Winston Marshall Net Worth, Age, Height, Relationship Status

Winston Marshall is an English musician best known as a former member of the British rock band Mumford & Sons. He was the lead guitarist and banjoist for a rock band. As of 2021, Winston Marshall’s net worth is estimated at over $13 million.

Winston recently left the group on June 24, 2021, after receiving criticism for his tweet regarding far-right writer Andy Ngo’s book Unmasked. Winston has mentioned that he doesn’t want his band member to suffer any consequences.

Winston Marshall Net Worth: How Rich Winston Marshall Actually?

Full Name Winston Aubrey Aladar Marshall
Birth Date December 20, 1987
Net Worth $13 million
Profession Musician
Ex-wife Dianna Agron
Height 6.0 feet

Winston Marshall Age, Family & Siblings

Winston Marshall was born on December 20, 1987, in Wandsworth, London, England. Her father, Sir Paul Marshall, is an investor and co-founder of hedge fund Marshall Wace. He grew up with his sister. For his studies, he entered the independent school of St. Paul’s School.

Winston began playing the guitar at the age of 13. He also formed a cover band, ZZ Top. Later, he became interested in playing the banjo after watching the detective film “Oh, where are you, brother?”.

He became so immersed in music that he decided not to go to university and decided to pursue a career in music.

Winston Marshall Professional Career

Marshall first became a member of the rap group Captain Kick and the Cowboy Ramblers. He performed with the group on hit singles such as “Country London” and “Jesse the Gay”.

He later met Marcus Mumford who was wrestling at the time. Winston encouraged him to join his band on stage. However, they knew each other before when they played worship music at a church retreat.

This made it one of the best-selling albums of 2012 in the US. Also in 2018, the band sold over 230,000 copies of their fourth studio album, Delta. The band also won a Grammy in the Album of the Year category for their album Babel.

Winston has been on hiatus since March 2021 after he faced widespread criticism for liking right-wing writer and activist Andy Ngo’s book, Exposed: Inside Antifa’s Radical Plan to Destroy Democracy.

However, he later announced that he would be taking a break from the group to find his blind spots.

Recently, on June 23, 2021, he announced his departure from the Mumford & Sons group so that he can exercise his freedom of expression on political extremism without the participation of his group members.

Personal life of Winston Marshall

Winston Marshall was married to American actress Dianna Agron. He married Dianna on October 15, 2016, in Morocco. They kept their relationship under wraps, although they have been dating since July 2015.

After four years of a long and happy life, they separated in 2019. The couple officially separated in August 2020. They even unfollowed her on Instagram.

Winston Marshall net worth

Winston Marshall’s net worth is estimated to be £13 million in 2021. This is a significant increase from his selection as a music artist in 2014.

Winston Marshall’s personal wealth was estimated to be much more than £9 million at the time. This sum is pitiful in comparison to his father, Paul Marshall’s, net worth.

His net worth is estimated to be £630 million. Winston Marshall also purchased a Nolita Loft for $3.2 million. This loft is 2000 square feet and has three bedrooms. This property is located in the heart of New York City and costs a whopping $3.2 million.

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