How To Activate Walmart Gift Card?

How to activate a Walmart gift card? One can activate a Walmart gift card in three different ways, online, by phone, or via a Walmart store. You need an ID number, PIN, and an activation code for the activation of a gift card.

If you need any help with the activation, you can consult with Walmart customer services.

How To Activate Walmart Gift Card in 2022?

You can activate your Walmart gift card by following three ways:

  1. Online activation 
  2. By visiting Walmart store
  3. By using phone 

Details of all three procedures are given as;

1. Online activation process

Following steps are involved in an online activation of Walmart gift card:

  1. Launch the web browser
  2. Open the link that Walmart sent you via email.
  3. The same URL should be present on the Walmart gift card.
  4. Enter the correct URL to avoid the hacking of gift card
  5. In the next step, enter the ID number, code for activation, and PIN in some cases. All these details are present in the email sent by Walmart.
  6. After entering the code and accessing the card, now the card is active. 


For further security, you can also register your Walmart gift card. It protects you from hackers or thieves. 

2. Activation at the store

The second way to activate a Walmart gift card is the activation at the Walmart store. Whatever the store you wish, you can redeem your gift card from there. Walmart gift card serves in the same way as a credit card does to buy various things at the store. 

When you purchase a gift card, it’s up to you what amount you want to add. You have an option of the same amount as you want to load on the card. 

Once you buy the items for the amount that you have on the card, the card is activated. However, you can confirm from the cashier about the activation of the card, and then you can go for the purchase of other items. You can get a receipt of activation from the cashier at the time of purchase. 

3. Activation by Mobile Phone

If you don’t go online or at the store activation, you can activate via Phone. You can dial the toll-free number for the activation of a Walmart gift card. When Walmart sends you details via email, a number is also included in it. 

You have to follow the same protocol as in the online activation. Activation code, ID number, and PIN code are necessary even during activation by phone. 

You must know:

If the details (ID number, PIN, and activation code) are not hidden by a sticker, then the card may be already active. But not all the numbers don’t have a PIN, so if the PIN is not present on your card, it’s not a big issue.

At the time of activation, don’t forget to keep the card near you to provide the information. It will save time to search the card when you have to provide the details.


You can go for an automated voice can speak to the customer service representative for the card activation. If an automated voice or customer service representative is not available, try some other numbers.  

Must know:

You don’t need to activate your Walmart gift card if the gift card’s value is below $250. In this case, you can directly use it for shopping. But if the value of the gift card exceeds $250, Walmart sends instructions for activation, via an email. The email contains an ID number, activation code, and sometimes a PIN.

How Does Walmart gift card works?

While a Walmart gift card has a preloaded amount in it and it works like a debit card. Walmart gift card is useable anywhere at Walmart store. However, a card is used at the store from where it belongs. You cant use a Walmart gift card at any other store.  

Walmart has a facility of gift cards that it offers to customers. A customer then can load cash in the card and can buy the desired gifts for himself. The card is available in an inactive form and first, you need to activate it. 

The gift card that Walmart offers to the customers is part of several promotional policies. Walmart is one of the largest retail chain stores in the world.

Walmart offers gifts as a part of several kinds of promotional activities. You can use a Walmart gift card for less costly items or items with more than $250. The gift card policy of Walmart is short but clear. 

Walmart gift cards that are worth more than $250 need activation. Activation is necessary because if the card is not activated, others can also use it. So, for security purposes, you need to activate the gift card. 

The activation of Walmart gif card is also important for the reason that it can be redeemed at several other stores, either online or physical.

How To Activate a Walmart Gift Card?
How To Activate a Walmart Gift Card?

When you order a gift card, Walmart emails you the details about the activation of the card. For activation correctly, there must be a correct address to avoid any problem.  

How to Check a Walmart Gift Card Balance?

To check the Walmart gift card balance, you must have a 16-digit number and its PIN. you can check the balance by visiting the Manage gift cards/ check gift card balance page.

Here you will enter your details including card number, PIN and click the “get card balance”. The balance will flash on the screen. 

PIN of Walmart gift card

When you receive the card, there is a PIN present on the back of the card in the bottom right corner. The PIN is hidden under a silver scratch-off protection. If the card that you received doesn’t have a PIN, there is no need to worry.

You can still make purchases by visiting the Walmart store. When you visit the Walmart store, you can exchange it with another one with the same balance having a PIN on it.

Storing Walmart gift card in your account

As it’s not necessary to use the Walmart gift card immediately, you can store the cards in your account. Up to 5 of these cards can be stored at one time. You will need to follow the given steps for storing the card in your account:

  1. Sign in to your Walmart account.
  2. Choose “Account” and go to “manage account” and click the “Gift cards”.
  3. By clicking “add a new gift card” add the 16 digit card number, PIN and then add a name for your card.
  4. Finally, click “Save” and the card is saved in your account until u want to use it. 
  5. Next time when you will use the card, you will not need to enter the PIN.

How to purchase online by using a gift card?

As you have the facility to use the Walmart gift card for making an online purchase, here is the procedure to use it:

  1. When you want to use the gift card, go to the Walmart website and choose the items you want to buy.
  2. All the proceedings are normal until you reach the payment screen.
  3. After reaching the payment screen, you will go for the “Gift card” option.
  4. Select it and add the card details. You can also add the details that are already present in your account. 
  5. If you add the details correctly, card details will appear in the purchase summary.
  6. After checking it, you can complete the purchase. 

Important points

If the amount of purchase is less than the amount present in the card, the remaining amount will remain safe on your card. You can make future purchases by using it.

But if the money exceeds the amount present in the card, you will have to pay the extra money via another gift card or credit card. 

Where can you use your Walmart gift card?

You can use Walmart gift cards by visiting Walmart stores, for online shopping from, in Sam’s club store,, or Walmart or Sam’s gas stations. 

Is lost or stolen gift card replaceable?

There is no replacement for lost or stolen Walmart gift cards. Once you purchase a gift card, Walmart is no more responsible for any liability.

Thus, you must store the gift card in your Walmart account to avoid any kind of theft or steal. You can use the number of cards whenever you need. 

Frequently asked questions

There are several questions related to “How to activate Walmart gift card?” that need the answers. Some of them are given below:

1. Can you activate a gift card yourself?

Not all gift cards need activation. Some cards are already active when someone purchases them. But if the card is not active, you can activate it by yourself. For activation, either you receive the instructions via email or you can go to the website of the store whose card you have.

2. How do you use a Walmart gift card at self-checkout?

Walmart gift cards are useable at the self-checkout. Click “Walmart gif card” after clicking the “checkout”. Swipe the gift card in the machine and scan the bar code from the card. The system will automatically detect and accept the Walmart gift card.

3. Can I use a Walmart gift card on amazon?


You cant use a Walmart gift card on the Amazon website. Amazon has its own gift cards that have a certain amount in them. But if you don’t have an amazon gift card, you cant shop by using the Walmart gift card.

You can only redeem a Walmart gift card on a Walmart store, Sam’s club, or any other store from a Walmart family.

4. Is there a limit on Walmart gift cards?

The maximum balance in a Walmart gift card is $1000. You can save up to 5 Walmart gift cards in your account. However, policies about the maximum or minimum balance of the card are changeable and Walmart can change the upper or lower limit.


One may have a query that how to activate a Walmart gift card? Well, you can activate a Walmart gift card in three ways, either online, by using your phone, or by visiting a Walmart store. 

For activation of the card, you need an ID number, PIN, and an activation code of a gift card. If you have any problem while activation, you can seek help by consulting with Walmart customer services.

A Walmart gift card contains a preloaded amount in it and works exactly like a debit card. You can use a Walmart gift card anywhere at Walmart store, Sams club, or any other Walmart family store. 

A Walmart gift card can not be used on the Amazon website for shopping. You can store up to 5 cards at a time in your Walmart account.

The maximum amount present in a Walmart gift card is $1000. If your shopping bill exceeds the amount present on the card, you have to pay it via another credit card or gift card.

If you lose your Walmart gift card, Walmart will not be responsible for liability and there is no replacement policy. The best option is to store the Walmart gift card in your Walmart account. 

Walmart has a facility of gift cards that it offers to customers. A customer then can load cash in the card and can buy the desired gifts for himself. The card is available in an inactive form and first, you need to activate it. 

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    In 2022, how do you activate Walmart gift cards?

    As of 2022, Walmart gift card activation is based on the card’s value and category. Activation is not required for Walmart gift cards worth less than $250. Walmart’s secure Customer Account system makes it simple to locate lost gift cards and save multiple gift card information for future use.


    Because Walmart wishes to safeguard its customers, all bulk gift card orders of more than 25 cards or gift cards worth more than $250 must be activated before being used. You must obtain a password from an email sent at the time of purchase to activate your Walmart gift card. Don’t worry if you misplace the email; a brief discussion with Walmart Customer Service will get you set up!

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