Jaiden Animations Net Worth, Age, Height, Relationship Status

Jaiden Animations is an animator whose Jaiden Animations YouTube channel features high-speed Pokémon illustrations, video animations from other YouTubers, personal stories, and more. His channel has more than 10 million subscribers.

She is also a comedian who creates videos and animations about her life and paints fast. She also creates animated videos based on video games. She has another channel called Jaidenhere, but the only public video of her is a first anime release from JaidenAnimations.

He attended a YouTube game show hosted by CallMeCarson and later collaborated with him on a Minecraft video. The video was subsequently removed from the list following controversy directed against Carson.

Height, weight and measurements Animation Jaiden

How big is Jaiden Animations? His height is 5 feet 5 inches or 1.65 m or 165 cm and he weighs approximately 55 kg or 121 pounds. She has beautiful dark brown eyes and blonde hair. What are the dimensions of Jaiden Animations? She often surprises her fans by sharing modeling photos of her on Instagram and they seemed eager to show her appreciation for the series of photos of her. The dimensions of it are 342840 inches. She wears a 32 BB bra.

Jaiden Animations Net Worth

Jaiden Animations is friends with several other YouTube animators on the platform, including TheOdd1sOut, TimTom, and SomeThingElseYT, and forms a gang called the Boise Squad.

However, the old animation team consisted of himself, TheOdd1sOut, itsAlexClark, and TonyVToons. Rebecca Parham from Let Me Explain is also friends with Jaiden Animations, but she doesn’t belong to any gang.

As of 2021, his net worth is estimated to be between $2.5 million and $4 million. His career on social media is his main source of income.

Jayden Animation Facts

She said that she has dated many times in the past, though her personal life is usually kept under wraps at the moment.

On Live, she said she doesn’t consider herself “totally gay” or “totally straight,” also noting that while it’s not impossible for her, it’s “very difficult […] for her to approach people in a romantic way.” . .” form of “like”.

It is of Japanese origin. She loves animals and she had two dogs when she was a child.

Jayden’s parents had their first dog, a collie named Keisha, long before she was born, so she doesn’t remember much contact with her.

When he was seven years old, another dog appeared in his family, which they named Scruffy.

He currently has a bird named Ahri, which he jokingly refers to as a dog, and a second bird named Tofu.

She also shared in the video that her parents gave her an army of goldfish when she was little to distract herself from the idea of ​​a dog.

Most of the fish died within a few weeks (possibly because they weren’t circulating in the tank, which is a common misconception), but Jayden once had two alive.

One of them was named Goldie and the other was probably named Fishy. Goldie then developed a fungal disease that turned him white and the fish was renamed Rainbow Dash.

Eventually the fish were given away and died. Also, the poultry Ari Jaidena and JonTronShow (Jacques) belong to the same species but differ in color.

As a child, Jayden also wanted other pets, including mice, yellow-haired parrots, sugar gliders, a dog, and mice. Despite many requests, he never had any except a dog.

He hates the color green and his favorite color is purple.

She once dyed her hair purple to look like her favorite YouTuber, iHasCupquake.

When she was young she also had red streaks in her hair, which she thinks resembles Boyinaband’s hair. He adds fan art that is sent to him at the end of videos of him.

His merch store has two “product lines”: his original type and the new “Arigato”.

Jaiden Animations won the 2020 Streamy Awards in the Animation category.

Jayden loved playing Minecraft as a kid, but never completed the game, mostly playing on the servers. Animal Crossing is one of Jayden’s favorite video game franchises.