What is the opposite of obtuse?

obtuse (adjective) Intellectually boring or stupid. Antonyms: clear, sharp, on the ball, sharp, sharp, quick-witted, smart, intelligent, clear, sharp, quick.

What is the opposite of obtuse angle?

Acute angles are less than 90 degrees, obtuse angles are greater than 90 degrees, and right angles are exactly 90 degrees.

What is the best antonym for blunt?

Antonyms of dull

  • luminous.
  • smart.
  • showed.
  • fast.
  • Network.
  • smart.

What is the synonym for blunt?

SYNONYMS OF dull 1 insensitive, tactless, insensitive blind, inattentive, awkward disregard, grossly slow, obscure.

What is the opposite of acute?

acute . Antonyms: dull, dull, dull, stupid, indiscreet, heavy, chronic, listless. Synonyms: keen, penetrating, sly, sly, keen, sly, penetrating, keen, cunning, cunning, severe, scary.

Is blunt an insult?

The adjective dull is good to describe someone who is beginning to understand: Don’t be so dull: follow the program! The adjective blunt literally means round or blunt, but when used for a person it means they are not quick or alert in perception – in other words, not the sharpest tool in the world.

What are the 5 types of angles?

Types of angles Acute, Right, Obtuse, Right and Reflex…

  • Acute Angle .
  • Right angle .
  • Obtuse angle.
  • Right angle .
  • Reflection angle .

Are the highs good or bad?

When a bad situation is acute, it causes serious problems or harm: … The problem of poverty is particularly acute in rural areas.

What does designed mean?

Transitive verb 1a: to become pregnant with (young) to become pregnant with a child. b: start: bring to life a project designed by the company’s founder. 2a: Consider the idea of ​​prejudice.