Lucas Jade Zumann Dating Shannon Sullivan Net Worth, Age, Height, Relationship Status

Shannon Sullivan is a US citizen best known as the girlfriend of Lucas Jade Zumann. He is known for his film debut as Milo in the 2015 horror sequel Sinister 2, he later took on the role of Henry Perry in The Spectacular Ride in 2016. He starred in the Netflix series.

Biography of Shannon Sullivan

Shannon Sullivan has over 170,000 followers on her Instagram account. She has American citizenship and is ethnically mixed,

Meet Shannon Sullivan, Lucas’ girlfriend Jade Zumann.

Shannon Sullivan is dating famous actor Lucas Jade Zumann.

There have been many cases where the young star and his companion appeared on his YouTube channel. Although Zumann saw his wife singing beautiful songs in Spanish and English, he usually just played the guitar with her.

The couple wrote many hits together. Some of their most famous songs are “The Way Time Works”, “Won’t Let Me In”, “Every Little Thing She Does” and more. When it comes to recording songs, the duo are known to prefer the bathroom to the living room. Sullivan also likes to call it a “bath cover” while the two of them sit in the tub and record tracks.

On his YouTube channel of the same name, the actor and his girlfriend post numerous videos that were filmed in the bathroom. The couple recorded their second original song Cancion II in a video recently uploaded in December 2020.

In the clip, Sullivan said that the bathroom might seem odd, as Zumann wanted to create a “dreaming room” there, similar to what can be seen on Community. The bathroom features black and blue drawers as a backdrop, giving it an atrium feel. Also in this video, Sullivan sang with her beautiful voice as always, and the actor played the guitar behind her, which is one of her hobbies.

After the song ended, the couple high-fived, with Zumann even praising her while singing. He said, “That was a good idea” and we totally agree with him.

Sullivan appears frequently on Zumann’s Instagram.

Apart from his videos, the 20-year-old actor also posts numerous pictures with his girlfriend on his Instagram account.

In August 2018, he first posted a photo with his partner, in which the duo was seen kissing, and along with the adorable snap, he wrote, “I miss you already.

Since then, they have regularly posted photos and scored great doubles goals for fans. Zumann also uploaded a selfie together in October 2019 in which he wrote that building their house together was one of the best experiences of his life.