The profession of a cosmetologist: what a woman wants

Self-care is vital for a modern woman, and first of all, for a comfortable feeling of well-being. Many women aged 18–45 in the definition of “self-care” put a visit to a cosmetologist and the use of dermal fillers in the first place in terms of importance. The so-called “basic care” – hairdressing, manicure, etc. – is more important for 72% of the surveyed women. Next on the list are sports, attending training, and courses on personal growth.

The profession of a cosmetologist: what a woman wants
The profession of a cosmetologist: what a woman wants

A visit to a cosmetologist: understanding the client

One of the significant shortcomings of the service sector, in particular cosmetology, is the lack of professional scientific sociological research. Some companies conduct their own surveys of their customers in order to understand trends, clarify a number of issues, trace the domestic market in general terms, etc.

And only a few drops of these studies are published in mass media. And then – in the form of certain generalized figures and conclusions. But, nevertheless, there are certain data for analysis and assumptions.

For example, there are private data posted on the network that only 20% of customers who use cosmetology services get pleasure from a visit to a cosmetologist. For others, it is a forced necessity. Without a research map, a general list of questions, and a description of the target audience, it is difficult to accept these numbers unconditionally and for any situation.

In addition, there really is a huge difference – psychological, energetic and atmospheric – between a visit to a beauty salon and a private cosmetologist. We can safely assume: a private business simply would not survive with such a percentage of satisfied clients, the situation is different in it. Especially if you know from the inside how dedicated cosmetologists are to their work, how they value the quality of their work and protect their reputation, how they love their work and their clients.

They give women more than just care. Whether we like it or not, the profession of a cosmetologist by default makes beauty professionals “a little psychologist”. To understand the client as a woman, to feel her fatigue and hidden desire to rest from everyday life means to give her something that she does not want to admit even to herself.

A visit to a beautician: self-care as relaxation

How often do we cosmetologists hear that quiet sigh when a woman finally sits down on the cosmetology couch? Turning off all phones or putting them on silent, airplane mode, or something else is a common practice for female visitors of a private cosmetologist.

And it’s not just that the sharp sound of a ringtone, which will suddenly sound in a cozy silence, will distract the specialist from the process of creating beauty. As he counted in his head the number of passes along one massage line during a vacuum massage, let’s say, he will count like that. As he fixed the muscles during the lifting stage in microcurrent therapy, he will fix them as well.

This sound will primarily distract the client herself. It will tear her out of the world of relaxation and rest, return her to the world of real worries. And everyone has them. A visit to a cosmetologist for procedures and self-care is an opportunity to “legally” run away from your problems. This is one and a half, or even better – two hours, given to yourself. Because she deserved it.

Perhaps that is why the procedures of those cosmetologists who create such opportunities for their clients are so effective. Psychosomatics is a phenomenon and a fact with which it makes no sense to even try to “argue”.

Cosmetology is pure creative female energy of colossal power, it is a return to life and, in the literal sense of the word, the revival of our clients. It is the relaxation and rest received against the background of the effectiveness of the procedure itself that will give full satisfaction from a visit to a cosmetologist.

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