Justin Combs Net Worth, Age, Height, Relationship Status

                                                    Justin Dior Combs is the son of famous rapper and billionaire businessman Sean Combs. Justin is an actor and quarterback who played for the UCLA All-Defensive team. As of 2021, Justin Combs' net worth is approximately $3 million.
Full Name Justin Dior Combs
Birth Date December 30, 1993
Birth Place Mount Vernon, New York, U. S.
Profession Quarterback and actor
Relationship Status Single
Net Worth $3 million

Early life

Justin Dior Combs was born on December 30, 1993 in Mount Vernon, New York, United States. His father, Sean “Diddy” Combs, is a famous celebrity and his mother, Misa Hilton Brim, is a hairdresser by profession.

Justin graduated from Jonah Catholic High School. In 2012, he came to media attention after receiving a scholarship to study at the University of California, Los Angeles. Although he could easily afford the $54,000 annual tuition, he dedicated himself to studying as a researcher. In 2016, Justin earned a Bachelor of Science in Sociology.

He became the first graduate of the Combs family to graduate. His father, Sean Combs, shared his happiness by sharing a photo of his son on Instagram in June of 2016.

Justin Combs Net Worth and Career

Unlike his father’s profession, Justin is interested in a different area. In fact, in 2012 he received a track scholarship to play soccer at UCLA. As a student there, he played quarterback for the UCLA Bruins.

Before becoming a quarterback, he starred in several television shows. In 2005, he starred in the television series Wild ‘n Out. People also noticed him as the son of Sean Combs after he appeared on the MTV reality show My Super Sweet 16. He was seen on the show with his father. He recently appeared on the television show Hip Hop Squares.

Personal life of Justin Combe

Justin Combs is currently single. He has dated many celebrities in the past, including Laurie Harvey, DreamDoll, and Alexis Sky. Justin was tied up with Shanice Hairston for the last time. In 2019 he broke up with her.

Currently, Justin leads a luxurious lifestyle. He received very expensive gifts from his billionaire father, Sean Combs. Justin received $360,000 of a Maybach car for his 16th birthday.

I also had an expensive driver a few years ago. She often shares photos of his luxury cars on his Instagram. He’s official Instagram account $princejdc has over 1.7 million followers to date.

Justin Combs net worth

Justin Combs, the wealthy son of a celebrity, has amassed a whopping $3 million fortune as of 2021. Sources say he earns less than $2 million a year from the quarterback alone. He is also associated with the Sean John Enyce Clothing Company. He also has to earn a lot of money from the company.