What happens between Blanche and Stanley at the end of Scene Ten?

Stanley Blanche feeds his tongue between his teeth like a snake. He corners her in the bedroom, refusing to get out of her way, then “jumps” at her and calls her a “tiger” as he captures her. Blanche’s quiet resignation as Stanley carries her to bed shows the utter defeat of her will.

What’s going on between Blanche and Stanley?

Stanley follows her and openly admits that he wants to disturb her. Blanche smashes a bottle and threatens to throw the broken glass in her face. It only seems to amuse Stanley and upset him even more. He grabs her hand, turns it behind him, then picks her up and carries her to the bed.

Are Blanche and Stanley having an affair?

Blanche resists, but Stanley uses his physical strength to defeat her and carries her to bed. The pulsating music suggests that Stanley is raping Blanche.

How does scene 10 begin? What is Blanche’s condition? What is Stanley’s condition?

How is Stanley’s condition? Scene 10 begins a few hours after Blanche and Mitch argue. Blanche hallucinates and wears a tiara and is dressed in an old white satin dress while conversing with imaginary suitors. The Blanches and the Stanleys are both drunk.

What does Blanche’s reaction to Stanley’s accusation reveal about her character?

As she pounces on the young paperboy, Blanche reveals her hypocrisy – she’s lascivious beneath her posh, morally upright facade. Blanche condemns Stanley and Stella’s purely sexual relationship, but we see that her urges are just as strong as Stella’s, but much less appropriate.

What happened between Stanley and Blanche?

Enraged, Stanley overpowers and rapes her. This final assault on her dignity brings Blanche to the brink of a nervous breakdown. A few weeks later, at Stanley’s urging, Stella has Blanche committed to a mental institution.

How does Blanche react to Stanley?

How does Blanche react when Stanley accuses her of being a prostitute? She is upset and says he must be mistaking her for another part.

Why do Stanley and Blanche hate each other?

Stanley’s intense hatred of Blanche is fueled in part by the aristocratic past that Blanche represents. … He also (correctly) considers her untrustworthy and resents the way she tries to trick him and his friends into thinking she’s better than them.

What is Stanley and Blanche’s relationship like?

The antagonistic relationship between Blanche and Stanley is a struggle between appearance and reality. It drives the plot of the plays forward and creates an overall tension. In the end, Blanches tries to remake her own existence and Stella’s – to rejuvenate her life and save Stella from a life with Stanley – fails.

Is Stanley attracted to Blanche?

And Blanche’s attraction to Stanley is evident from the start. …Blanche is not a distinguished and sophisticated lady, as she would like everyone to believe, and Stanley sees this delicate balance.

Is Blanche Stanley sleeping?

He picks her up and carries her to the bed. The stirring music suggests that Stanley is raping Blanche.

What is the Blanches condition? What is Stanley’s condition?

How is Stanley’s condition? Blanche and Stanley are both drunk.

What is Blanche wearing at the beginning of Scene 10*?

Summary and Analysis Scene 10. Later that evening, Blanche wears an old faded dress and wears a rhinestone tiara on her head.

What happens at the end of scene 10 in A Streetcar Named Desire?

Jungle voices swell as Stanley slowly walks towards Blanche, ignoring her screams to keep away. She grabs a bottle, slams the end on the table, and threatens to smash the remaining fragment in Stanley’s face. He jumps on her, grabs her arm as she approaches him, and forces her to drop the bottle.

What does Blanche’s behavior at the beginning of Scene 10 reveal about her emotional state?

Blanche’s unusual behavior early in the tenth scene suggests that she is distraught after realizing that Mitch doesn’t want to have a respectful relationship with her. At the beginning of the scene, Blanche sits alone and “has been drinking fairly regularly since Mitch left” (p. 151).

What lies about Blanche Stanley is he revealing in this scene?

Stanley forces Stella to stop working and listen to him. He found out something about Blanche. As Blanche sings “Its Only a Paper Moon,” Stanley reveals that Blanche has a notorious reputation in Laurel. She was so wild that the Flamingo Hotel asked her to move out.

How does Blanche react to this situation?

How does Blanche react to this situation? … Blanche tricked Mitch by lying about her age and not allowing him to see her in the light.

How does Blanche react to information from Stanley?

Blanche takes a box full of papers from her suitcase and hands them to Stanley. Stanley grabs extra papers from his suitcase and begins to read them. Blanche is horrified and retrieves this second set of papers, which are old letters and love poems she rescued from her husband.

What is Stanley Blanche accusing?

Turns out Stanley saw Mitch after meeting Blanche, so Stanley knows Mitch is still disgusted with her. All Blanche can say in response is “Oh!” Stanley ends his accusation of Blanche with a dismissive laugh and crosses the bedroom to the bathroom.