The Unicorn Season 2 Cancelled Netflix Net Worth, Age, Height, Relationship Status

The second season of The Unicorn canceled Netflix’s first season in October 2021.

The Unicorn is a single-camera comedy about a tight-knit group of best friends and family who help Wade (Walton Goggins) make the move in a relationship after losing his wife. To Wade’s surprise, he’s the perfect bachelor, a “unicorn”: employed, handsome, and enduringly dedicated. With the support of his daughters and best friends, Wade is ready to find happiness again.

CBS has not yet set a release date for the second season. COVID19 has affected most CBS products the same way it has affected Netflix.

Will there be a second season of The Unicorn on Netflix?

Before we know when it might be available on Netflix, we first need to see if it will be available. This is absolutely not true.

In fact, Netflix bought the rights to the first season as part of a marketing campaign launched by CBS. The same goes for Evil, which will also arrive in the second season. However, unlike the unicorn, it will not be available on Netflix.

We are sad to announce that the unicorn will be leaving Netflix soon. Each episode will expire on October 1, 2021.

Paramount+ is the best way to watch both seasons of The Unicorn while you’re in the US.

Will Netflix bring the International Unicorn?

Only the United States was included in the deal for the first season. As far as we know, the international rights to the series have yet to be sold. However, Netflix can buy them. In most cases, CBS properties are sold elsewhere or not at all.