Omi In A Hellcat Net Worth, Age, Height, Relationship Status

                                                    Bill Omar Carrasquillo, better known as IMO In a Hellcat, is an American car star and YouTube music artist. He is best known for creating automotive content on his IMO In A Hellcat YouTube channel. As of 2021, OMI In a Hellcat's net worth is estimated to be around $50 million.
Full Name Bill Omar Carrasquillo
Birth Date August 6, 1986
Birth Place United States
Profession YouTube Star, Music Artist
Relationship Status N/A
Net Worth $50 million
Height 5 feet 6 inches or 168 cm tall

Early life

IMO In A Hellcat Bill Omar Carrasquillo was born on August 6, 1986 in the United States. He was born to Julio Carrasquillo, a Philadelphia real estate agent. His mother couldn’t take care of him because he was a drug addict. He was raised by his father and his stepmother.

IMO on the status and career of Hellcat


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Omi worked as a pizza delivery boy for 5 years before moving on to other businesses. He also resold various games and started a hosting company that hosted popular games like Minecraft and Grand Theft Auto 5. He later became an app developer. In fact, he has developed several successful apps and even made a significant amount of money selling apps.

OMI also dabbled in IPTV, where he founded the IPTV Gear TV Reloaded app. However, IPTV was later removed after the FBI ransacked his house. However, before the closure of IPTV, he was able to amass a huge fortune. He used the amount received from IPTV for other business matters, such as real estate, construction and night clubs. He actually owns 2 nightclubs “Philadelphia 21” and “Unicas”.

OMI became popular after he began posting car articles on his self-titled YouTube channel, OMI In A Hellcat. On February 5, 2016, he created his YouTube channel and started making videos about his daily life. He recently shot a video titled “Durango Hellcat 2021 Delivery Receipt (Tracktion response)” which premiered on June 3, 2021. Some of his most popular songs include “Waste My Time”, “Know The Feeling”, “Remind” and ” Recognition”.

IMO on Hellcat’s personal life

OMI In A Hellcat he is dating a woman named MiMi. She is often seen in OMI’s music videos. OMI also shared a photo of her on Instagram. On May 5, 2021, he shared a photo with Mimì with the caption “With your loved one.” OMI also has two sons, Omir and Nomar, from his previous relationship. However, we have yet to learn more about his past love.

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I believe Hellcat’s net worth will be around $50 million in 2021. He earns around $500 a day from his YouTube channel which gives him an annual income of $180,000. OMI also excels in other areas of its business, such as real estate, construction, catering, and nightclubs. According to sources, he owns more than 300 properties in Philadelphia.