Why Does Kakashi Mourn Obito?

Why is Kakashi crying for Obito?

listen loud Pause Kakashi visited him in person because he let his friend Obito die and was forced to kill his other friend Rin and his father who also died during the war. Kakashi felt responsible for the death of his former teammate Obito Uchiha before and during the 4th Shinobi World War.

Why did Obito spare Kakashi?

Obito decided not to kill Kakashi because they have always been friends. Before this, Obito knew that Rin had all three cocks inside him and he couldn’t bring himself to do it. When Kakashi killed Rin, Obito and Kakashi developed their own Mangekyou Sharingan.

Who is Kakashi crying for?

Kakashi felt responsible for the death of his former teammate Obito Uchiha before and during the 4th Shinobi World War.

Kakashi in love with Obito?

Obito was always late because he stopped to help someone, or there was always something else. After his death, Kakashi arrived too late to pay tribute and use Obitos’ apology. Kakashi is always late when he goes to the tombstone to pay respects to his fallen comrades and friends.

Who visits Kakashi in the grave?

When Kakashi Hatake came to visit Rin Nohara’s grave, he confessed on the gravestone the imminent birth of Kushina Uzumaki.

Who is the girl that Kakashi calls Senpai?

Yugao Uzuki (卯月 夕顔, Uzuki Yugao) is an Anbu from Konohagakure.

What was Naruto’s saddest death?

Personally, Kakashi’s reaction doesn’t seem to be a scream, but rather a reaction of disbelief. Unlike Guy, Kakashi is initially silent. I think because he needs a reason to deny that he is actually Obito.

Does Kakashi love Obito?

Kakashi didn’t like Rin or else he would have accepted Rin’s affections for him long ago, and the only other explanation for why Rin’s death hurt Kakashi so much is that he broke a promise he made to Obito. Kakashi knew that Obito loved Rin and all Kakashi wanted for Obito was happiness.

Why did Kakashi kill Obitos?

She was soon saved by Kakashi. … Assuming the real reason she became a jinchūriki, Rin, unable to commit suicide, asked Kakashi to kill her to protect the village, to which Kakashi refused, claiming that he swore to Obito that he would protect her. to protect her. for whoever was needed. .

Who was Kakashi in love with?

KakaSaku is the couple of Kakashi Hatake and Sakura Haruno. The meaning of the association is that Sakura will fall in love with Kakashi, or it turns out that Kakashi was in love with her from the beginning and clung to a hopeless love.

Who really loved Rin?

Naruto realized before the movie that he had always liked Hinata. Using this logic, Rin was able to tell that he loved Obito. However, the afterlife scene after Obito’s death reveals much. In my opinion, she was in love with Kakashi until his death and she believed that he really liked her. 4

Why is Kakashi so cruel to Obito?

He saw that the people considered standards as unacceptable as his father’s and even more so as standards such as mission accomplishment, regardless of what the people considered acceptable. This is one of the reasons why Kakashi hated Obito, he reminded him so much of his father and he hated to see him.

Why is Obito late?

Ever since he was raised by his great-grandmother, Obito was always late when he stopped by to help the elderly with errands and housework, which drove Kakashi crazy.

Why is Kakashi always sad?

Because her depression was mainly due to the stressful events she had to endure. If she can get over him before Team 7, he would just be a more positive person. Not that Kakashi was so expressive from the start.