Where Is Prichard Colon Now Net Worth, Age, Height, Relationship Status

Pritchard Colon is an American former professional boxer who has fought 17 times, won three by knockout and suffered only one loss. His career ended in 2015 after he fell into a coma after an argument. He remained in a stable vegetative state for many years but achieved little.

His Prichardcolon Instagram account is a collection of photos from his career and life post-2015. He has 40,000 subscribers. Enter Biography section and find out more about Pritchard Colon Wiki, Biography, Age, Height, Weight, Career, Girlfriend, Net worth, Career and many more facts about him.

Real Name Prichard Colón
Age 29 years old (As of 2021)
Birthdate September 19, 1992
Ethnicity Mixed
Height 6 feet
Weight 80 Kg
Measurements 44-32-40 inches
Biceps Size 21 inches
Girlfriend Single
Wife Unmarried
Net Worth $3 million, as of 2021

Pritchard Colon Height and Weight

How tall is Pritchard Columbus? The approximate height of him is 6 feet or 183 cm and the weight of him is around 176 pounds or 80 kg. In addition, there are no other parameters of the American actor’s body, such as chest circumference, dress size, biceps, etc. Similarly, actor Long has dark brown eyes and hair of the same color.

Pritchard Colon net worth

He tried his luck at the 2012 Summer Olympics in London, but lost in the third round.

He studied business administration while studying at the University of San Juan, Puerto Rico.

His fortune is estimated at 3 million dollars.

Prichard Colon woman

He is the son of Richard Colón, a retired military man, and his wife Nieves. He was born in Florida but his family moved to Puerto Rico so he could represent the island in his wrestling career.

Besides, right now he’s single and celibate.

Pritchard Colon Wiki/Biography

The career of Pritchard Columbus

Pritchard Colon made his professional debut on February 23, 2013. His first fight was against Xavier La Salle at the Cosme Beitía Salamo Coliseum in Cataño, Puerto Rico.

Colón eliminated Lasalle in the first round. Columbus had a busy schedule. He fought five times in 2013 and seven times in 2014.

His most famous fight came on September 9, 2015, when he was fighting Vivian Harris, a more experienced fighter. The fight took place at Toronto’s Ricoh Coliseum and ended with Colon Harris knocking out in the fourth round.

Pritchard Columbus now

A TikTok video reignited interest in the former boxer. Now people want to know how Pritchard is doing and if he can ever get better.

A TikTok clip posted by user N1kemo123 was released in June 2021 and had over 800,000 likes at the time. “Hope Pritchard gets better one day,” the user wrote, along with before and after clips of the boxer’s condition.

How are your conditions now? Will Pritchard’s colon be able to fully recover from this day? A 28-year-old man continues to receive occupational therapy at Brooks Rehabilitation in Orange Park, Florida.

A tumor around his brain required a left hemisphere craniotomy, removing part of his skull to allow the brain to expand and heal.

Her mother, Nieves, now takes care of her constantly. After a visit to a neurologist in September 2017, she was told that her son was not expected to improve, other than unconscious wakefulness (UWS), formerly known as a vegetative state.

Facts about Pritchard Colon

Pritchard Colon began physical therapy in 2018.

In early 2019, he was able to do some shoulder work, ankle grab and drop, and follow commands.

His hands improved and he was able to stand with help for a month.

Since then, Pritchard has walked the football field with the help of therapists and a few props.

You can also balance sitting unsupported for more than five minutes.

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  1. The American athlete Prichard Colón is well-known. Prichard Colón, a boxer, and honorary World Boxing Council World Champion won gold in the 64 kg category in the 2010 Pan-American Youth Championship. At the Eagle Bank Arena in 2015, Prichard Colón fought Terrel Williams.

    Colón was defeated in a battle in which Williams unlawfully struck him in the back of the head with repeated blows. Colón puked and fell in his dressing room after the fight, and was taken to the hospital. The boxer went into a coma for 221 days after being diagnosed with a brain hemorrhage. Colón’s boxing career was cut short after this match. Prichard Colón is the name of a man who lives in the United States.

    Bio, wiki, age, parents, ethnicity, height, girlfriend, boxing, country, and net worth of Prichard Colón:

    Biographical information on Prichard Colón, including his age, parents, ethnicity, height, girlfriend, boxing, nationality, and net worth. Prichard Colón is a retired American professional boxer who competed in 17 fights, winning three by knockout and losing only one. In 2015, after collapsing during a fight, his career was cut short. He’s been in a persistent vegetative state for years, but he’s progressed. September 19, 1992, is the date of my birthday. Prichard Colón was born in Maitland, Florida, United States, on September 19, 1992.


    In 2022, where is Prichard Colon? After a 2015 fight with Terrel Williams, the young boxer was left in a vegetative state and underwent surgery last year, sparking curiosity about his condition.

    Prichard Colon Melendez is a former professional boxer from the United States who won gold in the Pan-American Youth Championships in 2010. In the sport, he was seen as having a promising future. The 28-year-old was born in the Florida town of Maitland. Nieves and Richard Colon, a retired serviceman, are his parents. His family moved to Puerto Rico when he was ten years old so that Prichard could compete in boxing events for the island.

  2. Prichard Colón is a well-known American boxer who is currently out of commission after receiving serious and lifelong injuries from bunny punches during a fight with Terrell Williams. After what appears to be his final bout, Prichard Colón was named WBC World Champion and gold medalist in the 64 kg category at the 2010 Pan-American Youth Championships. In 2015, Prichard Colón lost his first professional fight, resulting in injuries that put him in a vegetative state and caused irreversible brain damage.

    Prichard Colon’s whereabouts in 2021 are unknown. Is There Any Hope for the Former Boxer?

    Prichard Colon, an up-and-coming professional ex-boxer, had his life changed in 2015 after a single battle. People in the boxing community recall how the younger boxer was left paralyzed after suffering a brain injury. Let us now go through his sad occurrence in further detail.


    Prichard Colon was an American professional boxer until an unfortunate incident sent his career spiraling downward. He has been battling for his life in the hospital since then. Prichard Colón Meléndez is his given name. Colon started his professional boxing career in 2013 after being born on September 19, 1992. The ex-boxer is 29 years old at the time of this writing. Despite winning successive fights, he was unable to stay in the ring for a long time.

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