Peter Marco Net Worth, Age, Height, Relationship Status

                                                    Peter Marco is a famous American jewelry designer. He is the owner of Peter Marco Extraordinary Jewels in Beverly Hills. His store is the best place with a huge collection of diamond jewelry, colored diamonds and stones. Many famous people have chosen his boutique for their special occasions. As of 2021, Peter Marko's net worth is estimated to be around $200 million.
Full Name Peter Marco
Birth Date 1962
Birth Place United States
Profession Jewelry Designer
Wife Esmerel Voutsas
Net Worth $200 million

Early life

Peter Marko was born in 1962 in the United States of America. Not much is known about his parents and academic details about him. However, we learned that he graduated from school with an evening department. During the day he was hired as an apprentice in a jewelry factory.

Net worth and career of Peter Marco


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Peter started working at the age of 14, where he landed his first job as a janitor in New York jewelry offices and workshops. While working there, he became fascinated by the exquisite diamonds and precious stones. He worked hard, which earned him a promotion to janitor. There he had the opportunity to see jewelers cultivate new creations.

In just 9 months he became a jeweler. Peter began making custom jewelry, polishing and setting diamonds. He worked for a jewelry manufacturer for 3 years, after which he was promoted to the production department. During his work in production, he became familiar with diamonds and colored stones. After graduating, he received a merchant’s degree.

As a salesman, Peter shipped all parts of the finished product across the country, where he sold jewelry to many manufacturers. He worked as a salesman for four years. This gave him extensive knowledge of the jewelry industry and its market. He has also sold jewelry outside of the United States to Asia, Canada, Europe, the Caribbean, and the Cayman Islands.

After many years of professional experience, he moved to Los Angeles. In 2008 he opened a boutique there called Peter Marco Extraordinary Jewels in Beverly Hills. Peter’s diamond is famous in the world of stars.

Many singers and actors have purchased their diamond sets and gifted them to their loved ones. The famous singer Max Erich invited his beloved Demi Lovato to give him an amazing Peter Marco diamond ring in July 2020.

Personal life of Peter Markos

Peter Marko is married to a woman named Esmerel Voutsas. He has two children with his wife Esmerel. Peter is currently looking to start a beautiful family in Los Angeles.

A few years ago, Peter sued two rappers, Migos and Rich Kid. In 2017, he sued Rich the Kid for failing to pay a $235,000 debt on expensive items he bought, including necklaces, crosses, and watches. He filed a lawsuit against the rapper in May 2020. He also sued the Migos rapper in December 2019 for not paying the remaining $47,000 of the amount he bought in October 2018.

Peter Marko net worth

Peter Marco has made a lot of money from his jewelry business. As of 2021, Peter’s personal fortune is estimated to be around $200 million. With this huge fortune, he became one of the richest jewelry designers in the world.