Why was Rev CL Franklin shot?

Why was Rev CL Franklin shot? Franklin was shot twice at close range on Sunday, June 10, 1979, just after midnight, at his house on Detroit’s West Side, during what was thought to have been an attempted robbery. He was brought to the close-by Henry Ford Medical Center on West Grand Boulevard. His daughter was … Read more

What Were Some Disadvantages of the British in the Revolutionary War?

What were some disadvantages of the British in the revolutionary war? The British army’s primary drawback or weakness was that it was engaged in combat in a faraway country. In order to participate in the Revolutionary War, Great Britain had to ferry troops and supplies over the Atlantic, which was highly expensive. The British army … Read more

5 Simple Marketing Tips To Drive Targeted Traffic To Your Website

Online traffic is important, and it’s known that companies with blogging abilities get 55% more traffic than those who don’t. But blogging is only one aspect of marketing today that could bring more traffic to your website. There are many other ways to improve the quality of your content and generate organic traffic. Today, we’re … Read more