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  • Sean Attwood is one of the most followed YouTubers in the world with over a million subscribers.
  • Sean Attwood started out with reviews and game reviews, but has since specialized in satirical commentary and meme summaries.
  • Here’s everything you need to know about how the 53-year-old launched his YouTube career, became a controversy and gained over a million subscribers.


Sean Attwood was born on 28 October 1968 in Widnes, Lancashire to a middle-class family he described as “loving”.

Attwood studied business administration at the University of Liverpool and graduated in 1990. While at university, Attwood began using ecstasy in the Manchester rave scene, which helped him overcome his anxiety.

First family dinner at the Sunday Roast Pub in a year. With my parents, my nephew and my brave niece who beat leukemia but is now battling epilepsy.

&ndash Sean Attwood (@shaunattwood)

Also, he may now own the channel with the most subscribers and no longer hold the throne, but over the years of content creation, he has created new revenue streams to increase his income or protect himself from the platform.

Let’s take a look at Sean Attwood’s net worth, as well as the exact income streams he’s created, from clothing brands to developing his own games.

What is Sean Attwood Net Worth?

Sean Attwood’s net worth is often discussed and estimated based on industry averages and numbers reported by reputable publications. He revealed that he earned $15.5 million in 2018 and $13 million in 2019. According to one study, he makes almost $8 million — $6.8 million from merchandise and $1.1 million from advertising — a month.

The most common result you will find for his estimated net worth is $20 million, although some claim it is $40 million.

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How does Sean Attwood make money?

Let’s rule out the most obvious: ads in your video content. On YouTube, the average CPM — the amount of money paid for 1,000 views — is $2. It depends on several factors and Google keeps 45% of its revenue so it can be difficult to support yourself. In any case, Sean Attwood attracts viewers and easily earns hundreds of thousands of dollars a month this way.

Former CIA officer on Julian Assange: Jeffrey Sterling via

&ndash Sean Attwood (@shaunattwood)

Content and branded offerings by Sean Attwood

In addition to ad revenue, it offers subscriptions to its channel, which offers various benefits. All £1.99, £4.99 and £6.99 tiers are available as a monthly fee, and in return members get exclusive access to loyalty badges, custom emoticons, community discord and livestreams. Each month, he donates the proceeds of his streams to various charities, for example, he donates $133,169 to the Blue Cross Foundation with funds raised in January 2021.

Another source of income that is standard for content creators is brand deals. Sponsorship deals with Arkade, Mountain Dew and Legendary Pictures pay him to promote products (and in some cases even movies).

Affiliate campaigns are typical of branded offerings, and he has a significant share of links in the descriptions of his YouTube videos for which he earns a commission. He also has his own flavor of G FUEL and a collection of shakers, energy drinks and powder cans – he even earns commissions from this business partnership.

As it turns out, throughout his long career, Sean Attwood has been an entrepreneur with the goal of creating multiple streams of income that would function independently of the hectic world of content creation. We will be sure to update this article as it expands into new business.

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