Vikas Dubey Net Worth, Age, Height, Relationship Status

Vikas Dubey is a wanted Indian criminal, real estate developer and politician from the Kanpur district of Uttar Pradesh, India. The first recorded murder case of his was filed against him in 1990, and Dubey has at least 60 criminal charges as of 2020.

Full Name Vikas Dubey
Nickname Vikas Pandit
Date of Birth 26 December 1964
Age 55 Years
Birth Place Bikru Village, Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh
Death 10 July 2020
Death Reason Encounter by UP STF
Profession Wanted Criminal, Real-Estate Businessman
Criminal Charges Murder, Robbery, Kidnapping
Wanted By Uttar Pradesh Police
Nationality Indian
Hometown Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh
Caste Not Known
Education Qualification Not Known
Net Worth 1000 Crore
Father Name Ramkumar Dubey
Mother Name Sarla Dubey
Brother Name Deepu Dubey & Avinash Dubey
Marital Status Married
Wife Name Richa Dubey
Childrean 2 Son (Akash)
Height (approx) in centimeters: 173 cmin meters: 1.73 min feet inches: 5’ 7”
Weight (approx) in kilograms: 73 kgin pounds: 164 lbs
Eye Colour Black
Hair Colour Black

Vikas Dubey Wiki/Biography

Vikas Dubey was born on December 26, 1964, in 2020 she will be 55 years old. He grew up in a middle-class Hindu family in Uttar Pradesh and has Indian citizenship.

He founded his gang very early and was accused of many criminal acts. In the blink of an eye, he became one of the most feared and wanted criminals in the Kanpur region.

He then teamed up with one of the prominent district leaders, Harikishan Srivastava, who was the popular leader of the Bharatiya Janta Party at the time.

Both also joined the Bahujan Samaj party. Since then he has been convicted of numerous criminal acts, but acquitted in all cases due to his political support.

Vikas Dubey Latest News : Full Story Of Vikas Dubey Kanpur Kanda

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family, brothers, sisters and friends

Vikas Dubey belongs to a Hindu family from Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh. His family includes parents, wife, brother, daughter-in-law and two sons.

His younger brother, Deepu Dube, is a businessman and his sister-in-law, Anjali Dube, has been working as a village pradhan for 10 years.

His mother lives in Lucknow with his younger brother, who said he was not related to Vikas, although they had problems with his behavior and also wanted the police to kill him.

Vikas Dubey’s father Vikas Dubey’s mother

Vikas Dubey’s wife, Richa Dubey, is a housewife who takes care of her sick father, who has been in bed for a long time. With the support of her husband, she also voted in many local elections.

Vikas Dubey with his wife

His eldest son is an MBBS college student in England and the youngest son is an intermediate student at a private school in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh.

Vicki Dubey’s house

He is also very close to his maternal uncle, also a member of his gang but killed by the police during a recent skirmish. Vikas Dubey’s son is named Akash and is currently studying in Russia.

In the photo, the son of Vikas Dubey.

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Physical Appearance

Career / Controversies

The politician and criminal started his career at a young age, formed a gang as a teenager and started many criminal activities in his hometown. He soon became one of the most wanted criminals in the Kanpur region, after which he became associated with prominent politicians as well as the Bahujan Samaj party itself.

He was initially prosecuted for robbery in 1993 and has since been the subject of numerous cases of robbery, murder, kidnapping, land confiscation and criminal intimidation.

Photo by Vikas Dubey

In 2001 he also assassinated BJP leader Santosh Shukla, a member of parliament. He killed Shukla at the police station in front of several policemen, but the case was dropped due to his close political ties.

In addition to his criminal activities, he is also a real estate agent and politician for the Bahujan Samaj party. He also won election to the Nagar Panchayat of Shivrajpur, Uttar Pradesh in 2002.

Vikas Dubey and Richa Dubey at the Samajwadi party poster

When he was in the BSP, he had a strong control over the party leadership and was very close to the party leader Mayawati. He also has many schools and colleges in Uttar Pradesh and a law school in Bithur, Uttar Pradesh.

In 2018 he also assaulted his cousin Anurag Dubey, in which Anurag’s wife also filed an FIR against him. He was also imprisoned several times for his involvement in these cases, but also carried out his criminal activities in prison. More than 60 lawsuits have been filed against him to date, but he remains a free man thanks to his powerful bonds.

He recently carried out a massive crime spree from his home in Kanpur during an attempted police arrest. He killed 8 police officers and injured nearly 7 police officers in a shooting at his home on July 3, 2020.

Subsequently, the police launched an extensive search to find out where he is currently, since he fled with his people after the incident. The police have now destroyed her fortified house in Kanpur and also killed two of his men in a clash with her maternal uncle.

He is also given a prize of 5 lakh by the police and 25 different police teams are formed to find Vikas and his accomplices.

Vikas Dubey Quarantine Manifesto

Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Shri Yogi Adityanath and several other senior police officials said they would soon arrest him and take severe action against him. His family members are questioned by the police and all his houses are isolated by the police.

Vikas Dubey was arrested by Parliament Police on July 9, 2020.

Vikas Dubey reunion/death

Vikas Dubey was arrested on July 9, 2020 at the Mahakal temple in Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh, where he was recognized by temple security and reported to the local police. The police came to the temple and arrested him, many political parties questioned this arrest and opposed the police team and the government of Uttar Pradesh.

He has been on the run since last week when he fled Kanpur, then Faridabad Haryana and then Kota Rajasthan. He eventually went to Ujjain where he was arrested and handed over to the Uttar Pradesh State Police.

Today they took him back to Kanpur Police Headquarters, but on the way the police car overturned due to heavy rain and the armed man tried to escape by grabbing the policeman’s gun.

Vikas Dubey Dating Video

The police demanded that he surrender, but he refused and returned fire at the police team. A group of policemen also shot at him, after which he was shot dead in a village a few kilometers from Kanpur.

Experts arrived at the scene and began investigations. According to reports, four police officers were also injured in the incident and Vikas’s body was immediately taken to hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

More information will be released after the final police statement and autopsy report. The incident occurred at 6:30 am in the village of Bhauti near the Kanpur district of Uttar Pradesh, where he was shot dead in a clash.

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