How To Contact Someone Privately on Poshmark?

How to contact someone privately on Poshmark? It is not possible due to no private messaging system. It is a social network for transacting goods which is why they make messages appear public.

But you can contact somewhat privately by creating a “Bundle”. The only seller can see these comments. Here you can tag the seller in Bundle’s comment section and start a conversation.

How to contact someone privately on Poshmark?

Do you want to know how to contact someone privately on Poshmark? So, its answer is sadly you cannot contact someone privately on Poshmark. They claim to be a social platform, but they do not provide any private messaging system. Instead, they make their platform appear social by making comments appear public. You can only send public and semi-private messages. 

Some people think it is good because of their bad experience with aggressive sellers. If there is high demand for private messaging systems then Poshmark may introduce this feature in the future.

Most people want to carry out transactions only using Poshmark. It is because of the risks involved in contacting them privately.

Contact seller privately using his personal information

You can approach the seller by using his personal information which includes his email, contact information (like mobile number or address, etc) then you should follow these steps.

  • Open the seller’s listing where ‘Listing Detail’ would be written.
  • Below the Listing Detail, you will find the seller’s username, click it which opens the seller’s page, check the top of the page where there is a page banner. 
  • Along with the picture at the left on the banner, it is written ‘About’, click it which will show you seller details.

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Not every posher (seller) provides his personal information due to security reasons.

Contact seller privately using his links

You can add links to your profile that can be used to communicate on other platforms.

Examples of links include 

  • Your Blog link
  • Social media accounts links
  • Seller supply websites
  • Websites of private boutique 
  • Other platform closet links

You also check the posher’s usernames, often but not always, written on the cover picture of the ‘Meet the Posher’ page.

Should I email someone from Poshmark?

No, you should not email any buyer or seller. Normally, they are scammers, cheaters, and fraudsters who ask you to email them and make a transaction outside of the website.

Why do Poshmark comments appear public?

  • Their policy is to not offer private communication but rather public communication and transaction. It is for the sake of making things open and clear for both transacting parties, thus minimizing scams.
  • Any rude and inappropriate comments can be flagged by viewers. It results in permanently closing the account of such a person by Poshmark. 
  • Approaching someone privately may put you into a scam. 

Asking you to approach them using their email

Some people may ask you to speak to them on their provided email as they liked your listing. They actually want to take you off the platform in the name of transaction goods. So, it makes it easy for them to steal your items and/or money.

Talk to them out of the platform

You can talk to them out of the platform, depending on your choice. But it is recommended not to speak to anyone by email or outside of the Poshmark platform.

As messages are public that is why they are easy to monitor. They use programs that scan inappropriate comments and also items.


How to contact someone privately on Poshmark? There is no system for sending a personal message. 

You can only communicate personally, if the seller has given his links and social accounts usernames or personal information. 

Private messaging is not available for the sake of protection of both trading parties.

What is Poshmark?

Poshmark/posh/PM is a popular e-commerce platform and Poshmark app (for iPhone, IPad, and Android users). It allows users to sell and purchase new and used fashion and style goods and accessories.

Some of them are worn by your favorite personalities whom you admire and follow their style. They provide social networking features so users can follow, like, share, and comment on other people’s listings or catalogs.

How To Contact Someone Privately on Poshmark?
How To Contact Someone Privately on Poshmark?

Is Poshmark legit? 

Yes, it is a legit company and safe to use. 

Poshmark comments

Once you write a comment or even write a reply, it can never be deleted until a listing is deleted. So, stay cautious while commenting, as improper talk in messages may result in the cancellation of your account.

You have the option of editing and at times reporting rude comments.

Remember, the vendor who is selling an item will never tell the price in the comment section.

How to contact Poshmark?

If you are wondering how to approach the Poshmark team rather than how to contact someone privately on Poshmark then here you will find its answer.

Their team is very responsive to your queries. There is no customer service number to reach them but you can use their email and mailing address.

Poshmark Emails

Following are the email addresses to contact them. 

  •           Just need to chat with them, then say hello at 

                    [email protected]

  • If you need to notify them about any picture theft or any other copyright issue then use this email [email protected]
  • If you are from law enforcement, then email [email protected]

Mail Poshmark

Need to mail them? Then their headquarter address is 

Poshmark HQ

203 Redwood Shores Pkwy, 

8th Floor, 

Redwood City, 

CA 94065.

In short

Poshmark is a leading online store. It offers users to sell new and second hand clothing, makeup and other fashion accessories online. People can like, share and comment on someone’s closet’s listings.

How to contact a Poshmark seller?

Poshmark offers two ways to contact a seller (posher). Especially, in case he did not provide his personal information or his links you can use these two options. 

  • Semi-private message
  • Public message

 Semi-private message

Such messages are semi-private as it takes time clicking through and finding someone’s bundle and normally people do not have interest in other’s bundles. 

There are two ways for making your message semi-private: either contact by using bundles or Meet the Posher.

  • Bundles

You can create bundles or go to someone’s bundles and can message them. As there are a lot of bundles, people usually do not take the time or have the interest to find and open other bundles to read comments. Unless they have some special interest in reading someone’s comments. 

People are mostly busy doing other tasks than taking time to find a bundle and then read a conversation.  

Thus, it makes the best option to contact a bit more privately.

What is a Bundle?

In bundles, you can put together several listings of the seller’s wardrobe. You can place even a single item in the bundle. They are made by buyers in hope of getting bundle offers (discount to bundle owner) from sellers. 

How does it help?

You have an option of a comments section here which can be used to communicate with sellers. You can send as many messages to sellers as you want.  

How do you create a bundle on a Poshmark?

Let us look at the steps for creating a bundle if you want to contact me by messaging using the bundle.


  • On the listing, you will find ‘Add to Bundle’, click on it.
  • Your bundle will be created. 
  • Now, just click in the comment section and type your message and click send.

Where to find your Bundle?

After creating a bundle, if you are wondering where it is on the website or app, then follow these steps.

  • Find the icon ‘Shopping bag’ or Purse icon on top the top right of the page, click it.
  • On the left-hand side, there is a ‘’Sell’’ or ‘’Shop’ icon’, click between them.

It shows you My Bundles where you have grouped others’ listings for buying or selling your own items.

Where to find someone’s Bundle?

  • On the top right of your page there are 3 horizontal dots, click them.
  • After clicking them, it shows the first option ‘’Bundles from @username’’, click.
  • It leads to another page, where ‘’View Bundle’’ is written on the right bottom side of picture, select and click it to watch any bundle of that person.
  • Meet the Posher page

Commenting on the Meet the Posher page only helps in case the seller’s closet contains many listings. That is why it makes it hard to find the listing for reading someone’s comment. 

What is Meet the Posher?

Meet the Posher is for communicating with the posher (seller). Because it helps him to connect to the community here and increase his sales. So, it is created automatically once a seller opens his account at Poshmark. 

Where to locate Meet the Posher?

Locate this page in their closet where you have your listings.

 In case you cannot find it due to so many listings then go to the seller’s home page and click ‘About’ written at the top of the page, here you will find ‘Meet the Posher’.

Some sellers delete Meet the Posher to avoid negative comments.

What is Poshmark’s Public message?

You can contact them by messaging in the comments section that is available below their listing. In this case, your comment will appear publicly. 

In the comments section, you can ask anything related to an item or tag others in the comments so they can watch that item.

You can leave your comment on the seller’s listing, a different listing other than the seller’s or on Meet the Posher.

Steps for leaving a public message 

  • Login on the Poshmark website or app
  • Search listing of that particular individual
  • Click on ‘Comment’ to leave a message on that listing.
  • When the cursor starts to blink on the ‘Comment’ section, then type here @ sign followed by a username of the person you want to contact, for example, @username. 

Now, give space and start typing your message and posting it. That person will automatically be notified about your message.

Issues that arise in Poshmark public commenting

  • Some years back, people used to ask and negotiate prices and wanted to know about transactions, design and templates.
  • Sellers were used to telling and negotiating prices with buyers in the comment section. 
  • The seller negotiates the price and sells at a lower price supposedly an item worth $30 at $20. But at times, buyers refuse to purchase. So, then the problem arises here that the lowered price of $20 used to stay in comments. It is because comments cannot be deleted. 
  • Everyone can see the lowest price which is why buyers offer only $20 for that item. Eventually, sellers have to sell their items at that lowered price. 
  • For deleting a comment a seller has to delete his listing. The problem with this method is that a seller will lose all the likes on the item.
  • Sellers may use the option of flagging a comment to remove it. It comes under harassment and fraud etc. 

Flagging a customer

Flagging your buyer is not a smart and polite move. It gives a negative impact on other potential buyers who apparently see no negativity in that comment. To protect yourself from this mess, it is better to contact using semi-private messaging.

How to contact seller on Poshmark after purchase

You can contact the seller after purchase in the following ways.

  • Leave a message in the comments on their listing by using his username. 
  • Contact by tagging the seller on the sold items list
  • Message him on the ‘’Meet the Posher’’ page in the comments section by tagging him.

In Brief

Poshmark allows only contacting the seller or anyone else by using the comments section. You can leave a comment on the listing but it appears public. You can contact by sending  semi-private messages by using bundles and Meet the Posher.

How do I send a picture to someone on Poshmark

There is no method to send a picture on Poshmark. Instead, you can apply a trick for sending a picture by making a fake listing. 

  • Follow this technique by just uploading a picture on an existing listing. 
  • In case, you cannot do this, then create a new listing and identify it as ‘Not for Sale’. Subsequently, you can add pictures here, and in the comments section tag the person whom you want to send.

Poshmark seller hasn’t shipped

In case, shipment is not received then check your order status by clicking on ‘’My Purchases’’ then ‘’Select the purchase’’.

Order status is delivered not you did not receive 

If on-site, your order is marked as delivered but you did not receive then report it as follows.

 My Purchases > Order > Problems/Order Inquiry > Order Not Delivered

How to cancel the order?

If you do not receive order in 7 days then cancel on the 8th day by clicking in the following order.

My Purchases > Relevant Order > Problems/Order Inquiry > Delayed Order

Order not shipped in 21 days

If an order is not shipped in 21 days, it gets automatically deleted. Additionally, they also refund you.

How to send a shipping reminder on Poshmark

You can leave a reminder to the seller after 5 days that he has to send a shipment. So, to send him a reminder, follow these steps.

  • Go to ‘’My Purchases’’ and find your order.
  • After you find your order, click on ‘’Problems/Order Inquiry’’
  • From there click on ‘’Delayed Order’’
  • It will show another option of ‘’Send Reminder’’, click it. 

Finally, by clicking it, the seller will automatically receive a reminder in the form of an email.

Poshmark text message

They will send you a text message and make the account verification process quicker. So, first, update its app for the latest version.


  • Go to ‘’Account Settings’’, here click on ‘’My Profile’’
  • After it opens, go to the end of the page and click ‘Account Info’
  • Click ‘’Add Phone Number’’, add your number along with the area code.
  • To enable it, here you will need to verify your account using email.
  • Go to its website, click on your profile picture at the page’s top right corner, after that select ‘’Account Settings’’, then ‘’Account Info’’. 
  • Now, just repeat 3rd step, and you are done!


Pictures can be sent to some only by making a fake or temporary listing. If you do not receive an order in 7 days then you can use the option of cancelling the order or send a reminder to the seller. They also offer a quick text verification system.


Here are a few important queries of people related to how to contact someone privately on Poshmark, so let us quickly get their answers.

1. Who pays to ship on Poshmark?

Buyer pays for shipping. Moreover, the flat rate for expedited shipping by Poshmark is $7.45 for all orders.

2. What happens if you don’t accept a Poshmark order?

Funds are automatically sent to you. It happens so if within 72 hours the buyer does not accept the order, may have forgotten to accept it or he is not signing in after purchasing the item.

3. Should I delete my sold items on Poshmark?

You cannot delete it because it holds previous transaction records. It cannot be deleted even if your order gets canceled. Moreover, users cannot repurchase the items which are sold.

4. Why can’t I delete my Poshmark account?

You cannot delete it particularly if you are left in your account with outstanding purchases or any remaining balances. Even if you have requested account deletion, the system will keep your account active due to the remaining balances. If you uninstall the Poshmark app even then your account will be officially present.

To delete your account, first, you have to clear account balances. After clearing them, your request for account deletion will be processed and accepted.


  • If you ask about how to contact someone privately on Poshmark then there is no private messaging system on Poshmark. 
  • All you can do is to utilize the comment section for contacting someone and still they can be found and seen by anyone.
  • To sum up, there are many things related to buying and selling where you need privacy to talk to someone. So, till Poshmark does not introduce a private messaging system by then we would always need solutions and tricks to talk to someone on a private level.



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4 thoughts on “How To Contact Someone Privately on Poshmark?”

  1. The most common technique to contact someone is to write a message and tag them with @username. Someone could reach me by sending a message to @sfgirl2015, which is my username. You can do this on any listing, including Meet the Posher profiles, a seller’s staff, and other listings.

    The best way to communicate is to do so within the app. Have a query about the size or fit, want to know when your order will arrive, or simply want to express gratitude to the seller or buyer? Simply leave a remark on the ad. Do you think a friend would be interested in the listing, or would you like someone else to be notified about your comment?

    How do I get in touch with a posh mark buyer?

    There isn’t a private messaging system on the posh mark right now. You can, however, make a public comment on a product listing. On their about page, some Posh mark users post their email addresses and/or social network handles. How do you approach a posh mark buyer in this situation? Here are a few of our favorite methods for communicating with one another effectively and efficiently. The best way to communicate is to do so within the app.

    On an iPhone or iPad, how do you contact a seller on the posh mark?

    Posh mark provides only public messaging on listings and semi-private messaging on bundles because it is a social network. Currently, there is no way to send private messages. If it’s something you’d want to see, you can make a posh mark suggestion.


    Katy has been selling clothes on Mercer and Posh mark for a long time, and she does the majority of her thrift shopping online through eBay, Posh mark, and Mercer. Posh mark is a secure online marketplace where you can buy gently used clothing at low costs. Posh mark is a secure online marketplace where you can buy gently used clothing at low costs. When it comes to shopping for clothes online, most of us are fairly cautious—we carefully study photographs, read the fine print, and only use “trustworthy” sites. That’s why, without firsthand experience, it might be difficult to trust companies like Posh mark. But here’s the thing: on the posh mark, you can get excellent prices without having to worry about low-quality things or putting your personal information at risk.

  2. The most common technique to contact someone is to use the @username tag and compose a message to them. Someone would contact me by saying @sfgirl2015 in the message because my username is sfgirl2015. This can be done on any listing, including Meet the Posher profiles, a seller’s staff, or any other listing.

    On Posh mark, how Do I Contact Someone Privately?

    The most crucial way to contact someone is to utilize the hashtag @username and compose a message to them. My username is sfgirl2015, so if someone wanted to contact me, they could type @sfgirl2015 in the subject line. This can be done with Meet the Posher profiles, vendor objects, or any other itemization.
    Communication within the app is unquestionably the way to go. Have a query about the size or fit, want to check on the status of your order, or simply want to express gratitude to the seller or buyer? Simply comment on the itemization. Do you think your excellent friend would appreciate the itemization or do you require someone else to know about your remark?


    App-based communication is unquestionably the way to go. Have a query about the size or fit, want to check on the status of your order, or simply want to express gratitude to the seller or buyer? Just leave a remark on the listing. Do you think a friend would be interested in the listing, or do you want someone else to be told about your comment?

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