Itsbambii Net Worth, Age, Height, Relationship Status

Itsbambi is a transgender woman who has been through all this bullying and rejection. First she was influenced by her race, then by her sexuality, much to her displeasure, but then she accepted herself and became famous. She is an American YouTuber best known for her makeup tutorials and tips, beauty tips, product reviews, and travel blogs that she uploads to her channel itsbambii Playhouse.

Real Name Bambii
Nick Name Itsbambii
Born December 29, 1998
Age 20 years old (As of 2020)
Profession Youtuber
Known For Youtube
Birthplace Ohio, USA
Residence Michigan, USA
Nationality American
Sexuality Straight
Religion Christianity
Gender Transgender
Ethnicity White Caucasian
Horoscope Capricorn
Height/ Tall In feet – 5’9″
Weight 55 Kg
Body Measurements 34-26-35 inches
Bra Size 32 C
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Brown (Natural)
Parents Father: Not Known
Mother: Not Known
Marital Status Unmarried
Boyfriend/ Dating Single
Children None
Education Graduate
Net Worth Approx $800,000-$900,000 (As of 2020)
Salary $3,873.75 – $6,456.25
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Itsbambii Gender

  • Itsbambi is transgender.
  • In the 21st century, mainstream sex has gone, but when it comes to trans people and their sexuality, people are reluctant to include them in their so-called society.
  • Itsbambi is a transgender woman who has been through all this bullying and rejection.
  • Things that go beyond our definition of normal are often discriminated against in our society.

itsbambii net worth

  • As of 2020, Itsbambia’s net worth is estimated to be around $800-$900,000.
  • On your Instagram account, advertisers pay a certain amount for the post they publish.
  • The average estimate of how much they charge for sponsorships is between $3,873.75 and $6,456.25.
  • As a popular YouTuber, many of her fans and viewers have been asking about her products.
  • Fortunately, he provided his merchandise, which is sold through
  • Since most of his earnings and income come from YouTube. The number of subscribers and viewers has increased dramatically over the years.
  • Through his YouTube channel, he earns between $1,800 and $29,500 annually counting daily views and subscriber growth.

Itsbambii Boyfriend

  • Itsbambii has been single since 2020 and is enjoying her single life to the fullest.
  • She is currently very focused on her career.
  • The teenager has had girlfriends since elementary school, but only to affirm that she is not a lesbian.
  • But this fact did not help him in any way.
  • However, the path from being gay to being a woman is not easy.

Brief information about Itsbambia

Itsbambii Career

  • Professionally, Itsbambia embarked on a social media journey in March 2014 using the “Vine” platform.
  • Since then, he has also uploaded photos and videos to his Instagram and YouTube pages.
  • One of the videos she uploaded is Nicki Minaj’s transformational makeup tutorial.
  • The teen’s “My Real Life” video has been viewed more than a million times. His Vine account has more than 200,000 video bloggers.
  • Itzbambia’s followers were shocked after a video titled “I don’t want to be a woman anymore” was released, saying that he had given up the transition and become a man again.
  • She complains that people treat her badly and tends to recognize her as a man.
  • But by the end of the video, she’s pretty sure she wants to stay true to her female identity.
  • The video brought him around 543,099 views.

Itsbambian Early childhood and education

  • Itsbumby was born in Ohio but lives in Michigan.
  • The vlogger’s sister sincerely.ana also appears in many of his videos.
  • Born as a boy, Itsbumby later became transgender and became a girl.
  • At first, his family did not take the transition very well.
  • His mother was particularly upset about this, as she did not want her only child to be a girl.
  • This caused many complications in his relationship with his son and his mother.
  • They often quarreled and her mother had even sent her to therapy to find out who he was.
  • Eventually, his mother understood and allowed her son to make the transition.
  • He also has a cousin named Northy.
  • The vlogger’s mother was heartbroken when Bambi told her he was transgender, as Bambi was the only male in his family.
  • Judging by his career, he is well educated.

Facts about Itsbambia

  • Itsbambii’s popular social media app is Vine.
  • It was the first major public social media account he created.
  • In 2014 Itsbambii started hosting videos on this app.
  • The Vine website/app allows users to post as many videos as they want, as long as they are only six seconds long.
  • Some people are struggling to make a video right now, but not Herbambii, which is why it has such a huge following on this site.
  • He has more than 200,000 fans on this social network.
  • His biggest claim to fame is his Instagram account.
  • For the uninitiated, Instagram is both a website and an app where people can post photos and videos.
  • Itsbambii is also known for his Story Time videos.
  • This is a common type of YouTube video where creators share stories from their lives.
  • These stories are often overly dramatized, which is why their bamboo fans and other YouTube celebrities find them so interesting.
  • Itsbambii’s YouTube channel currently has nearly 500,000 subscribers.
  • itsbambii also joined Twitter in 2013, but only became popular on the site after gaining exposure on Vine and other social media sites.
  • On this page he shares his photos and small texts.
  • He has more than 70,000 followers on this social network.