Robin Green Net Worth, Age, Height, Relationship Status

Robin Ann Green is an American woman found dead in Kansas, Los Angeles, California in 1986. She recently made headlines when she was re-identified in 2020 after her children’s DNA was matched to a woman named Miss Molly in Salina.

Full Name Robin Ann Green
Nickname Miss Molly
Date of Birth 1957
Age (At Death) 28 Years
Birth Place Los Angeles, California
Date of Death 23 January 1986
Cause of Death Drowning (Homicide)
Disappeared 28 December 1985

Robin Green Wiki/Biography

Robin Green was born in 1957. She was married to Michael and lived with him in Los Angeles, California. She also had two children who lived in Minnesota with her first husband. She disappeared in 1985 when she was on her way to visit her children for Christmas.

She was reportedly last seen with her husband Michael and when they left her ex-husband’s house they were never seen again. According to her family, Michael was involved in a drug hunt and her house was seized. Robin has since disappeared and was pronounced dead a short time later. According to police files, Michael was found dead in 2007.


After a brief disappearance, on January 25, 1986, Robin Green’s body was found on Highway 70. According to testimony, she was severely beaten and thrown from the bridge, where she jumped into the water. From the style of her dress, she turned out to be a lady of European origin.

In 2019 it was rumored that she resembled Anna Nift, an American who passed away in 1982 and was last seen in 1984. However, these rumors were debunked by Anna’s family and later, by DNA, these claims were refuted. .


Robin Green was identified in 2020 when her children’s DNA was compared to that of a woman named Miss Molly from Salina, Kansas. This came after authorities in Minnesota asked the Green children to submit their DNA samples so they could be analyzed in a national database.

Following this incident, Green’s family decided to celebrate his last rites in Salina and also planned to erect a headstone in his honor.