AutoZone is surprisingly a familiar name within the automobile business in the United States. They have an extensive variety of services, however what about installing batteries? Does AutoZone install batteries?

AutoZone does install batteries. They do that without spending a penny, as long as you buy your new battery from them. The AutoZone battery installation procedure takes approximately 15 mins or less.

However, they turn down complex battery installations that will require them to remove away the certain gears of your automobile.

Buying a new battery from AutoZone prices approximately $50 to $200. Premium batteries fee approximately $90 to $250.

Read on more to know extra information about the AutoZone battery installation procedure and the batteries they sell.

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Does AutoZone Install Batteries?

AutoZone installs automobile batteries. They even do this free of charge, as long as you buy your new battery from them. AutoZone conducts widespread battery installations that usually take 15 mins or less.

However, they turn down complicated battery installations, specifically if they require removing off complicated components of your car.

AutoZone Battery Price

The costs of batteries provided by AutoZone may differ. It all depends upon the following:

  • Type,
  • Model, and
  • The 12 months within your vehicle was manufactured.

But to provide you with an idea, vehicle batteries have a variety of prices that range between US$50 and US$200 on each battery.

Premium batteries are indeed more costly. Prices range between US$90 and US$250. However, they’re guaranteed to be long-lasting. Manufacturers of premium batteries also offer better warranties.

But we don’t always recognize which sort of battery to install. This is especially the case when you need to upgrade from the typical battery that you use currently. In that case, drop by the AutoZone branch.

Its worker will be more than satisfied to help you using providing you a quote on battery charges. They may explain the alternatives available for you in a good way to suit your budget and all your other needs.

Does AutoZone install batteries without cost? AutoZone does install batteries free of charge, but most effective if you purchase a battery from them. AutoZone batteries cost about $50 to $250. It takes about 15 mins for AutoZone battery installation.

Battery Brands Available at AutoZone

Here’s a listing of the battery brands at AutoZone:

  1. ACDelco Advantage
  2. Duralast Standard / Gold / PlatinumAGM
  3. Econocraft
  4. Odyssey
  5.    Optima
  6. Valucraft

Let’s deliver a brief record about each of them:

1. ACDelco Advantage

This battery brand is one of the best brands of vehicle batteries available across the world. It is understood for its good performance, even at a less expensive rate. An ACDelco car battery commonly lasts for five years.

2. Duralast Standard, Gold, and Platinum AGM

The Duralast family of vehicle batteries is manufactured through the makers of Sears and DieHard batteries. They characteristic 800+ bloodless-cranking amps, permitting the automobile to start even in under-freezing temperatures.

This battery doesn’t want protection and has a large reserve. It is labeled as a price range battery that offers brilliant performance. A Duralast vehicle battery typically lasts between 3 and 5 years.

3. Econocraft

The Econocraft is ideal for vehicle owners who do not need to spend an awful price on a vehicle battery. It is durable and is known for its reliability.

Similar to different car battery manufacturers, the Econocraft is likewise maintenance-free. This means that there’s no need to fear anymore about adding water to your battery. The lifespan of this precise battery logo is also more or less three to five years.

4. Odyssey

The Odyssey automobile battery has extraordinary high quality. It gives engine cranking pulses beyond 2250A for approximately five seconds. Moreover, it offers four hundred charge or discharge cycles to a depth discharge of approximately 80 percent.

These skills cannot be performed by way of a standard starting, lighting fixtures, and ignition car battery.

5. Optima

With an Optima battery, you are capable of starting your vehicle engine in any situation. It functions as a 100-minute reserve capability, allowing it to generate a massive quantity of power. Also, you’ll no longer have a hassle with a leaking battery with Optima.

6. Valucraft

This battery logo is known for its reliability and affordability. It has dependable starting electricity and can be recommended for lengthy-distance riding. If your vehicle has minimal electrical loads, then this battery is probably perfect for you.

A Valucraft battery usually has a guarantee of three hundred and sixty-five days. At a low price, it’s far top-notch how it can get you where ever you want to go.

So, does AutoZone set up batteries for free? Yes, however most effective if you buy any of the above-referred batteries from them.

Other AutoZone Products

Aside from car batteries, AutoZone offers many different automobile parts and add-ons. They have a range of diverse varieties of automobiles, including vans, light trucks, and sports activities motors.

AutoZone offers either new or 2nd-hand car hardware. They additionally provide car maintenance products, in addition to non-vehicle products. Among their famous products are glass shampoo and windshield markers.

Returning Products

Should you wish to go back or replace a product you purchase from AutoZone, head to an AutoZone shop nearest to you. The shop’s staff might be more than happy that will help you.

If you have sadly misplaced your Official Receipt, you need do not have to worry about assurance troubles. AutoZone has a centralized document of all purchases in its database. For sure, they can correctly trace your buy.

Warranty Provided

Each product bought from AutoZone has an equivalent guarantee. The assurance differs for every product. So, it’s best to check the packaging or product description to know extra about it.

As long as it’s inside the assurance period, you may return the product you purchased from AutoZone if it is broken or there are malfunctions.

However, if the damage is because of customer blunders, AutoZone will now not be held responsible for such damage. Customer mistakes include misuse, abuse, or unsuitable setup, among others.

AutoZone Services

Loan a Tool Service

AutoZone has a Loan-a-Tool Service for his or her clients. This service allows customers to borrow forte equipment that they have no plans of buying for several motives.

Firstly, special equipment is high priced. Secondly, clients will not be capable of taking full advantage of its usage. They may use it handiest once or twice during their lifetime.

AutoZone heard you. Thus, making these specialty gear available for you.

If you propose to loan a tool, you need to make a deposit. You should make sure that you’ll return the tool inside a similar situation as you collected it.

Home Delivery Service

At this point, domestic transport delivery has to turn out to be increasingly famous. But for the reason that AutoZone has been providing this service for years now, this isn’t new to them at all. Suffice it to mention that AutoZone has perfected this service over the years.

Now, AutoZone presents splendid domestic delivery services to their clients.

This service is available free of charge. The cutoff for orders is 10:00 in the night, and the turnaround time for shipping is one business day.

Online Store

Similar to maximum shops now, AutoZone has additionally opened its doorways for online transactions. Their clients can now buy their products online.

However, there are specific gadgets that are rather brought within three to five working days. In that case, AutoZone thoroughly informs its customers about the delivery time.

AutoZone’s online keep is open each day. You may additionally pay any time of the day, too, the usage of your debit card, credit card, or AutoZone present card.

Its online shop has an order tracker too. That way, you’ll have an idea of the tracking of your order.

If you want to return an object you ordered online, you can do this by visiting their internet site to find out about the process.

Free Services Offered via AutoZone

The car industry commends AutoZone for offering numerous loose car care services. That, of course, consists of trendy AutoZone battery installation. However, this service is specific to all its customers, in particular those who buy the battery from them.

Aside from battery installation, AutoZone additionally gives the following:

  • Free Battery Testing
  • Free Charging of Batteries


Does AutoZone install batteries for you? AutoZone would do installation of your car batteries for you most effectively if you purchase your batteries from their store. So, if you have already bought a battery from another store, don’t make the mistake of bringing it to AutoZone.


It is important not to forget, that AutoZone conducts widespread battery installations. This usually takes less than 15 mins to do. AutoZone might have to turn down your request to install the battery because doing so already calls for a complicated method.

However, when you buy a new battery, it is also advisable to have it checked first. AutoZone employees will be more than satisfied to check it for you.

That way, you’ll understand if your battery needs replacement or it merely needs to be recharged. In the case of the latter, AutoZone may also assist you in charging your automobile’s battery.


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  1. When you buy a new car battery from AutoZone, you get free installation. Under rare circumstances, AutoZone may be unable to install the battery. You may need to have the batteries placed somewhere else if the installation necessitates the associate removing other components from the car. Furthermore, if the battery is in an unusual location, such as in the wheel well or under a seat, AutoZone may refuse to install it.

    A car battery purchased from a different retailer, such as O’Reilly Auto Parts or Walmart, will also not be installed at AutoZone. AutoZone auto battery prices range from $50 to $120, with premium batteries costing between $90 and $200.

    Other Battery Installation Locations

    If you don’t have an AutoZone near you, several nationwide auto parts retailers such as Advance Auto Parts, NAPA, and O’Reilly Auto Parts offer battery installation services (as previously reported). You can also look through our related posts to see which tire stores provide this service.

    Does AutoZone do battery installation?

    Customer support staff explained that when you buy a new car battery from AutoZone, they provide battery installation. With the purchase of a new battery, installation is included. You may need to have the batteries placed somewhere else if the installation requires the associate to remove other components from the vehicle. In addition to installation, AutoZone provides free battery testing and free battery charging while you wait. Because store services differ by location, contact your nearest AutoZone before going.

    AutoZone’s Early Years

    AutoZone did not begin as a car dealership. Instead, it started as a food wholesaler in the United States of America. Malone and Hyde, Inc. was the name of the corporation. Then it became a medicine store, then a sporting goods store, and finally a supermarket. Pitt, the grandson of Malone and Hyde’s founder, and other top executives at the firm, however, saw the need for automobile spare part stores. Then came the birth of Auto Shack.

    The major goal of Auto Shack was to make it simple for consumers to maintain their vehicles. They attempted to infuse supermarket traits into the newly formed automotive spare parts industry. Easy access to merchandise, outstanding customer service, and a clean and well-organized store are all examples.


    For automobile owners, getting free battery installation is a huge relief. Few car parts stores would take the risk of doing so. As a result, AutoZone deserves praise for providing free battery installation. However, there are a few things you should know about AutoZone’s complementary services to avoid missing out. To begin with, AutoZone does not provide free installation for batteries purchased from other merchants.

    So, don’t make the mistake of purchasing your battery from another merchant and hoping to speak with AutoZone, perhaps as a prior customer, about battery installation assistance. Again, you can ask AutoZone employees to assist you to test your batteries before you spend money on a new one. You have no way of knowing if it has lost its charge.

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