What does DD mean on WSB?

Well the truth is that DD stands for “Due Diligence”.

What does DD mean in WSB?

Moving on to some acronyms: DD on WSB, perhaps confusingly, can refer to two different terms, Double Down or Due Diligence. Surprisingly, doubling down means putting even more money into a stock or position, usually when it’s starting to look promising as a bet or when its value has the potential to go up.

What does DD mean in trading?

When it comes to stocks or other investments, DD stands for due diligence. Financial advisors, financial forum posters, and investment-related websites often advise investors to do their own DD before buying a company.

What does DD mean on social media?

DD stands for Designated Driver and is another internet lingo often used by people who enjoy being on social media forums and texting. DD basically refers to anyone that would take you or your friend or whoever you are talking to to where they want to be.

What is a Reddit DD?

Double. This means that if a stock you have invested in loses, instead of selling it, you buy as much as you can, allowing you to make bigger profits when it goes up. Highly recommended for penny stocks.

What does WSB mean?




Acronym Definition WSB Were So Blogging WSB World Series of Boccia (Rome, NY) WSB Westwood Storyboard Internet (Internet and web hosting provider) WSB Web Solution Business

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What is DD at Walltreetbets?

WallStreetBets user Mohammad Rajjaque explained on The Conversation that “DD” stands for “Due Diligence” and refers to the detailed analysis of possible trading opportunities, “similar to the type of analysis that the now famous Keith Gill aka DeepFkingValue will later post. at the computer games retailer GameStop, …

What is DD slang?

designated driver acronym. That is, a person who has not consumed alcohol and drives the people who have consumed alcohol. She’s D.D. tonight, so you can drink. … See more words with the same meaning: under the influence of alcohol, drunk.