Walmart Carpet Cleaner Rental

Whether you are shifting your house or your carpet desires a few touch-ups. it is obvious that you will be questioning whether or does Walmart has a carpet cleaning rental service.

Below, you’ll see our full guide at the Walmart carpet cleaner rental services, the price, how to use it, one-of-a-kind models, and much more. Let’s get began!

Walmart Carpet Cleaner Rental

Walmart does offer a carpet cleaning service through their dedicated Rug Doctor self-service kiosks located in most Walmart shops. Carpet cleaners may be rented for up to forty-eight hours and fee $29. $99.99 for 24-hours and $39. $99 for 48-hours.

Additional accessories and carpet cleaning solutions are not included under this rate. To know more about the various models of carpet cleaners Walmart rents, accessories, and more, keep on reading!

Does Walmart Rent Carpet Cleaners? (Rug Doctor, Rental, Pricing)

What Walmart Locations Offer a Carpet Cleaner Rental?

By the usage of Rug Doctor’s devoted rental place interface, customers can discover a variety of neighborhood stores, depending on their zip code, that provides a devoted carpet cleaner rental service.

Through this interface, customers can test if their nearby Walmart gives the carpet cleaner rental service, and if not, they can locate the closest Walmart store that does.

How To Rent a Carpet Cleaner from Walmart?

Once you’ve got a Walmart store nearby you with a Rug Doctor kiosk, the next thing is to rent one!

When in-shop, you will probably discover the kiosk positioned after the customer service table on the front of the store.

When at the Rug Doctor kiosk, there can be a touch display wherein you can enter the cleanser you want to rent, your call, contact number, and address.

After you have entered this data, you may then be brought to pay with your preferred price range. Once the price has been successful, the kiosk cage will uncage and permit you to eliminate your carpet cleaner!

Returning A Carpet Cleaner to Walmart

When you have got finished along with your rental, sincerely carry it lower back to any Rug Doctor kiosk and enter the identical details when you used during renting the carpet cleaner.

Once you enter your private info, the kiosk will unlock, and you may be able to place the carpet cleanser back into the garage cage.

When returning a carpet cleaner, you want to enter your data once again on the Touchscreen facility of the kiosk where you rented the gadget. Before you come to the carpet cleaner at Walmart, you must take some time to empty and ease the tool after which allows it to dry out.

Walmart does not impose consequences for returning a gadget without cleansing it, but cleansing helps preserve the carpet cleanser is suitable operating situations.

The online reservation method will allow you to upload a machine, answer, and accessory on your order and pay online while you need such orders. You can conveniently reserve one gadget plus solutions and accessories at a time. The gadget additionally prohibits the booking of a tool on behalf of another man or woman.

What Models of Carpet Cleaner Does Walmart Rent Out to Customers?

The range of machines available at Walmart can range from every area, however, most Walmart stores offer Rug Doctor models such as the: Mighty Pro, Wide Track, Pro Portable, X3, and Pro Deep models, to name just a few.

Users of Rug Doctor’s vicinity finder can also find out whether or not positive locations offer newer models or older styles of machines.

As nicely as this, the service lets clients search with the help of particular styles of carpet purifiers.

How Does the Carpet Cleaner Works?

The regular carpet cleaner from Walmart works with three important additives. Brush agitation, cleansing answer, and powerful suction. The do-it-yourself cleaning from Walmart carpet cleaning service provider is a low-cost and handy system for all budgets, families, and skill levels.

Whether you are constantly cleaning up spots and stains from the carpet or lifting heavy pet hair from the carpet, using a carpet purifier is ten instances extra efficient than vacuuming your carpet by yourself.

Are There Late Fees for Walmart Carpet Cleaner Rentals?

Walmart does have an overdue price for his or her carpet cleaner rentals. As stated above, customers are given the option to hire the machines for intervals of 24 hours or 48 hours.

If the device isn’t returned within its given duration, then the client can be made to pay for an extra day, irrespective of that day.


Walmart does provide a carpet cleaner rental service via their devoted Rug Doctor self-carrier kiosks placed in maximum Walmart shops. Carpet cleaners may be rented for as much as 48 hours and fee $29. $99.00 for 24-hours and $39. $99.00 for 48-hours.

Does Walmart Sell or Rent Cleaning Solutions?

Rug Doctor machines require appropriate cleaning solutions to get to work. These solutions can be bought inside Walmart shops from around $10 to $25.

Some solutions focus on puppy stains, at the same time as others focus on easy all-around cleans. It is exceptional to find out in advance of time what you want of your method to get the maximum use out of your rental.

Rug Doctor recommends the usage of their solution emblem, however, different manufacturers or DIY solutions can also be used with the machines.

Can Extra Accessories Be Rented?

Extra add-ons can be rented alongside the carpet cleaners themselves. These add-ons can range from fabric add-ons, with a purpose to let you easily clean furniture, to drying fans to help dry carpets and furniture.

Is It Better to Buy a Carpet Cleaner Than to Rent One?

The answer to this question can depend totally on your meant use of the carpet cleaner.

At their maximum highly-priced, Walmart sells Rug Doctor carpet cleaners for as much as $550, with the bottom charge listed on their website at around $150.00

However, in case you frequently clean your carpets or need them as a part of your business, the investment to purchase may prove worthwhile.

Does Walmart Rent Out Steam Cleaners?

Walmart does now not provide a rental service for steam cleansing machines or gear made to smooth hard floors.

However, you can purchase steam cleaners at Walmart stores as they stock multiple models that range in price from around $30 to $200.

What You Should Know About Walmart Carpet Cleaner Rental Services

The following are vital records on renting Walmart carpet cleaners;

  1. How Much Does It Cost to Rent Carpet Cleaners at Walmart?

Rental expenses on carpet cleaners at Walmart can vary from $25 and $35 a day. Keep in mind that you should pay for added cleaning add-ons. That might cost between $5 and $25 in keeping with accessories.

The rate of carpet cleaner for a rental may also rely upon the model and the rental period.

  1. What Types of Carpet Cleaners Does Walmart Offers?

Walmart gives a wide variety of carpet cleaners for rent, usually via its numerous self-service kiosks. Many carpet cleaners are presented; these include; Mighty Pro, Wide Track, X3, pro deep, and masses of transportable carpets cleansing machines. The type of carpet cleaner available for rental will depend upon your locality.

  1. The Terms for Rental

There are zero past due charges for renting carpet cleaners at Walmart. But kiosk operators might also rate an additional day rental charge. If you fail to return the carpet cleaner by the due date and time.

The more price charged will remain the same per day until you return the carpet cleaner. If, for instance, you rented a Mighty Pro carpet cleaning system and you didn’t return it after two days. Then you’ll pay $90.00 rental expenses. Which might be broken down into $30 for the first day and $60 for the 2 days.

  1. What About the Cleaning Solutions?

Carpet cleaners will require using cleansing solutions, and those will add to your general rental fee. There are branded cleansing answers endorsed for each carpet cleaner. And these may additionally vary from $10 to $25 at Walmart. These cleansing solutions might also include specialized needs like pet stains and pre-remedies.

While it’s far possible to apply a cleansing answer from a specific logo for a carpet cleaner. You can additionally create one for yourself. To gain satisfactory effects, do not forget the use of simplest way for using a carpet cleaner.


Walmart does offer a carpet cleanser rental service. Most stores provide this service; however, clients can find out which shops, in particular, do, via the Rug Doctor website.

Walmart shares a huge type of machine. That can be rented for as long as forty-eight hours, for as much as around $40. The Walmart carpet purifier rental service is one of the several rental services offered by using the retail shop. There are numerous other items you could additionally rent at a less costly charge.

Some carpet cleaners may be very costly and even much more if you add charges of accessories and cleaning solutions. This is the point wherein renting may additionally make extra sense, mainly while you do not often use the carpet.



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  1. Walmart is one of the most well-known retailers that rent carpet cleaners. Rug Doctor Self-service kiosks can be found at practically every Walmart store. You can utilize Walmart’s rental location tool to see if carpet cleaners are available for rent near you. When renting a carpet cleaner from Walmart, what steps should I take? It’s quite simple to rent a carpet cleaner from Walmart. You must know where a Rug can be found, Doctor Booth. Walk into the business and look for the booth, which is generally near the customer service counter. A screen at the Rug Doctor Booth asks for the sort of cleaner you require, as well as your name, address, and phone number.

    Carpet Cleaner Rental at Walmart:

    You might be wondering if Walmart offers a carpet cleaning rental service if you’re intending to move or if your carpet needs attention. Our comprehensive guide on utilizing the Walmart Carpet Cleaner Rental Service, including its pricing, the best method to use it, the many types, and more, is available below. Rug Doctor self-service kiosks can be found in all Walmart locations and rent carpet cleaners. Carpet cleaners can be rented at any time for up to 48 hours for $29.99 or $39.99. The price does not include any additional carpet cleaning equipment or products.


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