Rodney Foster Net Worth, Age, Height, Relationship Status

Rodney Foster is an American reality television show, best known for his participation in the reality television show Marrying a Million. Rodney is a billionaire and CEO of the organic beverage company Edelheiss Wine. As of 2021, Rodney Foster’s net worth is estimated to be around $5 million.

Full Name Rodney Foster
Birth Date May 31, 1969
Birth Place United States
Profession Entrepreneur and Reality TV star
Girlfriend Desiry Hall
Net Worth $5 million

Early life

Rodney Foster was born on May 31, 1969 in the United States. He was born into a middle class family in Washington, DC. He is very attached to his parents, especially his mother, Monica. Rodney also takes the time to wish his parents a happy birthday on Instagram. In December 2020, his parents celebrated their 46th wedding anniversary.

Rodney Foster’s Net Worth and Career


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Rodney founded Edelheiss Wine in February 2011. He has an interesting story about how he came up with the business idea. Foster was enjoying a vacation in Switzerland when a friend offered him mulled wine. After drinking wine, he decided to create a new wine brand.

Ten years have passed and now he has taken his wine business to the peak of success. Edelheiss wine is made from all-natural ingredients produced in Zellertal, Germany. Most people have found wine to be unique.

Foster even gave his wine to famed TV host Steve Harvey at a charity golf tournament in 2016. He managed to transform the company into a unique brand that is now listed on Los Angeles Billboard.

Rodney worked hard to build his business. He also auditioned for the business show Shark Tank. However, he did not have the opportunity to witness the popular show. Despite this, he is a huge fan of the show and loves the concept.

Foster first gained recognition after appearing on the Lifetime reality show Marrying a Million. He appears in the series with his girlfriend Desiree Halls.

During the show, it is revealed that something is wrong between the couple. Rodney wanted to keep his private life private even after dating Desiree for two years. The public began to question their relationship when they met as a royal couple.

Personal Life

Rodney is known to be dating Desiree Hall. He met him two years ago through a mutual friend who lived in the same house as Desiree. Rodney and Desiree dated slowly through Facetime, as Desiree lived in Los Angeles and Rodney lived in Washington.

Over time, the love between them grew stronger. Rodney even paid all the bills for his favorite partner. During the first episode of the second season of “Marrying the Millions”, Rodney wished that Desiree could move in with him and began spending time with him. However, Desiri showed some hesitation in her request.

Sources say that Rodney has been gay for years. The news also came from the fact that Desiree was a devoted actress who played her girlfriend in a small version of a reality show.

Rodney Foster net worth

Rodney Foster amassed a whopping $5 million in 2021. He made a lot of money from his successful organic wine business. Rodney always makes a lot of money, since his wine is drunk all over the United States.