Is Newsmax TV available on Spectrum?

Imagine a day in your life that passes without knowing what’s going on in the world! Luckily you don’t have to despair as there are efficient channels like Newsmax which not only keep you entertained for hours but let you be informed of the global happenings.  In fact, a number of American households in different … Read more

What will happen to an engine if I put 15W40 in place of 5W30?

If you put 15W40 oil in place of 5W30 oil in your engine, it is likely that your engine will not run as efficiently. 5W30 oil is designed to flow better in cold temperatures, while 15W40 oil is designed to flow better in warm temperatures. This means that if you use 15W40 oil in place … Read more

Is IObit Safe?

Is IObit safe? IObit is a controversial software company and there is no doubt in it. Besides its controversy, all of its products are absolutely safe. All of the products developed or distributed by  IObit are perfect and none of them fall in the category of computer infecting application. However, the software is safe to … Read more

Network Unlocked vs Factory Unlocked

Network unlocked vs factory unlocked are somewhat the same. Network unlocked means the carrier/provider (e.g. Verizon) unlocked the phone, from whom you bought it. Factory unlocked means the phone is purchased from the company (e.g. Google store), unlocked by them along with carriers built-in band’s support and operational for use.  Network unlocked vs Factory unlocked … Read more