Keemokazi Net Worth, Age, Height, Relationship Status

Karim Khesri, better known by his online name Kimokazi, is an American rapper and social media personality. He is best known for his TikTok fan base, which has reached over 20 million subscribers thanks to the various jokes and funny skits he uses in his videos. Khesri has also released several singles such as Philosophy, Feel and Foreign. As of 2021, Kimokazi’s net worth is estimated to be around $800,000.

Real Name Kareem Hesri
Birth Date November 29, 2002
Birth Place  California, USA
Profession Rapper and Social Media Personality
Relationship Status Single (probably)
Net Worth $800,000

Early Life

Karim Khesri is of Arab origin but grew up primarily in the United States. Because of this, he mentioned in his videos that he doesn’t speak Arabic very well.

He graduated from high school, but has yet to mention his plans to go to college. When asked where he is currently studying, Khesri replied that he is studying pranks at TikTok University, revealing that he is currently only focusing on building his audience on various platforms and social media for his rapping career. .

Kimokazi net worth and career


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Few people know this, but he was in two episodes of a TV show called “The Last Ship” before he started making music. Khesri says he made it clear that he wanted to pursue music and was entirely focused on how best to be successful in the US music industry. He started making videos for TikTok in 2019 and was initially able to garner around 11,000 followers. . However, he later decided to focus on his music career.

Although music is her area of ​​interest, Hesri has seen many people go viral for making goofy videos. Khesri thought that she could make even better videos using TikTok to get more followers. She initially experimented with different content, but one of her jokes went viral. From that moment on, she thought that she should concentrate on making more pranks like this.

This plan has worked very well for Khesri as he now has over 20.7 million followers on TikTok which he has built up in less than 2 years which is quite impressive. Khesri initially started distributing his music through SoundCloud, but now that he has a growing following, he is making music videos and partnering with Spotify and Apple Music.

In one of the videos with one of her sisters, Hesri has more than 16 million views. In another viral video of hers, she pranks her mom for getting drunk in front of her, possibly reaching over 8 million views.

In general, his videos are very funny and usually involve someone from his family. They have become their characters in her videos: her mother is quite strict with her son’s inappropriate actions, and her father is more relaxed.

On the other hand, Khesri mainly plays pranks on her sisters. In addition to her TikTok account, she has a YouTube channel with more than 545,000 subscribers and her Instagram account has more than 3 million subscribers.

Personal Life

Khesri’s mother, Nina Hazem, frequently appears in his videos and has become a social media personality thanks to the popularity of his videos. Khesri also has five sisters named Sophie, Sarah, Seren, Sabi, and Seema.

Kimokazi Equity

As of 2021, Kimokazi’s net worth is estimated at $850,000. The main source of income is various social media platforms. According to Social Blade, Kimokazi earns around $87,000 annually from his YouTube channel alone. Plus, you also deserve sponsored posts and recommendations from multiple brands or products.

Kimokazi or Kareem Khesri is an American actor, rapper, and social media star. He became famous by uploading his comedy videos on TikTok. He is also a talented actor and musician and has composed and produced several melodic songs available on iTunes, Spotify and SoundCloud.

She has also created her own Instagram, YouTube, Twitter and Facebook account where she uploads her fashion outfits, modeling shoots, daily life photos and videos to connect with her fans and has a large following on various social media. She also has an instant ID called wazgoodkareem.

Kimokazi Wiki/Biography

Kimokazi was born on November 29, 2002 and will be around 19 years old in 2021. He grew up in a prosperous, caring and loving family in California, USA. He is known as an American and professes the Muslim religion.

He received his early education at a local private school in his town and also attended the local high school. There is no information about her further training. He has been a music lover since childhood and wanted to join the entertainment industry. The support and care of his parents helped him achieve his dream.

family, girlfriend and relationship

Kimokazi’s father’s name is Mr. Hesri, he is a businessman and his mother’s name is Mrs. Nina Hazem, who is also a social media influencer and has her own Instagram account on ninahazem.

Kimokazi’s father Kimokazi’s mother

He has five sisters named Sophie Khesri, Seren Khesri, Sabi Khesri, Sara Khesri, and Seema Khesri.

Keemokazi Family

Marital status Kimokazi is single. Recently, she has not been engaged and she has not dated anyone. There is no record of any previous relationship.

Physical Appearance

Kimokazi is a handsome and intelligent boy with a charming and fiery personality. He possesses a strong and handsome physique with an impressive build and a muscular and athletic build.

He is around 5 feet 8 inches tall and weighs around 65kg. She has short straight brown hair and beautiful mesmerizing blue eyes.