What Does Laconic Mean In English?

what does concise mean in english

: use or suggest the use of a minimum number of words: concise to the point of appearing rude or cryptic. 3 days ago

What exactly does concise mean?

: use or suggest the use of a minimum number of words: concise to the point of appearing rude or cryptic. 3 days ago

Laconic is a negative word?

Concise means concise but with intensity. … Consequently, scarcity has a more negative connotation. The short is more positive.

How do you use brevity in a sentence?

short sentence example

  1. He raised his eyebrows with a laconic smile. …
  2. He so little understood the seriousness of the situation that if a concise message is missing! …
  3. Cato tries to express himself in a clumsy, laconic letter, apologizing for its length.

Synonym of concise

Some common synonyms for concise are concise, concise, concise, concise, incomplete, and concise. While all of these words mean a very short statement or sentence, succinctness implies such brevity that it seems rude, indifferent, or mysterious.

What is the most probable value of the deficit?

Concise is an adjective that describes a style of speaking or writing that uses only a few words, often to express complex thoughts and ideas. … The word comes from Laconia, an area of ​​ancient Greece, where the local Spartan rulers gave very short speeches.

What is a person who doesn’t talk much called?

Answer: Yes. The word is “concise”. So a person who speaks little or is “laconic” can also be defined as a “man of few words”. Instead of “laconic”, you can also use “strict”, “reserved”, “quiet”, “dark”, “detached”, “cold”, “detached” or “mysterious”.

What does irritability mean?

  • Characterized by his short temper and easily provoked. Other words bad humor Synonyms bad humor has an angry history Example Sentences Learn more about bad humor.

What does talkative mean?

Markus Tikak. · Words. Talkative is the adjective we use to describe a person who speaks easily, fluently, and a lot.

What is the opposite of concise?

laconically Antonyms: verbose, verbose, boring, talkative, loquacious, colloquial, loquacious.

What is the synonym and opposite of the word concise?

concise, concise, concise, concise, concise, clean, concise, concise, concise, concise, concise. Antonyms: lazy, long, boring, boring, boring, long-winded, long-winded.

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