Jennifer Dulos Net Worth, Age, Height, Relationship Status

                                                    Jennifer Farber Dulos, a mother of five, disappeared on May 24, 2019 in a public interest incident in the United States. Jennifer Dulos' net worth is currently under review.
Full Name Jennifer Farber Dulos
Birth Date September 27, 1968
Birth Place New York City, New York
Profession Writer
Relationship Status Divorced
Net Worth Under Review

Early Life

Jennifer Dulos was born on September 27, 1968 in New York, United States. She was born into a wealthy family of parents Gloria Ortenberg and Hilliard Farber. Her father was a successful banker and philanthropist, and Jennifer was well educated. She then enrolled at Brown University, graduating in 1990. Subsequently, she also earned a master’s degree in writing from New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts.

Jennifer Dulos Net Worth and Career

With 5 young children, Jennifer decided to feed and care for her children at home. Despite this, she was able to write for the website and manage her own blog.

Jennifer met her future husband, Fotis Dulos, from Brown University. But in 2003 they started dating and got married the following year. They then had five children. In 2012, Jennifer spoke about the problems that were happening in her marriage in her articles published on the Internet.

In 2017, she found out that Fotis was having an affair with Michelle Trokonis, so she immediately filed for divorce. With over 300 applications filed, the divorce process will be long, complicated and expensive. She also said that she feared her ex-husband’s reaction to her actions in filing for divorce.

Then something very strange happened. Jennifer Dulos will disappear on May 24, 2019. Her ex-husbands, Fotis and Trokonis, will be arrested next month on charges of falsifying evidence. But they initially pleaded not guilty, although they were arrested again in September.

But in January 2020, Fotis will be charged with murder. Prosecutors said Fotis rode his bike to Jennifer’s house that morning and waited for her to arrive. When she arrived, Fotis tried to kill her by tying her hands. The body was then loaded into his Suburban. Fotis commits suicide after being arrested. In his suicide note, he said he couldn’t live because of a crime he wasn’t responsible for.

This unfortunate incident was featured in a movie called Gone Mom: The Disappearance of Jennifer Dulos. The Works also presents a documentary titled Beyond the Headlines: The Jennifer Dulos Story that examines the evidence that tells the story of Jennifer’s disappearance. There was also a law called “Jennifer’s Law” that was passed to address domestic violence after this tragic incident.

Jennifer Dulos Net Worth

Jennifer Dulos’ net worth is currently under review. Despite this, she lived a good life, supported by a trust fund made available to her by her wealthy parents.