F Lee Bailey Net Worth, Age, Height, Relationship Status

                                                    Francis Lee Bailey, Jr. was an American criminal defense attorney. During his career, he represented several notable personalities, the most notable of which was the case of OJ Simpson. F. Lee Bailey's net worth before his death is estimated to be approximately $100,000.
Full Name Francis Lee Bailey Jr.
Birth Date June 10, 1933
Birth Place Waltham, Massachusetts
Profession Criminal Defense Attorney
Relationship Status Single
Net Worth $100,000

Early Life

Bailey attended Kimbal Union Academy, graduating in 1950. He then enrolled at Harvard University, but dropped out in 1952 in favor of the United States Navy. He later enlisted in the Marine Corps and became a naval aviator. In 1957 he resumed his studies, this time at Boston Law School, majoring in law. in 1960. He was an excellent student and finished his lesson with the best.

Net worth and career of F. Lee Bailey

Throughout his career, F. Lee Bailey has been involved in several cases that have made him a well-known attorney. Early in his legal career, he defended Sam Sheppard, who had already been convicted of killing his wife. After Bailey handled the case, a new trial was held, and Sheppard was eventually found not guilty. The case led to Bailey being recognized as one of the best criminal defense attorneys, and more high-profile cases soon followed.

His career culminated in being on OJ Simpson’s defense team in his case in which he was charged with murder. This lawsuit was widely publicized throughout the United States, and many people showed interest in the outcome of the case. Unfortunately, OJ Simpson was found not guilty in this case, leading to conflicting views on the outcome of the case. However, Bailey got the job done and rose to fame in the criminal defense world for conducting one of the most complex public trials in United States history.

Personal Life

Francis Lee Bailey died in Atlanta on June 3, 2021. He was 87 years old. Bailey has been married four times in his life. His first marriage was to Florence Gott, from whom he separated in 1961. His other marriages were to Froma Portley, Linda Hart and finally Patricia Shears. He also had three children from his marriages.

F. Lee Bailey Net Worth

As of 2021, F. Lee Bailey has an estimated net worth of $100,000. Although Bailey had a net worth of more than $10 million at one point in his career, given the large commissions he received, financial mismanagement led to him filing for bankruptcy in 2016, leaving him with only his 1999 Mercedes as an asset.

The Claude DuBock case is one of the main reasons for his economic problems. In compensation, he received $6 million in BioChem stock. Complications arose when it was discovered that he had not legally transferred the shares. This led to him being removed from the law in 2001 and having to pay $5 million in back taxes. He still owed the IRS $2 million.