Where Are MySQL Database Files Stored In Windows?

Where are MySQL database files stored on Windows? Well, The default data directory location is

C:\Program Files\MySQL\MySQL Server 8.0\data or C:\ProgramData\Mysql on Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008.

The C:\ProgramData directory is hidden by default. You must have to change your file/folder options to view the directory and its contents.

Where Are MySQL Database Files Stored In Windows?
Where Are MySQL Database Files Stored In Windows?

Where can I find the MySQL database files?

  1. Open the MySQL configuration file: lower than /etc/my.cnf.
  2. Search for the term datadir:/datadir.
  3. If it exists, it will highlight the line that says: datadir = [path]
  4. You can also search for this string manually. …
  5. If this line is missing, MySQL defaults to: /var/lib/mysql.

Where is the SQL database located?

5 answers. There are several ways to find the location of the SQL Server MDF files and associated log files.

Open Enterprise Manager, right-click on the database of interest, and select Properties. Select the “File” section and scroll down to the “Path” and “File Name” columns.

Where are the databases stored?

All information in a database is organized and structured in database tables. These tables are stored on the database server’s hard drive.

Database tables are usually divided into columns and rows, just like a normal chart table.

How to read MySQL database files?

You can import a MySQL database by following these below-mentioned steps

  1. Login to cPanel.
  2. In the DATABASE section of the cPanel home screen, click phpMyAdmin:
  3. In the left panel of the phpMyAdmin page, click on the database where you want to import the data.
  4. Click the Import tab.
  5. In the File to Import section, click Browse, and then select DB export.
  6. Click Go.