What Is Another Word For Scandalous?

What’s another word for cheeky?

other words for cheeky

  • disgraceful.
  • heinous.
  • outrageous.
  • scurrilous.
  • shameful .
  • slanderous.
  • unseemly.
  • untrue.

Synonym of scandalous

WordHippo Thesaurus outrageous synonyms.

What’s another word for cheeky?

shocking disgraceful
monstrous atrocious
dreadful obscene
shameful offensive
abhorrent disgusting

What is scandalous in English?

1: slanderous, slanderous and scandalous statements. 2: Offense to decorum or morality: scandalously outrageous behavior.

What is another word for embarrassing?

SYNONYMS OF embarrassing

1 humiliating, humiliating. 2 dishonorable, shameful, disgusting, meanness, meanness.

What is rude behavior?

  1. adjective. Rude behavior or actions are considered immoral and offensive. They will be fired for criminal or scandalous conduct. Synonyms: scandalous, shameful, scandalous, offensive Other synonyms of the word scandalous.

Is rudeness a curse?

The adjective scandalous can refer to something morally unacceptable, even illegal, although it is often used simply to mean shocking.

What does calumnious mean?

defamatory definition for english learners

: contains a false written statement that makes someone think badly. For the full definition of libel, see the English Learner’s Dictionary. defamatory. Adjective. defamatory.

What does embarrassing mean?

1st: brings shame: shameful. b: cause embarrassment. 2 archaic: full of shame: shameful. More words for shameful Synonyms and antonyms Example sentences More information about shameful.

What does it mean to embarrass someone?

Shame generally means actively attributing or communicating a state of shame to another person. Behavior designed to expose or embarrass others is sometimes used to shame the other person.

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