Sarah Baeumler Net Worth, Age, Height, Relationship Status

Sarah Boimler is a Canadian television personality best known for starring on the show Renovation Island with her partner Brian Boimler. The show follows the journey of a couple of home renovation experts as they restore a huge abandoned resort. As of 2021, Sarah Beumler’s net worth is estimated to be around $10 million.

Full Name Sarah Baeumler
Birth Date March 26, 1978
Birth Place Oakville, Canada
Profession Reality Television Personality
Relationship Status Married
Net Worth $10 million

Early Life

Sarah attended high school in Oakville, Canada, which was also her hometown. She later attended Appleby College and continued her education there. In her youth, she Sarah worked as a camp counselor for the Totoredaca camp.

She also worked in a spaghetti factory where she was a waitress. One fact that is not known by many is that Sarah is also an accomplished dancer who is well versed in various forms of dance including ballet.

Sarah Baumler’s Net Worth and Career

Sarah ran her own independent dance studio for a while, but eventually decided to team up with Brian to help her with opportunities for her show. At that time, she Sarah had already appeared on shows like Brian’s House and Brian’s Island. Speaking about her career change, Sarah mentioned how working with Brian on her show helped her learn about interior design, which she was passionate about.

As her passion for interior design grew, Sarah became increasingly drawn to the world of home improvement. Ultimately, she decided to continue working full time. As she continued to grow her brand, Sarah created even more value through her, launching initiatives like Sarah Delivers focused on luxury and related homewares.

Sarah and Brian continued to put on great shows about the home’s renovations and renovations. The redevelopment of the island began in 2017 when they were seen turning an abandoned $2 million resort into a tourist destination.

Personal Life


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Sarah met Brian in high school, but strangely their relationship hadn’t started yet. Maybe they were too young then. However, by the will of fate, they met again after 10 years through a mutual friend and from then on they began to meet again. Brian eventually proposed to Sarah and they were married in 2004 in Toronto. Now the couple has four children, who have also been reported in the media.

The fate of Sarah Beumler

As of 2021, Sarah Beumler’s net worth is estimated at $10 million. Thanks to the couple’s huge net worth of $20 million, they were able to invest $10 million in their current project to transform an abandoned hotel into a full-fledged resort.

Although she and Sarah have mentioned in recent updates how the pandemic has seriously affected the way they work, as well as clients’ prospects, this dream project they envisioned still has a very bright future.

Also, the various shows they have appeared on have been Sarah and Brian’s main source of income. At least $650,000 was reportedly paid for the Renovation Island season. The numbers may depend more on how the show was produced.