21 Most Effective Instagram Marketing Strategies: (2022) Hacks

Did you know Instagram has grown to 2 billion monthly users? That huge number has changed the online landscape with amazing help.

So, are you looking to make Instagram your primary marketing channel? and know about effective Instagram marketing strategies?

If yes, or even if you are looking to use it in some way, we have amazing information. You can read about what is the best time to post on Instagram?

What else? Well, you can read about what content to post, how to use captions, and know your audience?

Effective Instagram Marketing Strategies: (2022) Hacks
Effective Instagram Marketing Strategies: (2022) Hacks

21 Most Effective Instagram Marketing Strategies you can use:

We will discuss in this article about Instagram ads, using all features, and bio optimization. Do you know how to use Instagram Live, Stories, and analytics? Well, you will get information about these with this amazing article.

You can also read about consistency, creativity, theme creation, and branding on the platform.

1. Best Time To Post

Are you looking for the best time to post for your Instagram profile? If yes, did you find what you were looking for? Well, it can be a bit difficult to know what time is good for you and your Instagram business.

But we do have some good practices you can rely on for Instagram success. For instance:

  • You must know how to use Instagram analytics to find out the response you are getting. Discover the best time that suits your content marketing with real insights into your results. You can use these to know the peak time for your audience.


  • Make sure you try different times to find which one works best for your circumstances. These circumstances include your audience demographics, brand, and many others.


  • You should understand which content can work best for a certain time. This can also depend on the type of marketing you are doing. For instance, you may have a certain season that would go better with certain content. So, try that!


  • Knowing the time when your brand is most relevant to your audience can be the holy grail. Make sure that you understand when are your audience most active on Instagram.


2. What Content To Post?

You should have a number of post ideas to utilize for your marketing efforts. So, try to find that for better reach and results. Posts should never look like an ad, and you should make them more skimmable.

Trying videos can be super beneficial, so make sure you use them well. Some other content ideas include quotations, user-generated content, and contests.

There are several types of content that you can have in the portion of the contest, so try them. And use the one that suits your brand and campaign the most.

3. Captions and Knowing Your Audiences

Captions are among the top content type that matter for your marketing. So, make sure that you use the best captions your visual or video can have.

Ensure that you use the first words as vigilantly as possible so that it stands out like crazy.

Make sure you add value to your customers and make your brand feel special. Telling them a story can be a super-efficient way to use, so never underestimate that. Do not keep it too long or too short, and use the space well.

Using emojis can be super beneficial and can give a personal touch people would like to see. So, try them to perfect your marketing efforts and rely on them.

Try to create a certain theme that you should follow for all of your content on Instagram.

At the same time, you should craft a brand voice that always stays consistent. Moreover, it would help if you never forgot to use a CTA to get more engagement and results.

4. Use All Content Features

Using the maximum features can be beneficial, so do not underestimate that. Make sure that you try using Stories to perfect your marketing efforts. You should also try using Highlights, Reel, and other features.

At the same time, you should ensure that you use these features to the fullest. Using hashtags can be useful, and so can Stickers, so use them well.

5. Bio Optimization

Bio is just like the face of your Instagram profile that you should use well. Make sure that you understand your brand well when crafting it. So, look for the ideas that you create your content around when creating it.

What else? Well, you should have a killer profile picture to make it look special. Make sure that it is a high-quality picture that tells the real story. Try to make it eye-catching and use your face as an influencer.

A company profile may have a logo as it suits such a profile. Add your unique selling proposition or something that you do especially amazing. At the same time, you should use keywords in this portion and add a link.

Try using a link to your landing page or website to let people buy from there. Such links can also do other stuff, so try to use them correctly. Moreover, you can try using CTAs to let people know what to do next.

Use a personal touch to make your content more interesting for your audience. It would help you have the right level of engagement with personal branding.

6. Know Your Competitors’ Strategy

Another strategy that works well for Instagram marketing strategy is understanding your competitor’s Instagram marketing strategies. You should discover your audience well and try to know their strategy.

Make sure you collect data on your competitors that tells them what they are doing best.

What more? You should also realize what they are failing at and how to use it yourself. Ensure that you know how many hashtags they are using for every post they publish.

You should know their followers count at all times to perfect your strategy. Make sure that you have an idea of their engagement rate and try to find out their content performance.

You can find them and their performance with the use of hashtags and tools for analytics. Make sure that you use the hashtags that matter to you.

7. Know Your Metrics

Instagram metrics
Instagram metrics

Metrics are equal to performance for all kinds of social platforms. So, always remember this formula to perform well and effectively. Some of these top metrics are Likes, Comments, and Followers.

Try to determine what is your engagement rate and Followers’ growth per time period. You should also find your brand mentions to know your overall growth.

Try to find out the impressions or the number of times your posts have been shown.

Another metric is to know the number of visits to your Instagram profile. Moreover, you should know the number of people who saw your posts to ensure better understanding.

8. Know Your Customers

Make sure you find all the information you need about your audience to act smartly. Start with creating their personas and use their demographic data and hashtags.

Try using social listening to find their pain points and what they do not like about your products.

This will also help you find what they do not like about your products. Your products can have a heavy hit if you do not find out this portion. Moreover, you should analyze your data to find out the best content you have produced.

Then, you can replicate the best content to use the best one for your marketing. At the same time, you should engage in conversations that can help.

Use polls to understand what part of your content creation is not working well. What more? Well, you should look for the best influencers to get better results for your marketing.

Try using influencer discovery platforms to ensure that you get the best results.

9. Pain Points

Your customers’ pain points are something that you cannot work without, so understand them. Ensure that you understand and try to solve all the issues they are facing.

You should talk to your customers and find out how to resolve their pain points. The experts recommend becoming a fake customer and talking to your competitors’ customer support.

You can ask them a common question that exists in their FAQs section. This activity can help you find what you may lack in their support, and you should have to avoid issues.

Moreover, you should get feedback and reviews to understand their pain points.

10. Be Consistent and Creative

Consistency is a major thing that can help you get the results you want for your marketing. So, you should create content in advance and generate ideas you can pursue.

Another thing you must do is to use schedulers to promote your content well.

Be creative by taking your audience behind the scenes and using your brand’s tutorials. Make sure that you create how-to content and take it to a personal level.

Another thing to remember is to use colorful visuals to improve your marketing efforts. Whatever you do, do it authentically and showcase existing customers.

11. Use Stories and Highlights

Stories and behind-the-scenes are something that you should be looking to get and this is one of the best Instagram marketing strategies. At the same time, you should use events and try reviews to create more hype with marketing.

Instagram marketing can really benefit from showing different products, so use that well. Announcements can be really useful for content creation, so try them out too.

12. Consistency in Theme and Stories Covers

Content consistency is another thing you should be looking to achieve with your marketing. So, you should try creating Stories covers to ensure content consistency.

You can try using these tools to perfect your marketing efforts and create covers:

  • Try using Adobe Illustrator to create your Story covers.
  • Photoshop is another tool you can use for better marketing and cover creation.

Themes are the aesthetics that you should maintain when creating content. So, try to follow any of the following themes or create your own:

  • Vintage
  • Angles
  • Black or white borders
  • Same filters
  • Dark colors
  • Rainbow

These themes would work for different types of content, so try them out.

13. Set SMART goals

Instagram marketing strategies are about achieving goals, so keep that in mind. Try to use SMART goals to achieve your results to the maximum. SMART is for:

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Attainable
  • Realistic
  • Time-bound

Such goals can help you achieve your marketing and build strong marketing efforts.

14. Using Polls May Help

Using polls can be beneficial in many ways for your Instagram marketing strategy. So, try to promote your polls to achieve marketing results. There are several types of polls that you can try to get more engagement.

Some polls that you can try:

  • This or that poll
  • Emoji Slider Stickers polls
  • Yes or No options poll
  • Try using Question Sticker polls
  • Quiz Stickers polls would help as well

15. The Use of Hashtags

Using the right hashtags is something you cannot overlook, so use them well. You should understand their competition when you are looking to use them. Make sure that you know your audience and what hashtags they are using.

Using niche-based hashtags is something that you should go for. So, ensure if your hashtags fall under the type of content you are creating or not.

You can not have hashtags that do not go with your content, as they will be irrelevant.

And, you should never use irrelevant hashtags as they will be spams. Instagram marketers know that a single post can carry up to 30 hashtags. On the other hand, a Story can carry up to 10 hashtags for your marketing.

Try to create branded hashtags and use 11 of them for one post. Ensure you see the post count for any of them before using them. At the same time, try to find insights about them to make it clear.

Make sure that you avoid using banned hashtags and not repetitive ones too. Never forget to discover your hashtag intent, as it matters heavily. Explore the hashtag pages before you use the tags.

16. Location Tagging

You can try choosing location options when creating content for your marketing. Try to use location options to find the area you are using to post. What else? Follow these:

  • You can claim a certain location for the tag that you use.
  • Try using Instagram Stories for the purpose of a strong marketing tactic.
  • Make sure that you try creating customer geotags.
  • Ensure that you use videos, Stickers, and photos in this kind of creation.

17. Influencer Market

Influencer marketing can help your profile and business grow fast and rapid. So, try to determine your goals like key performance indicators. You should know if you are looking to generate awareness, reach, or sales.

Then, you should look for influencers and talk to them. Make sure that you deliver value without asking for anything in return. This method can help them understand you better and be inclined to help.

Be confident and let them discover that you appreciate their work. You can invite them to join your campaigns when they are familiarized with you. Ensure that you let them be a part of your campaign by letting them create a part of it.

Then, you should choose the type of campaign you want and launch it. Tweaking it with analytics can help you get the maximum results super-fast.

18. Business Account

Using a business account for Instagram marketing is a great idea to use. So, try to use it for the following:

  • It helps you with insights, so use it,
  • Using a business account can help you get a blue tick for verification.
  • Try using ads as well.
  • Other features include a Contact button that you can use to give your information. For instance, you can offer email, call or location information with it.

19. Use Ads

Try to use ads and utilize the first three-second well, and know your analytics:

  • Bounce rate
  • CTR
  • Ad impressions
  1. These are some of the top Instagram ad metrics you should measure.
  2. Use motion: use videos, more engagement with videos, try using gifs,
  3. Try carousels with CTAs or questions to improve engagement rates
  4. Use content types that work for you; find them out by testing

20. Growth Services

Growing your Instagram marketing results needs a lot of hard work, so try your best. At the same time, using growth services can bring amazing results for credibility.

Such services also allow you to get promotions to the perfect level. So, try to get real Instagram followers with such services. You just have to make sure that you bring more followers as they can be useful.

21. Optimizing Stories For Campaigns

Another Instagram marketing strategy  is to optimize your Stories. You can try polls and user-generated content for this feature. These tactics can help you get Instagram’s real followers with massive success.

Service-based and product-based providers can try offering a demo in your content. At the same time, you should know the influencers that would like to work for you.

Final Thoughts

We discussed some of the top Instagram marketing strategies that you should use. You read about influencer marketing, hashtags, and business account use.

At the same time, we talked about location tagging, using polls, and SMART goals.

You should also try to know the competitor’s strategy, audience, and other factors. These tactics can help you grow as a marketer for better results for your brand.

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