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The Royal Secret Agent is a South Korean historical crime comedy series. It aired every Monday and Tuesday at 9:30 p.m. m. (KST) on KBS2 from December 21, 2020 to February 9, 2021.

Profile of the real secret agent

Drama: Royal Secret Agent / Royal Secret Inspector: Joseon Secret Investigation Team (literal title)

Revised romanization: Amhaengeosa: Joseonbimilsoosadan

Hangul: 암행어사: 조선비밀수사단

Director: Kim Jungmin

Screenplay: Park Sung Hoon, Kang Min Sung

Network: KBS2

Episodes: 16

Release date: December 21, 2020 – February 9, 2021

Duration: Monday and Tuesday 9:30 p.m.

Language: Korean

Country: South Korea

Investigated the real secret agent conspiracy.

Song I-gyeom (Kim Myung-soo) was a brilliant student who won first place in the state exam at the end of the Joseon Dynasty and now works as an employee of the Hongmungwang (Research and Administrative Department). Song Igyeom considers himself to be a weak and boring person. He has no purpose or purpose in life. One day, they surprise Song I-gyeom performing. As punishment, he was assigned the role of secret royal inspector. His job is to fight against the illegal activities and corruption of government officials along with Hong Da In (Kwon Na Ra) and Park Chun Sam (Lee Yi Kyung). Hong Dain is an inspector who works with Song Igyeom to solve cases. Pak Chun Sam is Song Yi Gyam’s chatty, caring, and weepy slave.

In the south, Song Yong Bum (Lee Tae Hwan) is Song Yong Gyum’s younger half brother. His father was a marquis and his mother a slave. His father refused to accept him as a true son due to his mother’s low social status and therefore he was denied some opportunities. He confronts his older half-brother, Seong Igyeom.

The film crew and cast of The Royal Secret Agent

Kim Myung-Soo

Kwon Na-Ra

Lee Yi-Kyung

Hwang Dong-Joo

Ahn Nae-Sang

Son Byung-Ho

Chae Dong-Hyun

Yum Dong-Hun

Shin Ji-Hoon

Lim Jung-Min


Park Joo-Hyung

Lee Kun-Goo

An Se-Ha

Song Kyung-Hwa

Shin Hee-Gook

Yoo Yong

Cha Da-Young

Hong Dae-Sung

Lee Tae-Hwan

Jo Soo-Min


Seo Sang-Won

Lee Young

Kim Seung-Su

Choi Jong-Won

Han Jae-Suk

Lee Seung-Won

Kim Ju-Young

Kim Seo-Jung

Shin Ji-Woo

Park Da-An

Kim Ji-Hwan

Kim Hyun-Chang

Kim Kye-Hyung

Kim Ye-Sung

Jeon Young

Yoon Jong-Goo

Ri Min

Park Sin-Un

Jin Si-Won

Jang Ju-Yeon

Lee Kwan-Hoon

Kim Min-Joong

Park Jun-Mok

Sin Sin-Beom

Jung Ki-Sun

Song Woo Jae Duk

Yang Hyun-Min

Jo In-Pyo

Yoo Jang-Young

Kim Jin-Ok

Jeon Min-Hyub

Oh Jin-Seok

Hong Ru-Hyun

Song Yo-Seb

Jang Ha-Eun

Park Si-Hyun

Lee Ji-Hae

Park Kwang-Jae

Shin Jun-Chul

Kwon Ban-Suk

Han Dong-Kyu

Hwang Ji-Yeon

Seo Byung-Chul

Kim Yoon-Bae

Ko Kyung-Man

Kang Yoon

Cho Deok-Hoe

Choi Young-Woo


Jung Doo-Kyum

Jun Joon-Woo

Park Choong-Hwan

Go Yoo-An

Kim Myung-Soo

Yoon Ki-Won

Jung Jong-Woo

Park Young-Soo

Kim Sang-Wook

Jang Won-Young