Bambi Brooks

Bambi Brooks is a model, actress and works in the AV (audiovisual) industry. She was born in Sarasota, Florida, United States of America on 6th April 1994.  She is 27 years of age. Lets know more details about Bambi Brooks by giving further reading to the article.

Bambi Brooks

Bambi Brooks Profile

Let us check some facts related to Bambi Brook personal information.

Personal Information

Real name

Bambi Brook

Stage name

Bambi Brook

Date of Birth

6th April 1994


27 (in 2021)

Place of Birth

Sarasota, Florida, USA


Florida, USA

Star Sign







Model, Actress and works in AV Industry, Miscellaneous Crew, Animal Trainer, Animal Wrangler and Stunts

Working Country


Years Active

2016 – Present

Marital Status


Dating Partner

Not Available

Hair Color


Eye Color


Body Type



4 ft 10 inches or 1.47 m (147 cm)


43 kg (95 lbs)

Net Worth (in 2022)

$1.5 Million estimated

Personal Profile

Education, Contact and Family details

Information about Bambi Brooks education, contact details and family information (including her parents and siblings names) is not available.

Social Media

There is no information about her social media. She is a very famous star and still not much information is available about her. Instead what you can do is to use #bambibrooks to search her results on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or Youtube to get respective results about her.

Bambi Brooks Affairs

Unfortunately, there is no information available about this.

Bambi Brooks Controversies

There is no information about it which indicates she must not have been into any controversies.



Let us look at Bambi Brook’s working credits in the AV industry.


Release Year



Production Company

The Switch


Animal Trainer

2/09 – 5/09

  • Miramax Films

  • Mandate Pictures

  • Echo Films

The Pink Panther 2


Animal Wrangler

11/07 – 3/08

Robert Simonds Company

The Life Before Her Eyes


Animal Trainer

9/85 – 12/85

2929 Entertainment

    The Heat


Dog Trainer

6/10 – 9/10

Chernin Entertainment

All Good Things


Animal Trainer

2/10 – 5/10

Groundswell Productions

Sex and the City


Animal Trainer

10/07 – 1/08

Darren Star Production

Halloween 2


Animal Trainer

8/08 – 11/08

  • Dimension Films

  • Spectacle Entertainment Group

  • Trancas International Films

Work Credits

Bambi Brooks Net Worth

Bambi net worth from 2016 to 2021 is estimated in millions. Let us look at how much net worth she had these years but these values are just an approximation. Her real net worth is these years, maybe more or less than these.


Approx. Net Worth ($)


$1.5 million


$1.6 million


$1.8 million


$1.2 million


$1.7 million


$1.4 million

Search Result on Google

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Bambi is a model, actress and also works in the AV industry. In the AV industry she worked mostly as an animal trainer and stunts. She is American and also works for the American media. She is 27 years of age and unmarried.


Let us look at some questions which people ask about Bambi Brooks.

1. What are the hobbies of Bambi Brooks?

She likes internet surfing, learning new things, reading books, photography and travelling.

2. What is Bambi brooks eating habit?

Bambi is a Non-Vegetarian.

3. Who is the father of Bambi Brooks?

There is no information available about her father.

4. Who is the mother of Bambi Brooks?

Still we does not know about her mother. But we will share this information as soon we get to know about her mother.

5. Does Bambi Brooks smoke?

Yet it is not confirmed that Brooks like to smoke or not.

6. Does Bambi Brooks go to the gym?

Yes, she goes to gym. It because an actor in AV industry has to maintain her physique.

7. Does Bambi Brooks drink alcohol?

No such information regarding her drinking alcohol is available yet.



She is basically famous as an adult star. There is nothing much information available about her which shows she keeps her life very private.


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  1. Bambi Brooks is an American model and actress. Pulse Distribution, Metro, and R. Kings studios have all worked with her. Bambi Brooks became famous after her photos and videos went viral on the internet. Bambi Brooks has worked with some of the most well-known adult brands and studios.

    Bambi Brooks’ Age, Childhood, and Education

    Bambi Brooks was born in the United States on June 12, 1997, in Sarasota. She is a 25-year-old woman. Gemini is her zodiac sign. Bambi Brooks attended a local school in Sarasota, Florida, before attending and graduating from the University of Sarasota, Florida. Bambi Brooks intended to be a professional model and actress, but she ended up in the adult industry, where she gained fame in AV Movies and Shows.


    Her parents gave birth to and nurtured Bambi Brooks. Mr. Brooks is her father’s name, and Mrs. Brooks is her mother’s name. Her parents encouraged her goals and she spent her childhood days with her parents and siblings. She keeps her life secret from the press.

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