 888-8metro8 (863-8768). This call charges the customer $3, and the bill payment is sought immediately.


Customers can visit the MetroPCS store to make the payment. They have two options. They can either choose to pay their payment through installment machines or pay them over the counter at MetroPCS stores

If a customer pays a bill through installment machines. Users will enter their telephone number and the 8-digit PIN to access an installment machine’s bill receiving services in MetroPCS stores. 

The fee required is $2. Additionally, they can pay their bills through check, card, or simply through cash via installment machines. The benefit of this payment method is that these machines are accessible 24 hours and process the bill payment transaction within 2 hours.

Customers can also do their billing over the counter of installment centers. Customers need to pay a $3 convenience fee. They need to visit an approved dealer and make their payment either via cash or card and get it registered in the center’s record. The money transaction takes approximately two hours to complete.

Customers can also use drop boxes at MetroPCS stores. This payment method takes 48 hours to complete the process and it is free of charge. They take a minimum of two hours of processing the money transaction.


Customers also have another easy method to pay their bills, via mail. They just have to write their service account number on the check and mail it to

“MetroPCS Wireless, Inc. P.O. Box 5119 Carol Stream, IL 60197-5119”. This method does not require any fees and takes 7-10 weekdays to process the money transaction.


MyMetroPCS App is a free application, which is used for MetroPCS customers to make changes to their MetroPCS account at their fingertips. Through this app, users can check their balance and due date, pay their bills, review high-speed data usage, and change features. Customers can pay their bills in advance and make their payment process fast. 

The only drawback of using this payment method is that it functions well with specified operating systems. Thus, users are required to update their versions of mobile software to make sure that my MetroPCS app does not crash or give errors while running.


MetroPCS offers four basic monthly plans; each of them provides exclusive features. These include the $30 monthly plan, the $40 monthly plan, the $50 monthly plan, and the $60 monthly plan.


This plan is not really highlighted as the other monthly plans of MetroPCS. The plan offers access to 2GB of high-speed data. Users of this plan would be able to stream videos up to 480p only. The drawback of the $30 monthly plan is the low-speed connection.


This plan offers 10GB wireless data and high-speed on the T-Mobile network. Users can stream music from more than 40 music apps without their data being consumed. This package does not include Hotspot. Users can purchase 2-5 phone lines. Their rates vary according to the number of phone lines. This package is worth $40.


This plan provides high-speed and unlimited access to mobile data on the T-Mobile network.  The $50 monthly plan contains Hotspot data measuring up to 5GB and Google One storage up to 100GB of data. This plan also offers a range of two to five phone lines, each one charges accordingly.


The $60 monthly plan also provides high-speed and unlimited data access on the T-Mobile network. This plan offers 15GB of Hotspot data and 100GB of Google One data storage. This package also provides access to Amazon Prime subscriptions. Users of this plan can buy 2-5 phone lines, with different charges. 

ABSTRACT: MetroPCS accept American Express cards, without signing in to MyAccount. MetroPCS users can also pay their bills through other options, for example through phone, via the web, store, and through the mail. MetroPCS offers good packages.



Questions, which people usually ask about does MetroPCS take American Express, are as follows:

1. What phones will work with MetroPCS?

Any Android, Windows phone, or iPhone that has been network unlocked from AT&T will work with MetroPCS.

2. Is MetroPCS 5G?

All-Metro by T-Mobile plans includes access to 5G at no extra cost.

3. Do gas stations accept American Express?

Most gas station chains like Shell, Gulf, Exxon, BP, Murphy USA, and Texaco accept American Express, while many gas stations will not accept American Express. 

4. Why was payment declined in MetroPCS?

The payment declined due to the expired payment account, incorrect phone number, or MetroPCS account, or if a duplicate payment is detected.

5. Which is the most expensive American Express credit card?

The Centurion Card is the most expensive among American Express credit is also called the “Black Card”. Centurion card has an initiation fee of up to $ 10,000 and a $ 5,000 annual fee.  


Does MetroPCS take American Express? Yes, MetroPCS, now called Metro by T-Mobile, accepts the payment through American Express. This method does not require any charge. American Express range in different charge cards, which contain platinum cards, gold cards, and more. Other options to pay bills in MetroPCS are through their website, through mail they provide, customer service number, MetroPCS stores, and myMetroPCS App. 


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  1. Customers can also pay their bills in a variety of methods through MetroPCS. MetroPCS offers an AutoPay plan that automatically debits a credit card, debit card, or bank account every month. MetroPCS also accepts payments over the phone. Customers can pay for MetroPCS services in person by going to a MetroPCS store, an authorized dealer or a Western Union authorized site. MetroPCS consumers can also pay their bills by mailing checks to the firm.

    Is MetroPCS a Discover customer?

    Customers of MetroPCS are now included in the Google Wallet family. To get started, go to Google Play and download the app. You can then add any Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover credit or debit cards to your account.

    Can I use my Discover Card anywhere?

    Discover cards are accepted in various markets, according to the credit card acceptance tool on Discover’s website. In some nations, such as the United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia, the corporation claims “moderate acceptance,” while acceptance is admittedly low in others, such as Spain and France, to mention a few.

    What countries are Discover Card accepted in?

    Argentina, Brazil, China, Dominican Republic, India, Israel, Jamaica, Japan, and Puerto Rico have a high merchant acceptance rate. Australia, Canada, Costa Rica, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Mexico, the Netherlands, South Africa, the United Arab Emirates, and the United Kingdom have moderate merchant acceptance.

    Mastercard or Discover?

    Discover is a card network as well as a credit card issuer. Only the Visa and MasterCard networks are accepted. Visa and Mastercard are accepted in over 200 nations and territories, whilst Discover is only accepted in 185.


    Every purchase you make with a reward or cashback credit card earns you a modest rebate. For example, the Discover it® Card gives a 5% Cashback Bonus at various locations each quarter, such as petrol stations, grocery shops, restaurants,*, or wholesale clubs, up to the quarterly maximum each time you activate.

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