How Much Money Does 100 Million Spotify Streams Get You?

How much money do 100 million streams get you? YouTube, Apple Music, and Spotify are the most often desired music streaming services. There are various factors that may impact artist Spotify payments for example the geographic location of your audience. Below are the minimum earnings per Spotify stream, apple music, and youtube. Spotify –  $0.0026 … Read more

The 5 Odd Classical Musical Instruments Ever

The world of classical music is full of unique and fascinating instruments. A wide variety of instruments are used to create melodious art. Most people are familiar with the more standard classical musical instruments, such as the piano, violin, and cello. But several strange and unique instruments are not as well-known. This article explores five … Read more

Erica Banks – Young Rapper From Texas, USA

Erica Banks is a popular name in the music world. She is a rapper best known for her hit song called “Buss It”. Erica is currently signed to Warner Records. Following the release of her first three mixtapes, she signed to 1501 Certified Entertainment, who released her self-titled mixtape in June 2020. How old is … Read more