6 Fantastic Google Ads Tools That Are 100% Free

Are you happy with the results you get from your Google Ads campaigns? Are you getting good traffic and conversion rates? Are you using google ads tools to enhance your results?

Whether you are doing well or need a little more help, there are tons of tools readily available to make your digital marketing experience easier.

If you’ve already been using Google Ads for a while now, you will know that the program provides a plethora of free tools at your disposal.

You can measure and analyze data, get help picking the most effective keywords, and optimize where to show your ads.

Google Ads Tools for Agency & Small Businesses
Google Ads Tools for Agency & Small Businesses

You can also look for a data-driven Google Ads agency like GrowMyAds to develop and monitor your Google Ads campaigns.

By having digital marketing specialists dedicated to delivering results and returns, you can focus on what’s most important to you.

But it’s also perfectly fine if you want to try your hand at doing your own marketing in the meantime. And you’re in luck because there’s a wide selection of third-party Ads tools that can help you get started.

If you’re ready to level up your ad campaigns and Google Ads strategies without breaking the bank, check out the list below.

We’ve gathered several of the most useful tools you can use, and they’re completely free!

1. Google Ads Headline and Description Generators by StoryLab

Even if you’ve managed to identify the most effective keywords for your ad, it might still fall flat without a great headline.

If your brain needs a break and your creative juices are running low, try out this free AI-powered tool to get some ideas.

All you have to do is type in your business name and your product or service description. It will then automatically generate multiple ad headline ideas for you.

And even though it’s free, there’s no limit to how many times you can use the generator daily!

If you’re still stuck, StoryLab also offers a Google Ads description generator. You can also use its paraphrase generator to tweak existing headlines or descriptions.

That way, you won’t have to start completely from scratch, and you’ll get out of that nasty writer’s block in no time.

2. All-Around Campaign Creation Platform by Adzooma

If you don’t want to juggle a dozen tools on different websites, this might be the perfect option for you. Adzooma is a digital marketing service that equips users with all the tools they need to create, monitor, and improve their digital marketing campaigns.

You can sign up for the Adzooma Essentials plan completely for free. However, you also have the option to upgrade to the Plus plan with advanced features for a monthly or annual fee.

But if you’re on a tight budget, don’t worry; the Essentials plan can perfectly cover all your marketing needs.

Adzooma Essentials provides tracking tools not just for Google Ads but also for other major platforms, like Microsoft or Facebook.

You can also keep a close eye on your marketing budget through their Campaign Performance Reports. There are also options to automate certain tasks and optimize your ads.

3. Google Ads Performance Grader by WordStream

Sure, the Google Ads program shows you a lot of data and metrics to help you monitor your campaign’s performance. But this free tool can give you much more detailed information that Google can’t provide.

For instance, you can make use of their Performance Tracker, an automatic way of monitoring and analyzing your ad performance every 30 days.

Wasted Spend is also a unique feature that gives you insights on how much money you are likely losing because of keywords that just aren’t working.

And with so many online users using mobile phones these days, WordStream has a way of grading your Mobile Readiness Score. You can find out whether your settings and practices are optimized for mobile users.

4. Marketing Dashboard and Reporting Templates by Supermetrics

If you’re a fan of analyzing your own data and colorful reports, check out this incredible selection of free templates from Supermetrics.

There’s a Google Ad Manager reporting template to help you keep track of your least and most profitable ads. You can also input and keep track of metrics like clicks, conversions, and costs with another template.

For those using various platforms, Supermetrics has also developed a template that will allow you to compare their performance.

For those trying to cut down on their marketing budget, this can be a great way to decide which platforms to discontinue or prioritize for each campaign.

They also provide instructions on how to use each template, and you can refer to their samples when starting out.

You won’t have to suffer through making your own templates before you can even get your data in.

5. Google Ads Headline Ideas Generator by Ink

They’re fun and useful, so there is no such thing as too many generators. If you want to explore more ideas for great Google Ads, add this easy-to-use tool to your bookmarks.

Just type in your product name and some brief info about the concept, and get AI-generated ideas in seconds. And while the generator is free, you will have to sign up for an account first in order to use it.

Its developer Ink also has dozens of other AI tools that can help you with practically any writing task you may have to do for digital marketing.

Some unique ones you can also utilize for Google AdWords copies are their Call To Action Generator and Product Description Generator.

6. Keyword Research Tool by Answer the Public

This Google Ads tool with an innovative user interface offers a unique service. Instead of answering a question you might have, it provides you with questions!

But in the case of Google Ads, that is a very good thing. People frequently type in questions on Google, so this is a brilliant tool for keyword research.

Just type in one or two words, and you even have the option to filter results by country and language. Answer the Public will then give you a visual report of the typical questions people ask in relation to those keywords.

You don’t even have to make an account to use it. This creative tool is a fantastic way for digital marketing specialists to place themselves in the shoes of their target consumers.

Questions get grouped by interrogative words and even prepositions. And since their data is pulled from actual data from search engines, you can get the most organic insights from groups of real people.

Note that there is a daily limit for searches, though. But you can opt to upgrade to their Pro plan for $99 a month to get unlimited access.

Google Ads
Google Ads

Pro Tip: Look Up Detailed Tutorials on YouTube!

While it’s not exactly a dedicated Google Ads tool unlike the ones above, YouTube is a treasure trove of knowledge and strategies you can use for your campaign.

You can learn how to maximize tools on the Google platform without having to use third party tools. Both experts and novices alike abound on the platform, and you’ll likely find a video on whatever topic or issue you’re dealing with at the moment. Plus, you won’t have to spend a single penny too.

YouTube tutorials for Google AdWords can walk you through useful techniques you may not know about yet. You can also make use of the comments section to ask questions, request for specific topics, or exchange tips with the creator and other digital marketing enthusiasts.

Other Paid but Affordable Options

If you are looking for third-party Google Ads tools that can give you data on your direct competitors, the sad news is those don’t come for free.

But they would be extremely useful for any campaign and can give you valuable insights you won’t get anywhere else.

On the more positive side, Google Ads provides something quite similar through their Auction Insights tool, which is free.

But if you want more in-depth data, there are other services that offer monthly plans and subscriptions that are pretty reasonable.

You can try them out for a short period to see if they work for you. That way, you won’t have to commit to anything long-term and it won’t make much of a dent on your marketing budget.

Bottom Line

Semrush and SpyFu are some of the most popular tools for getting this kind of data. Some of the most interesting information you can get from these tools are your competitors’ keywords, how well each one performed, and how much they cost.

For such significant data, it’s understable why you can’t get them for free. Nevertheless, Semrush offers a free trial period for two of their plans.

Meanwhile, SpyFu has a 30-day money back guarantee if you want to opt out of their service, with no questions asked.