Is Son Goku A Real Name?

Son Goku’s real name?

Son Goku or SonGoku may refer to: The Monkey King or Sun Wukong, the protagonist of the 16th century novel Journey to the West, better known as Son Goku in Japan.

Is his name Son Goku?

Son Goku, also known as Saiyan Kakarot, is the protagonist of the Dragon Ball manga and anime. …Paoz is an old man named Son Gohan, and he called Saiyan Son Goku because he fell from the sky.

What is Goku’s full name, Son Goku?

Gokusa’s character is based on the character Sun Wukong from the classic 16th century Chinese novel Journey to the West. Sun Wukong means “monkey king” in English. I think part of the Sun became the Son when Toriyama finished Goku’s name. Goku’s name is Son Goku because that is his full name.

What is Goku’s real name?

Goku Saiyan’s birth name, Kakarotto, is a pun on carrots.

Why is the son called Goku?

The Son family appears in the series with the character Son Goku, whose name is the Japanese translation of Onyomi Sun Wukong, a character in Chinese and Japanese popular culture. Unlike most related characters, the Song family does not have a naming theme.

Son Goku’s real name?

Son Goku is his full name, Son is his last name. Some call him by his last name. Because Goku’s full name is Son Goku and his last name is part of Son (pronounced not like the English word for boy, but more like sewing).

Why do they call Goku son?

Edit: Goku’s surname Son (孫) means grandson. In Journey to the West, the sage chose this surname for the Monkey King because the grandson’s personality resembles that of a monkey (猻). Hence, in general, the name means ignorant grandson, but refers to an ignorant monkey.

What does Son Goku’s name mean?

The name Goku is a masculine name of Japanese origin, meaning “aware of the void”. Goku is the name of the protagonist of the popular Dragon Ball manga series based on the action movie. The character of Goku is said to be based on Sun Wukong, the hero of the Chinese legend Journey to the West.

What is Goku’s full name?

Original Answer: What is Goku’s last name? Son. His full name is Son Goku because in Japanese the last name comes before the given name. His adoptive grandfather and his eldest son are called Son Gohan and his youngest son is Son Goten.

What is Goku’s real last name?

Son is Goku’s last name, derived from his adoptive grandfather, Son Gohan. In Japanese, the last name comes first. So, they are Goku. eleven

Goku’s name is Kakarotto?

Vegeta knows Goku as Kakarrot, which is his Saiyan name before he was sent to Earth. Goku’s name was given to him by Gohan, who raised him on Earth, and is the name everyone knows him by. For his information, Goku’s brother Radtiz also called him Kakarrot.

What is Vegeta’s real name?

Vegeta’s last name is never revealed. He probably doesn’t have a last name. In Dragon Ball Super: Broly, he is called Fourth Vegeta, which means that Vegeta is probably his full name. In fact, most of the characters in the Dragon Ball universe don’t have last names.