Ryan Murphy Net Worth, Age, Height, Relationship Status

                                                    Ryan Murphy is a 26-year-old American swimmer. He specializes in backstroke and holds the world record for the men's 100m backstroke. Murphy won 3 gold medals at the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympics. He is currently competing at the Tokyo Olympics, where he recently finished second with a time of 52.24. As of 2021, Ryan Murphy's net worth is estimated to be around $50 million.
Full Name Ryan Murphy
Birth Date July 2, 1995
Birth Place Chicago, Illinois, United States
Profession Backstroke swimmer
Relationship Status N/A
Net Worth $50 million

Early life

Ryan Murphy was born on July 2, 1995 in Chicago, Illinois, United States. Murphy’s parents encouraged him to play sports from childhood. He started swimming at 5 years old. Murphy’s father and grandfather were avid stock investors. Also, his mother and his brother were skilled mathematicians. Ryan’s sister is a physical therapist.

Regarding his education, he graduated from the Booles School in 2013. He then enrolled in the University of California at Berkeley. In 2014 he was an active swimmer, where he swam for the California Golden Bears varsity sports team. He held the NCAA Singles National Championships for four consecutive years, from 2014 to 2017.

Ryan Murphy’s Net Worth and Career


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Ryan won the first international medal of his career in 2011 when he was 16 years old. He won a medal in the 200m backstroke. In 2011 she won two bronze medals in the 200 meter backstroke at the World Junior Swimming Championships and at the Pan American Games. Ryan competed at the 2012 US Olympics to qualify for the 2012 Olympics, but missed the Olympics after finishing sixth in the 100m backstroke.

Murphy then missed out on the 2013 FINA World Championships, finishing third in the 100 and 200 backstroke. In 2014, she finished first in her first NCAA D1 swimming championship. Within a year, he broke all American records in the 200 and 100 meter backstroke. Murphy continued his streak in 2016. He won the 100 and 200 strokes at the NCAA D1 swimming championship.

Ryan secured a spot at the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio by finishing first in the 100m and 200m backstroke at the US Olympic Trials. His best form came at the Rio Olympics where he won gold in the 100 and 200 meter backstroke. He also set a new world record in the 100m backstroke with a time of 51.85, beating Aaron Pearsall’s previous record.

Murphy was named one of four captains of the United States Olympic Swim Team for the 2020 Summer Olympics. Most recently, on July 25, he swam fastest in the semifinals with a time of 52.24. As the semi-final leader, he secured a place in the final.

Ryan Murphy’s personal life

Ryan Murphy has yet to reveal any details about his personal life. However, on June 1, 2021, he shared a photo with a girl on Instagram, which led us to question his current relationship status. In an Instagram post, he wrote, “In the next month we can all make fun of Bridge for loving a young man. Love you so much Happy Birthday!”

Ryan Murphy Net Worth

As of 2021, Ryan Murphy’s net worth is estimated to be around $50 million. He was able to amass such a fortune during his swimming career and also invested in the stock market. Murphy is also considered one of the highest paid swimmers in the United States.