Tom Girardi Net Worth, Age, Height, Relationship Status

                                                    Thomas Giradi, better known as Tom Giradi, is a former United States prosecutor. He is the founder of the Los Angeles law firm Girardi & Keese. Tom is also known as the ex-husband of Real Housewives actress Erica Jane. As of 2021, Tom Giradi's net worth is estimated to be around $100,000.

Tom and his ex-wife Erica’s legal troubles were recently at the center of the ABC News Originals documentary The Housewife and the Cheater. Tom is accused of being involved in stealing millions from widows and orphans from the victims of a plane crash.

Full Name Thomas Giradi
Birth Date June 3, 1939
Birth Place Denver, Colorado, U. S.
Profession Former attorney
Ex-wife Erika Jayne
Net Worth $100 thousand

Early life

Thomas Girardi was born on June 3, 1939 in Denver, Colorado, United States. He graduated from Loyola High School in 1957. Four years later, he earned a bachelor’s degree from Loyola Marymount University. In 1964 he earned a JD from Loyola Law School and an LL.M. M. from New York University in 1965

Tom Girardi Net Worth and Career

Girardi has quickly established himself as a very successful consumer advocate in California. In fact, he was the first attorney to win more than $1 million in damages for his medical malpractice case. He has worked on high-profile cases against companies such as Lockheed Corp, Pacific Gas & Electric Co., and the Los Angeles County Transportation Authority. Tom then worked at all 7 major Hollywood movie studios.

Tom’s most famous case was against Pacific Gas & Electric, where the company agreed to pay around $460 million to 650 residents of the desert town of Hinckley. Subsequently, this incident served as the inspiration for the film “Erin Brockovich”, released in 2000. Tom also worked as a consultant for the film. In 2003 he was honored by the California State Bar, where he was inducted into the Trial Lawyers Hall of Fame.

Tom also served as President of the prestigious International Academy of Trial Lawyers, considered a worldwide organization by invitation with no more than 500 trial lawyers. In fact, he was the first attorney to be called “California Judicial Service.”

Girardi gained further recognition after his stint in Democratic Party politics, where he donated millions of dollars to various campaigns. He also played a major role in fundraising and advising governors on judicial appointments. In December 2020, a federal judge in Chicago froze his assets after he was accused of using at least $2 million of client funds. He stole funds from the families of people who died in a plane crash in Indonesia.

He was due to attend the first insolvency hearing in January 2021, but no one from his law firm showed up for the hearing. In March 2021, he was allegedly involved in numerous financial crimes, including charges of stealing from two dozen women who were paid $17 million for claiming HRT had caused cancer. His license was revoked by the State Bar of California on March 9, 2021.

Personal life of Tom Girardi

Tom Girardi has been married three times in his life. He first married Karen Weitzul in August 1964, from whom he separated in 1983. He later married Kathy Risner in September 1993. They reportedly separated in the 1990s. Tom shared their wedding vows in January 2000. Erica is known for her appearance on the reality show The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Tom also appeared with her on a reality show.

Erica announced that she broke up with Tom in November 2020. They were sued a month later for using their divorce to steal money for the families of the victims who died in the 2018 Boeing crash. It was recently revealed that ABC News Originals was airing the documentary. The Housewife and the Fraudster: The Biggest Moments, which chronicles Tom and Erica’s legal troubles.

Tom Girardi Net Worth

In 2015, Tom Girardi was worth around $264 million. He reportedly owned two private planes, $3 million worth of antiques, and $9 million worth of jewelry. Tom and his wife Erica also owned a $10 million Pasadena estate that was listed for sale in May 2021 for $13 million.