Tiktok Con Flores Song And Lyrics Explained Net Worth, Age, Height, Relationship Status

Have you ever been fascinated by the sound of a certain song? This is the case of the TikTok song by Con Flores in which he sings.

TikTok can be addictive, but it’s always possible to break the cycle of addiction. TikToker constantly develops new trends and topics on the social media platform, making some of them very popular. TikTok users want to know more about Con Flores’ recently successful song.

What’s trending & # 8216 With Flowers & # 8217 on TikTok

TikTok users create dance images on the viral song “Con Flores” in the Con Flores trend.

There are no rules or special rules in the dance challenge. People dress in casual clothes or fancy suits and dance to the beat of the song.

The song is very catchy and people start to dance in their own style after listening to it.

Although the song is in Spanish, some people don’t understand its meaning, but many people just like to make movies based on it.

What is the title of the song?

“Nuestra Canción” is the title of the first single by Monsieur Perine and Vicente García.

It debuted in April 2016, and it took five years for the song to go viral among TikTok users.

Monsieur Periné is a group from Bogotá that mixes Latin American and European music in their presentations.

The lead singer of the group is Catalina García, who sings in Spanish, French, English and Portuguese.

You can listen to the popular TikTok original song below.

Explanation of the song and lyrics of TikTok Con Flores

In Spanish, the phrase “Con Flores” fascinates many TikTok users. The poem goes like this:

You took the flowers with you, I’m sad

With you drew colors the Nobility of the Hand

By your side our Illusion grew

This means (via Lyrics Translate):

With flowers

You took away my sadness with colors

You snatched the nobility from your hands

By your side, our illusion has grown.