What Does Skillet Band Name Mean?

What does the name of the furnace group mean?

Based on the different styles of rock music, they decided to call the experiment Skillet. … Since every band had a different sound and style, a side project was like putting all those styles into one big saucer to create something unique. Hence the name of the group Skillet.

How did you get the name Skillet?

The pastor of the Covenant Community Church in Memphis, where the group formed as a side project of a cult group, gave them their name because he thought they were like a southern kitchen where you just throw a few different things into one battery. big pot and see how it looks.

What are bread fans called?

Fans got creative by bringing stoves to concerts and holding them above their heads while the band played. It was then that the term “panhead” was coined. “They’re huge Skillet fans,” says lead singer John Cooper, offering a definition.

Are all the Skillets songs about God?

All the members of the group are also Christians and they never hide it. I must add that there are also songs that sound like love songs. Maybe, but that doesn’t mean they’re not a Christian band at all. So yeah, it’s definitely a Christian band!

Are the pack members married?

The family runs nearly every aspect of the Christian rock band Skillet. The band’s singer/bassist John Cooper and guitarist/keyboardist Corey Cooper are married. The Coopers go on tour with their two children.

Scold with a frying pan?

What will Skillet be like? They always apologize for cursing around us. We don’t deal with these things, whether it’s language, alcohol, or whatever else happens at rock concerts. We do not do these things, but we allow them to be and do not condemn them.

Are the Skillets a religious gang?

But Skillet isn’t exactly a hard rock band. It’s also a Christian group: John grew up in a devout family in Memphis and Corey’s parents were co-founders of the Living Light Christian Church in Kenosha. … Whether you are spiritual, atheist or anti-God, there is a supernatural quality to music, said John Cooper.

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